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3/PL-195 LEVEL 3/PL-195
Item #: SCP-PL-195


Picture of SCP-PL-195 taken in the house of receipient.

Special Containment Procedures: Currently full containment of the object is impossible. All instances of SCP-PL-195-A and SCP-PL-195-B must be found, contained and examined. All found versions of SCP-PL-195-B must be replaced with similar items, not derived from the object.

People with high chance of receiving the anomaly are to be monitored on the day of their birthdays.

Description: SCP-PL-195 is a carton box. So far all identified instances differed in size. In none of the observed cases the object was marked with the postal codes of the receiver or sender. After appearing before the receiver the object will be closed by adhesive tape, twine or wrapping paper.

Objects appear at a then unobserved place, no further than 20 meters from the person whose birthdate is not more than 15 years old on the day of manifestation. Objects have higher chance of appearing near the individual if it can be assigned one or more of the attributes listed below:

  • Is an orphan
  • Parents or caregivers of receiver, physically or mentally abused the invidual
  • Considers suicide
  • Has no close alive family
  • Is abused by other beings
  • Is exploited
  • Is molested

SCP-PL-195 always contains at least two items:

  • Birthday card (from now on called SCP-PL-195-A). Those cards always contain information addressed to the receiver and a signature that is the name of a fictional friend of the receiver, dead pet or human which never did any harm to the receiver of anomaly. In cases where the receiver cannot read, the object will consist of drawings and pictograms. All discovered instances of this item were written on a A5 blue sheet of paper, bent in half.
  • The items (now called SCP-PL-195-B) always take the form of what the recipient felt the most need to possess at the moment. So far these objects were never an object that is used for violence. These items may consist of several separate objects. These items were not anomalous in any of the found instances.

If SCP-PL-195-B requires continuous supply of new resources, SCP-PL-195 will be reappearing at irregular intervals of time with the new necessary supplies for those items.1

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