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3 days ago
From: <Krzysztof Sawicki>
To: <Me>
Topic: Request

Dear Michał
I'm not going to mess around with formal language, greetings, or any adherence to the basic framework of a letter. Anyway, why bother, since it's an email and you're my brother? It's nice to have family on the board, in matters so important as this one it's extremely useful. And both you and I know how serious this particular issue is.
I sent many requests to the national administration, many proposals on this matter — none of them were taken into consideration. In fact, none of them were even discussed!
Every proposal I have made has been about the same thing; you know exactly what. Apparently your colleagues have taken very much to heart what all researchers on our Site repeat over and over again and, as a project manager, I am incredibly outraged by this. We study this as much as we can, draw specific conclusions, and your colleagues just ignore them. I know that you are a different person, that you can at least be talked to and, most importantly, that they might listen to you. That's why I want to ask you to reach out and read the damn report and then think about bringing up topics that, in my humble opinion, should be brought up. There is also always the possibility that the questions will raise themselves — don't worry, someone will be there in time to help you if you need it.

Take care of yourself.
Dr. Krzysztof Sawicki

PS: Forgive me for that one… Frustration, anger, an ongoing containment breach and alcohol are never a good combination.


This document is infohazardous, growing in risk as the content progresses.

Please be advised that access to the various sections of the document requires different levels on the Sawicki Scale1 and will be monitored on an ongoing basis. We would also like to point out that access to the document will be granted only to employees with a clearance level of at least 3, who are in the process of working on the site, as well as representatives of the Foundation's administration. The sections that will also be required at other sites (emergency procedures) are provided separately in a censored, non-threatening form.
Due to the nature of the subject, appropriate precautions have also been taken during contact with the document. The image capturing device, located at each terminal containing this document, is equipped with a special apparatus that continuously monitors the condition of the reader, in order to detect signs of succumbing to the above-mentioned anomalies, suggestions and signs of a rapid decline in mental condition.

This device is also used to verify the credentials of personnel attempting to open the document by retinal scanning. Look into the terminal's camera and follow the system prompt to gain access.

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    To access this section, read the following phrase loud and clear while looking straight into the terminal-mounted camera:

    I am not thinking about a pink elephant.

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