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Item #: SCP-PL-2004-J

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-2004-J is to be contained in a small, empty room on a specialy marked place (a red circle drawn on the floor).

All tests should be executed on an obstacle course located on Zone-69, designed specifically for the experiment needs. The course has to be constantly monitored, and the testers using SCP-PL-2004-J have to be under constant observation of moving cameras. In the case of ceasing the object’s movement, which also ceases the test, the place of current whereabouts of SCP-PL-2004-J has to be determined using cameras. After the retrieval, the object has to be immediately returned to the containment room, the only exception is when another experiment is scheduled.


SCP-PL-2004-J on the place near the obstacle course. (Why the fuck did you put here a photo of an empty place? I can put here a photo of a random place as well and write „Ah, here! Here’s the fucking SCP-PL-2004-J!'')

Description: Currently it’s not known what is SCP-PL-2004-J. It is due to its anomalous nature, which causes the object to be invisible. Covering it with sheet or splashing water on it is impossible because these things fall freely as if there was nothing in place of SCP-PL-2004-J.

From a technical point of view the only thing that can be assumed it’s that SCP-PL-2004-J is a vehicle of some sort. That is all when it comes to knowledge about the object. The object doesn't leave any traces on its way, also it doesn't emit any sounds. However, it can be touched by any human. The sensory impressions show that the object has a seat with a steering device similar to that present in motorcycles and parts similar to metal bars serving as a support for feet. Any other parts of SCP-PL-2004-J probably don't exist, because there seem to be no solid surface under the center of the steering device. Despite those characteristics SCP-PL-2004-J seems to be an uniform object. Its measurements are practically the same as other standard scooters and similar vehicles..

If any person gets on SCP-PL-2004-J, it gains a possibility to move using the object. Visually, that person looks like it's floating in the air.

When on the driver's seat, testers will involuntary to make sounds imitating working internal combustion engine. These sounds will be emitted constantly during the usage of SCP-PL-2004-J. Object’s steering is identical as of a normal scooter's.

Seems to not need any fuel, it also doesn't emit any sounds. Moreover, the tests showed that it can accelerate to this beats impossible for the types of vehicles. Predictably, high speeds to the driver's disorientation and lack of control which leads to falling out of the vehicle. An interesting fact is that the driver falls out with the speed they achieved during the driving, but SCP-PL-2004-J instantly loses all the gained speed in the moment driver leaves it. Another anomalous property of the object is that it can drive on vertical surfaces.

During the usage of SCP-PL-2004-J testers hear certain music. It's looped so it's ending smoothly connects to the beginning of the next cycle. They claim that it origins from a small distance away from the object any end it seems to move with the same speed as the vehicle. After a longer time of using SCP-PL-2004-J, testers report the sightings of SCP-PL-2004-1-J. They describe it as a humanoidal robot made of metallic elements, having large body and rectangular head with bright, red eyes. It drives a massive vehicle without wheels, similar to motorcycle. SCP-PL-2004-1-J seems to be visible only for the driver of SCP-PL-2004-J and its goal is probably catching him. If it succeeds, it throws the tester off the SCP-PL-2004-1, what usually results in serious injuries or instant death. SCP-PL-2004-J predictably remains in the same place in which it was left by the tester.

Note: According to the ordinance of the project manager, doctor ████████, a crosstest between SCP-PL-2004-J and SCP-666-J was planned. It was scheduled on 12/24/20██. Experiment designation: #144k-x12k-666-PL2004KF.

UPDATE #1: Experiment #144k-x12k-666-PL2004KF was canceled due to the occurrence of Incident OMG-7734.

UPDATE #2: Due to the long term nature of Incident OMG-7734 effects, the SCP-PL-2004-J is now considered neutralized. The note summarizing that event can be found below.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ''KOŹMIŃSKI DOESN’T REMEMBER WHERE HE PARKED IT"?! — project manager, doctor ████████

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