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The fun is in full swing. Most of your good friends from work drink various drinks, laugh and talk. You too did this just before, now you just listen to hot music. You don't like it too much, but you can't deny that it's very catchy.

Then you remember about something. Starting tomorrow you start work on your new assignment. You've heard some things and are even positively set to it. A task so simple and calm will be a perfect break, after what you have been currently doing.

You didn't get ready for it though. You forgot and now have to catch up in one night to all of the backlogs, that you've made for yourself. You can not know the procedures, as you begin work on the new for yourself object.

So you take a glass with your hand, pour yourself some alcohol-free drink. Intuition - rightly so - was hinting that you shouldn't touch even small amounts of liquor. With a full, almost to the brim glass you leave the room and leave the fun behind you. Asked "What are you doing, Janek?" by a friend, you respond laconically "I forgot about something" and continue your hike. You finally reach office, sit back and relax, turn on the office lamp and launch terminal.

Welcome to the SCiPNet terminal. Enter a command.

>Log in

Logged in successfully. Enter a command.

>Search: SCP-PL-203

Found: 1 file. Opening:

Item #: SCP-PL-203

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Blue

"What do you think, when will they finally stop sending us behind every small thing, Luki?" - asked the field agent, proudly holding the honorable passenger's seat of an SUV. He didn't get any response from the side of his colleague. — Hello, Łukasz? You're alive?

"To hell with you, Radek!" - agent finally received the desired response, although it wasn't one that he expected. "What do you think, when I will finally live to see you stop ramble like a jammed music box when I am driving? You know that I need to be focused at least "a little".

"Yes, I noticed. Sadly… you see that guy?"

They were outed by a red car. Agent Łukasz firmly held his sight on the road, but his passenger couldn't seat calmly. The person, which flashed to him on the driver's seat, felt too familiar. When that person was ahead of them, Radosław started looking for something within a pile of papers on the car's shelf. He bravely ignored Łukasz's psyking, letting him know, to stop interrupting. He finally found what he was looking for — a paper with a picture and a signature, upon which there was an order of catching a man, this picture presented. Radosław looked upon it for a while.

"Łukasz, It's him. Drive behind him, I'll notify Beta-1."

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-203 is contained in a storage in Site-154. At 19:50 the object is to be turned on, and the transmission recorded by a assigned worker. Those recordes are stored in Site-154's Archive, and the acceces to it is given to every member of SCP-PL-203 project.

"I'm telling you, it's him. — stated through a communicator Radek to a member of "Klub Listonoszy"."

"How certain?"

"99 percent."

"Alright, are you driving behind him? Where are you?"

"We just left podkarpackie, we are following his trail, it's not known, where he is currently going. He probably wants to get as far from 154. We will send you an accurate location later."

"Then we are going. Anything else worth notice?"

"Rather no. What? For fuck sake."


"He realized something is wrong."



Description: SCP-PL-203 is a copy of a television set called Ametist 1012 produced by Warsaw Television Plants in the 1970s of the XX age.

The object doesn't differ much from other models in the terms of construction, and its usage only needs a connection to power. SCP-PL-203 doesn't show signs of supernatural durability — under this term is a normal televisor.

Due to the daily usage of it, it needs maintenance at intervals, its repairs or change of specific parts. Such activities don't seem to change its nature.

"He turned."

"Shit, Radek. I see."

"Into the forest…"

"Do you think I'm blind?"

"No, I'm just thinking. Do you think he knows those surroundings or is just panicking?"

"Pass it to Beta-1. I don't want to disperse."

And it happened this way. Practically immediately Radek caught the communicator and established communication.

"It's still us. Jarosław Stolnik turned into a forest about 5 kilometers from the last provided location, over."

"Understood. We are nearby. Wait a while, and drive behind the tracks. I hope we can cut off the area for a while."

Hearing this, Łukasz sighed draftily and slowed just by the tire tracks. Both stopped here for two minutes, after which they moved slowly, all the time attentively following the tracks left unawarely by the wanted man.

Object's anomalous properties activate every day at 20:00 when it is connected to a power source and turned on. When that happens, the currently ongoing program will be interrupted with a transmission in a style similar to a weather forecast. Manifestation happens no matter the set television station or played program.

The emitted forecast will always incorporate a certain date or period in the future. Discrepancies to a typical forecast can be noticed after a minute of transmission. The host, instead of the weather, will start to present events that happen at the in time presented during the program, acknowledged as important from a political, social or economical reason, but sometimes will be smaller in scale, important for smaller groups of people — recipients of those forecasts. The host acts the entire time like they still present weather.

"Beta-1, we found the wanted car. Doors are open, something lies on the driver's seat, over."

"We are coming towards your location. Try to check it… and don't destroy anything. — responded to him a voice from the communicator responded."

It was a place, where the chasen person had to get off if they wanted to have any chances. And it was what probably happened. Łukasz stopped SUV and pulled the hand brake, after which both men left the car. They went towards the car, which they were chasing for some time. Radek reached it first, took out his rubber gloves, put them on, and picked up a piece of paper lying on the driver's seat, folded and crumpled.

"Probably fell out of his pocket. Do you think it will be something important? — he asked his partner after a while."

"Probably, looks like some sort of a map for sure."

"Do we wait for Beta, or do we check what it is?"

"Ye, to get bawled out for slowing down the case because we are scared to open a stupid map. Give it to me. Well, a map, has a left track, which he wanted to use… although looking at the fact we are in the middle of a forest, he will probably cover it by foot. It's possible that it fell out because of rush, although he probably wouldn't want to lose it."

"So luck is on our side."

"It seems so. Hmm, there are some pennies here, which confirms the theory of it falling out of the pocket."

"Alright, I'll let them know." — Radek took out his communicator again and put it next to his ear. — "Beta-1, it's us again. We found some sort of a map, it probably fell out of the wanted man's pocket. There is some evidence, which confirms it. He marked a trail on it, probably one which he will follow, it leads almost the entire time east from our current position to the end of the forest."

"We got it." — he received a response after a while and the communicator went silent again.

"By the way, Łukasz. When I leaned there, it… uh… didn't smell very pleasant in there."

All events described in object transmissions are predictions of real events, which will occur at the time presented by SCP-PL-203.1 Until now, all predictions of the object have been fulfilled, although certain details, not described in the event can vary. However from a different point of view, all described objects by the object will play the role which was described to them in the forecast. There is a possibility of repetition of certain forecasts. At the time of writing this report it happened only 3 times.

After the end of the anomalous activity, SCP-PL-203 will automatically return to the earlier transmitted program.

Addendum SCP-PL-203.1: Acquisition

SCP-PL-203 was originaly owned by Janina Kwolek — a seventy-year-old citizien of Korzeniów village in podkarpackie voidership. It was acquired in 2000, after the airing of one of the episodes "Archive of Unexplained" on the "TV Hidden Truth" station. Invited to it was Janina Kwole and there occurred a live manifestation of anomalous properties of SCP-PL-203. The forecast concerned the disappearance of this episode, which occurred a day later when the Foundation conducted an appropriate intervention.

"Archive of Unexplained" is a low popular show lead by Marian Twarog, about unexplained and paranormal events occurring around the entire country of Poland. At the moment of the discovery of SCP-PL-203, the show was at the 11th episode, which ended the first season.

Stolnik looked into the rearview mirror. The SUV still rode behind him, and one of the people inside looked like they tried really hard to spot him. A gut feeling told him, that he is followed, and he, looking at the situation he found himself in, had to be safe or sorry. An opportunity for the contingency plan has come forward.

He looked at things around him. A bottle with bleach? Check. Vessel with a suspicious amount of magnesium dust, just in case? Check. False map? Crumples in the back pocket. Compass and the true copy were in his jacket.

He wasn't thirsty or hungry, although he kept a small bottle of water in a big closing inner pocket of his jacket. Some sweets, if he would need to kill hunger quickly or increase his sugar. He was ready.

After a short while, he turned in an adequate forest road. He did it quite suddenly and unexpectedly because he almost missed it. It was the only turn like this, he exactly remembered, that all others were smoother, and because of that he was sure, that he drove correctly.

"They don't drive behind me? Although it looks like, someone stopped them…" — he said to himself quietly, looking once again into the rearview mirror. It shocked him a bit, since he knew exactly, that he doesn't have time, to think about this. A good message was the fact, that he doesn't have to use the "contingency plan" of questionable quality. However, they may want to make him feel confident enough, and then attack him by surprise…

He finally reached the place. The road stopped, and right here started a road marked on both maps. He took out his compass quickly — he was supposed to go north, and the false map pointed to east. Stolnik knew exactly, that he had less time, so he had to start. Before he starts the exact escape, he has to secure himself. For this reason, he took bleach with himself. He opened the bottle and spread its vapour around the car, then raised himself and poured over the driver's seat, the area around pedals, the passenger's seat, and some area above the wheel. In the end, he left the bottle open, and layed it in a way, to not be seen from outside at a first glance.

He went to another part of his plan. He left a false map sloppily on the passenger's seat, simulating an incidental loss, and then some coins around, which were supposed to confirm the theory. When he had it all behind him, he was ready. That's why he didn't laze — he took a compass once again to his hand and ran from his car, leaving a partly open door behind.

The ending section of "Archive of Unexplained" is complied with stories of invited to the studio guests. Most of them are made up, the story told in this episode, concerned Janina Kwolek, who came to the studio with her "prophetic televisor" — later classified as SCP-PL-203, showing how it works, and then demonstrating it at exactly 20:00. For the purpose of authenticating the story, another televisor was turned on along SCP-PL-203, which was the exact model, set to the same station.

Due to the nature of the transmission and a high probability of an actual anomalous activity emitted in the television, Foundation decided to react. Janina Kwolek was found out and the object has been taken from her possession, as it was found out, actually anomalous, and the rest of the direct witnesses along with her, given amnesic preparations. It was decided to do an experimental operation consisting of assuring that memory of SCP-PL-203 will be erased from the public eye.

Operation "Weathervane" consisted of planting in the intro of the "Archive of Unexplained's" show visual and sound cognitohazards, which would cause to issued people, total loss of memories, which resulted in a complete disappearance of the episode, where SCP-PL-203 has appeared. There were also used circumstances of the fact that it was the last episode of the first season, which explained the sudden change of the intro. Amount of people, who still have knowledge of the object, is so low, that its existence has become, an unpopular urban legend.

Stolnik was currently walking through the forest, behind the trees he saw a starting cornfield, he was close. He looked once again on the map, seeing only a few kilometers. This message has made him extremely happy, his walk was the most stressful experience in his whole life. In fact, so stressing, that the three times he heard barking, almost jumped, and his heartbeat started momentarily

He tried quickly taking out a bar from his pocket, the last one which he had, to eat something quickly, before he will end his journey. However a certain sound stopped it for him, this time he actually jumped. He turned around to see precisely, which side it was. On the right from him, something around forty meters was another Beta-1 patrol, two guys with dogs. They were going directly into his location, altought they certainly haven't seen him yet.

He quickly bent, to be less observable and started going into the side of the corn as fast, as he was allowed by the circumstances. In his head appeared only one thought: Holy shit. Now?

Luckily in hiding helped him growing here and around bushes, which after a while have stopped. If he wouldn't bent he would be seeable ever more, shortly speaking, he would be screwed.

"Maybe they know, I'm here? They just don't reveal themselfs to not bolt him for good? In the end they are specialists at this job. Maybe a dog actually caught his odor? The bleach didn't work? what are the chances, if it actually wasn't, would they be currently going in my way?" — through his head scrolled a lot of dark thoughts. The only thing he could do, was to have hope, that some luck remained with him.

He finally reached the corn field. Because of this situation his head started to hurt, which wasn't a good sign, when you wanted to come face to face with the foundation on your track. Through the entire time he tried to keep an eye on that team. They were moving around his tempo, directed probably there, where he was as well.

He quickly jumped into the corn with hopes of hiding himself. He couldn't make a bigger mistake. One of the foundation men certainly noticed something from his silhouette, when he was doing this. Either this or they knew all along, where he was going.

They started going at a fast pace into his way and his provisional plant shelter. Moving would rather bring their attention, even more, so he tried being as still as possible, and with this watch doings of his enemies. Although he hasn't seen a lot, damn weed.

With a dog at the forefront, they were coming towards him even more. For his last questions he had an almost certain answer. An animal started going into the corn, Stolnik was scared to even twitch, yet he still questioned his earlier thoughts. Would it seriously be better to stand and not try to leave in this situatuion? He had no idea what to do.

His body refused to obey him. He was always a bit fearful, and this situation was severely straining his gain at Foundation psychological immunity. The closer this dog was to him, the more he twitched. He felt tears begin to flow into his eyes, he knew that if it will take at least a second longer, he will finally break for good…

He was not certain, what it was exactly, but Stolnik heard something, like an animal sneezed few times. After this the dog turned unexpectadly and started leading his men into another direction, making, that they unknowingly were going away from their destination.

"Beta-1, Gamma team, our sector is clear. We are currently going into another." — said one to his communicator.

"What's with Zbysio? He acts weird. He snorts terribly." — asked his companion. looking at the dog.

"I have no idea, man. Since he went to smell that car, something was not right with him. The guy could have planted something there, to make himself look harder, bastard. Eh, doing this here would be a waste of time, it could have been a deer of all things."

Jarosław Stolnik even in disbelief looked, as a sudden destiny change decided to save him. "Trap" worked, some part of the dogs were neutralized, altough certainly not all. Stres escaping from him made his hands shake even more, an his lips positioned involuntarily were placed into a grateful to fate smile. Not a lot remained, and he would start to laugh, altough luckily, he managed to stop himself.

He watched, as an patrol was going back again into the forest, waiting himself for a good moment. When he was almost certain that he was safe, he looked at map and the compass, after which he went forward. "From here it should be from all downhill now, he thought to himself.

Record of a fragment of the 11th episode of the first season of the "Archive of Unexplained" show

MT- Marian Twaróg
JK- Janina Kwolek

MT: And now it's time for Stories from Backyard. We are inviting today's guest — Janinę Kwolek!

[There is audible applause, to the table comes a seventy-year-old, fairly low woman.]

MT: Ms. Janina wrote to us about her TV. As it appears, it is not a normal device, but… i'll give the voice to you, Mrs. Janino.

JK: This is an oracle, ladies, and gentlemen. Prophetic television. Every day in the evening, exactly at eight, it switches by itself to some sort of a weather report. Nothing is correct there! Years, sometimes country, and after that even weirder oddities happen…

MT: What oddities?

JK: He starts to predict the future! It found out, that they will rob my grandson on the train, that the countryside shop will be robbed… I brought it here, to show it to you.

MT: It's 8 in three minutes, so you will have an occasion. We ask for our televisors!

[Camera moves in the direction of two already set to each other televisors. Both of them are being connected to the power supply and the same program is being turned on. After 2 minutes, SCP-PL-203 starts automatically transmit weather reports.]

MT: Dear folks, we haven't done anything. The program tuned by itself!

[Voice of the show presenter expresses confusion and slight unease. Reports is about the next day, and after a while starts talking that the 11th episode of the "Archive of Unexplained" will disappear in unexplained circumstances, and the studio will have unpleasantness.]

MT: What the…

JK: I told you it happens. You sir didn't believe me?

[After a while SCP-PL-203 returns to the already transmitted program, which was on before. Both televisors are taken out of the power supply, and the camera returns to the host.]

MT: So today's evening was, uh, really full of sensations… As always, we were treated to another interesting story. We thank you miss very much for coming here, and you, our dear viewer, wish you a very scarrrrry night!

For some time he was just going forward through the corn field. It was all downhill from now, from the forest only an hour of a pretty quick walk, from forest only an hour of a pretty fast walk, so until the destination remained only 10 minutes of road. He had time for his own thoughts. Was this all worth it?

His family has hated him, wife definitly didn't understand him… but why would she understand, when he himself has not said a lot? He returned unnaturaly early from work, started packing and announced that he will leave for indefinet amount of time. He couldn't tell her more, so how she was able to understand it? She was about to get cold, that her husband will leave her alone with two little girls? He decided for this, to protect them. He didn't want to get his family into this, didn't want to risk them. If Foundation would visit them, it would be only, to interview his wife. Who knows what would happen, if his family would actively help him…

A tear flew down his cheek. Even now, when it was a done fact, it was all just too hard for him. He calmed himself quickly and pulled his nose.

He stopped for a while confused, because he felt a ferrous smell, and then a aftertaste. Something was not right. He put his finger on his nose and rubbed it, looking at it next — he bled.

All of his reflexive have suddenly discarded. He significantly increased his speed on the road to his hideout. He had to look closely, check something.

Stolnik had a very bad feeling.

Incident SCP-PL-203.1: On days 18-20.██.████ r., occured a violation of procedures described in the Special Contaiment Procedures by a researcher deleagated to transcriped reports of the object — dr Jarosław Stolnik. Before this violation was noticed by the site's director, the researcher took a two-week long vacation and left it. To the Description were added adequete corrections. There are attempts at trying to find content of skipped reports. After the end of those, dr Jarosław Stolnik will be subjected to disciplinary proceedings.

After a few attempts it was decided to check, if records from the cameras found inside the contaiment room of SCP-PL-203 have managed to catch seemingly lost reports. This operation has succeced — monitoring of the contaiment room has registered both the visual content of the programmes, content of the given prophecy, and evidence of purposefulness of dr Jarosław Stolnik deeds. After the registery and analize of the contents of the reports a decision was made on making it a priority to locate and capture the researcher.

He finally reached his destination. A village house of medium size almost between nothing, lived by some sort of friends of his wife. He took his tissue away from his nose, to check, if it stopped bleeding — luckily it looked like, he had a break for now.

He took out his keys, which he took away unnoticed from his house. Those people drove somewhere away to their family, to spend this particular time together and will come back in a week or even more. They gave keys to his wife, to look there from time to time, and Stolnik used it and made from their house a hideout. He managed to get himself few days before her planned visit of this place, so even if Foundation people would listen to her, she shouldn't even have an occasion, to find out, that keys have dissapeared.

He opened the door and went inside. He felt relief. The worst was behind him… probably. All the time he had only one thought, having it's material form in the bleeded tissue.

— I will have to check this soon… holy shit. — he said to himself, a bit, over all, concerned.

He engaged in some kind of adaptation this place under another living conditions, and until this he had to do only two things — make sure he had power and water. With none of those procedures he had a smallest trouble. He quickly found a fuse box and turned on the power, after which he was wandered for a while in search of the bathroom, and when it was opened for him, he turned everything, what was needed, to make sure he had acceces to water supply network. In terms of relaxation and complacency he rewarded himself with an not ended candy bar.

All this time, at the end of his head, he still had those same fears. He remembered the exact reasons doing this entire escape, this, what made him destroy relations with even the closest family to protect them. What he had meticulously written in his notepad.

Stolnik took out that book and went to the mirror, taking up of his clothes up until undershirt. Irritated eyes and nosebleeds were present. He looked once again quickly on the content of those records and started quickly groping around his neck. A bit swollen.

It's just as well, irritated eyes and a bit groped neck could have been a result of an allergy…

In one moment he felt, as the bars started a slow venture to his lips. He barely managed to catch up to the toilet.

Below have been placed records retrieved with notes, zooming in on the unusual behavior of dr Jarosław Stolnik:

Record of recovered recording of SCP-PL-203 anomalous manifestation on day 18.██.████:

Second half of 2033's January will start with a short-term and delicate respite from the recent cold reality. It promises to be temporary warming, but still no expectation of plus temperatures. Daria Wysocka, Good afternoon.

Over Poland is currently blowing a warmer wind from the east, but not so warm, polar continental air mass. This will lead to an increase in temperature in most of the country, except voiderships such as podkarpackie, małopolskie, and śląskie. Those will not cross over 0°C. The lowest temperatures will be noted in Tatry — in Zakopane thermometers will only indicate -10°C. In voiderships, which I mentioned before, the temperature will hesitate between -6 to -8°C. A significant increase will be recorded in all other parts of the country. The biggest score will be seen at Mazowse — temperature there will amount to -1°C. High as for this winter will found themself cities of other voiderships, such as Łódź, Gdańsk or Wrocław with temperatures successively: -2, -2 i -1,5°C.

Mass of air, which visited our country, is dry, and in most parts of the country, lovely, sunny weather will occur, only on the contact of podkarpackiego i lubelskiego voiderships might occur brief snowfall.

On the day of 16.01.2033 it has also been reported about [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. [DELETED INFOHAZARD] was Jarosław Stolnik, [DELETED INFOHAZARD] in Kielce. [DELETED INFOHAZARD] scattered in many places of Western Europe, mainly Germany, Norway, and United Kingdom. Things took for a alarming turn, [DELETED INFOHAZARD] people were [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. [DELETED INFOHAZARD] didn't found any traces [DELETED INFOHAZARD].

Note: Based on the recovered recordings it was also managed to possess information about the proceeding of Jarosław Stolink after hearing the object's transmission. Evidently, he didn't quite believe, the researcher didn't save the transmission, to be sure of his safety, in the case, it would be real.

Record of recovered recording of SCP-PL-203 anomalous manifestation on day 19.██.████

As it turns out, winter hasn't played all of its cards. When most of us thought and nourished high hopes, that the very low temperatures are behind us and we can slowly tread into spring, the second half of February brought for us a counterattack of winter. Daria Wysocka, good afternoon.

17.02.2033, which is tomorrow, upon Poland will come a cold and wet mass of polar air, which will come towards us from Iceland. It will bring with us a rapid cooling in the whole country, and also intensive snowfalls in some regions of Poland. The lowest temperature we will note on Suwałki — for their thermometers will show only -12°C. Very cold will also be in the south of the country — in Crackow and Rzeszów temperature will fall to -10°C. In rest of the country, such low temperatures will not be noted — in cities such as Warsaw, Poznań or Wrocław, temperatures will successively be -7, -7 and -8°C.

Significant snowfalls may occur on joint of both atmospheric fronts, which tommorow and the day after tomorrow will move all over our country.

That very day was announced an [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. Everyone from this moment [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. Day before was crossed [DELETED INFOHAZARD] people, and [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. To this moment weren't detected any [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. Oficial data reports, that for the current situation is responsible dead Jarosław Stolnik, who [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. [DELETED INFOHAZARD] remains unknown — [DELETED INFOHAZARD]. On 19.02.2033 is planned a live transmission of an adress by a general secretary of ONZ and director [DELETED INFOHAZARD].

Note: Recovered records also once again revealed Jarosław Stolnik's behavior after finishing the report. This time he expressed complete concentration and was silent through the entire recording, which might provide his change of relation towards received information. After the end of transmission, he remained for 2 extra minutes near SCP-PL-203, continuing silence. Right after the first transmission concerning the 2033 year, he intentionally allowed himself to violate the procedures and didn't save the record, this time his actions were less impulsive, and it was seen upon him more organization and acting upon a certain plan.

To Stolnik, despite the fact he already took some pills for headache, he kept feeling worse. With every minute the proverbial vice kept closing even more. On the other hand, the candy bar kept getting to know itself, continuously, even after a dozen hours.

He couldn't handle it anymore, he took his phone and dialed a number to emergency service. After a really short talk, he wasn't even able to talk long, voice on the other side announced, that the ambulance is on its way.

He kept wondering, what brought him to this state. Never in his life has he felt worse than now. He couldn't catch this in 154, even if it was the biggest site in the region, it wasn't suited to containing pathogens and because of it, didn't do it. He couldn't catch this in any other place, skipping the fact that he didn't go to any other place than from 154 to his house, and he still took that road by car. Cancer of anything, which gives such symptoms? Something with miscellany? Some sort of weird meningitis? All of this he could invalidate with other symptoms.

He started to think over this entire situation, that to his almost unconsciousness because of headache head flew the weirdest thoughts, one more disturbing than the other.

Before he looked over, an ambulance was near his hideout. In the same moment, as flashing blue lights started energetically get into the house, came this one thought. He found the cause. He knew now.

With terror he looked at how the rescuers opened the door left for them. They shouldn't be here. They shouldn't see hi.. hi..

He started to gave up. He only heard muffled steps and stressed questions, when involuntarily sight escaped from him upwards, and thoughts were suddenly dimmed. He felt as he drools, how he fully involuntarily and very painfully tenses up.

The last thing he saw was the ambulance's ceeling. Rescureres were able to stablize him and make him sleep for a while.

Altough he, even through sleep, was scared.

Now not even about himself. He had good reasons, to start once again tremble for his family.

Record of recovered recording of SCP-PL-203 anomalous manifestation on day 20.██.████:

First day of 2033's spring promises to be very enticingly — almost ideally for first bigger walks or just spending time on fresh air. With a cheerful attitude for that most cheerful day, you have to hold off a bit, though — a situation like this will not come like this from the beginning. Daria Wysocka, good afternoon.

Coming tomorrow will come to us an unexpectedly hot mass of tropical air, brought to us from southwest Europe. After a relatively sharp winter, the beginning of spring with really nice temperatures is something many would like. There is another side of this very beautiful coin — because of a shifting warm atmospheric front, on day east of Poland will be taken over, by staying to even few hours steady, not very intensive rainfall.

The biggest temperatures will be noted in the southwest part of the country. In Zielona Góra temperature will amount to around 15°C, and in Wrocław will hit even 17°C. In other citi-

[Report is stopped by a sudden and short-term white hum. Next is seen an empty studio, lighting is turned off, and certain elements of the recording, such as the state of the greenscreen, suggest, that the place has been abandoned.]

Note: As per recovered recordings, during listening to the report Jarosław Stolnik acted similarly to the last day, after which he filled the missing records, using the already registered ones. Day after this report, the researcher filed a request for a two-week-long vacation, which was given to him. He most likely did it, to escape without suspicion from Foundation.

Insert a command

>Log out

Logging out.

Welcome to the SCiPNet terminal. Today's date: 01/01/2033, 00:02, happy New Year. :)

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