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A post defaced with SCP-PL-207, prior to disassembly.

Special Containment Procedures: Posts affected by SCP-PL-207 are to be removed from public, replaced with their non-anomalous variants, and taken to a storage facility. All SCP-PL-207 generated text is to be transcribed and forwarded to Site PL-55.

Description: SCP-PL-207 is a phenomenon that affects 4% of all advertisement posts in Poland, with the most number of instances being recorded in Mazowieckle and Silesian Voivodeships. Additionally, isolated instances have been sighted in other countries, primarily in towns bordering Poland.

SCP-PL-207 causes text, mainly newspapers, to spontaneously appear on the affected posts. These appearances manifest in the text literally growing out of the post.

Texts that are resultant from SCP-PL-207 often mention anomalous phenomena, as well as organizations like the Foundation. As a result, SCP-PL-207 was considered a minor conspiratorial object that the Foundation has had to deal with since 17██. The objective of these conspiritorial objects is to reveal and distribute Foundation materials, which pose great risk to its operations, employees, and structure.

Addendum 207-1: Sample of notable texts generated from SCP-PL-207:

Addendum 207-2: Updated report

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