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SCP-PL-213-7 alongside GOC agents and other priests during the third papal visit to Poland.

Item #: SCP-PL-213

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel of Site-120 and other facilities focusing on thaumaturgic and theological research are required to read the following file, regardless of their current Clearance Level.

Any reports of unusual activity of the papacy or other Vatican-related organizations received through the PANOPTICON Global Surveillance System or any other mass surveillance methods used by the Foundation should be immediately forwarded to the O4 Council. Direct interference with the operation of the current SCP-PL-213 host or any other groups associated with it is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-PL-213 is a probabilistic anomaly that focuses entirely on the person currently holding the position of the Pope of the Catholic Church. The phenomenon works by attracting anomalous, paranormal and thaumaturgic phenomena to its victim, significantly increasing the chances of the effect carrier encountering such events. The effect of SCP-PL-213 is strong enough that the person who is its host statistically comes into contact with the above-mentioned creatures, phenomena, or objects practically every day, regardless of their lifestyle and / or place of residence.

The first manifestation of the phenomenon dates back to 1914, during which Giacomo della Chiesa (Benedict XV, designated SCP-PL-213-1) became the holder of the title of Pope. Although previous Foundation observations since its creation in 1870 confirm that, prior to the creation of SCP-PL-213, individuals with the title of Pope frequently interacted with the anomalous world, it was only after 1914 that the frequency of anomalous manifestations of such events increased significantly. Investigations are ongoing to determine if SCP-PL-213 is a curse on papal position or some other type of forbidden spell.

It is additionally worth mentioning that the intensity and power of SCP-PL-213 seems to increase during catastrophic events around the world1 and decrease during longer periods of peace. The main hypothesis put forward by the Foundation researchers claims that the effect of the phenomenon is a powerful demonic Tartarean Entity that feeds on misfortune and bad luck.

The current carrier of SCP-PL-213 is Karol Wojtyła (John Paul II), designated SCP-PL-213-7.

Addendum PL-213-1: List of selected incidents related to SCP-PL-213

Event Event description Notes
The Seventh Occult War One of the seven major conflicts of the anomalous world. Took place in parallel to the Second World War in 1939-1945. Resulted in the formation of the Global Occult Coalition and dramatic changes in the anomalous society. The second most fatal event in paranormal history. Despite its policy regarding the anomalous alongside the fascist political system of Italy, the Vatican offered shelter in its undergrounds to many Fae and other anomalous people during the war. Due to the increased activity of SCP-PL-213 during the event, most of the escapees remained within the Holy City and eventually gained high positions inside of it.
The Phometian Protests Massive protests by the Yerenian population in 1962 against the exploitation of representatives of the species by the USSR. Only worsened the situation of SCP-1000 workers, whose slave labor in the mines and refineries became even more unbearable. Despite the tightening of the restrictions on the above-mentioned minority, a large number of Yeren managed to escape to the Vatican, attracted by SCP-PL-213's effect. Over the following decades, the fugitives began cooperating with the papacy, strengthening the metal structures of the city with their metallurgical skills.
Project Neverland A 1985 incident during which the Foundation accidentally destroyed 1/5 of the Free Port of Esterberg. Resulted in enormous damage and protests, as well as the loss of trust of anomalous communities towards the Foundation. The outrage of the magic community caused by the above-mentioned incident led many of them to flee to other important anomalous theological and thaumaturgic organizations. Due to the intensified effects of SCP-PL-213, more than 20% of them later became Vatican officials, leading to the creation of a large anti-thaumaturgic barrier around the city in order to "protect it from similar incidents."
Hy-Brasil bombardment The detonation of a thaumaturgic nuclear missle (Casab-Howitzer Nuclear Targeted Weapon) in 1988 by the GOC in the Kingdom of Hy-Brasil in order to neutralize UAE-Brasil-78, a 100-meter-big sea Behemoth threatening the integrity of the Veil. The event led to the death of more than half of the kingdom's population and mass emigration. These enormous migrations also had an impact on the Vatican, to which the masses of magically gifted Faeries were lured by the action of anomalies. After this event, it was reported that over 30% of Vatican residents and officials had anomalous abilities.
The collapse of the eigenweapon industry Caused by the bankruptcy of Prometheus Laboratories and the end of the Cold War, the event resulted in a massive loss of government interest in the eigenweapon industry and paratechnology in the 1990s. Huge amounts of anomalous weapons left over from the collapse of their market have been bought up by anomalous organizations for personal use. One such group was the Catholic Church, which obtained more than 2% of all the above-mentioned goods and transported them to the capital of the Church during the event. Following this incident, the intensity of SCP-PL-213 became the highest in history.

Addendum PL-213-2: Official note from O5-8

Well, we have to face the truth: the current situation regarding the Vatican is… difficult, not to say "completely out of our control." We've seen every movement of the papacy and SCP-PL-213 for literal decades, but… we just don't have the faintest idea of what's going on there. Yes, both our spies and PANOPTICON cannot find the truth about this whole array of weirdness about the Holy City. I am not proud of it, but I also do not plan to hide it: the only thing left for us in the context of the entire project is our speculations on the basis of the data we already have.

And… well, our most likely speculations are not optimistic.

From collecting legions of mages, Fae, and Yeren, to amassing an arsenal of eigenweapons that would make the USSR flush in its prime, things are not good. And, unfortunately, we can only draw one conclusion from this whole mess: the Vatican is simply getting ready for war. And not just any war — the Eighth Occult War, the risk of which grows drastically every day.

I hope I don't have to explain why having such enormous potential by an organization as unstable and corrupt as the Catholic Church is a huge threat. This, coupled with the escalating effects of SCP-PL-213, will sooner or later lead to the use of all the shit that lies within miles of crypts beneath their temples. And the Vatican can direct this fire at practically everyone.

Including us.

Therefore, with a heavy heart, I must say the following: the Foundation must occupy the Vatican. In two weeks from today, our forces will enter the Holy City and take control of it, completely neutralizing the threat of magic lurking in it and SCP-PL-213. Who knows, maybe one of our men will even become the Pope to deal with this crap somehow. We are still drafting plans, but the execution of the operation is a certainty and is not subject to discussion.

I'm sorry it has to come to this friends, but there is simply no other option. I sincerely hope that both people and God will forgive us, because I will certainly not offer myself this luxury.

— O5-8, "The Heretic"

Addendum PL-213-3: Interview with Agent Baryła

Date: 06.17.1999

Interviewer: Agent Surratt

Interviewed: Agent Baryła2

Foreword: While planning an attack on the Vatican to take place on June 26, 1999, high-ranking Vatican members — including SCP-PL-213-7 — entirely on their own initiative and with their closest associates visited FP-120 ("Esterberg") on the way of pilgrimages. When the procession entered the city, Foundation agents present within it managed to contact some of the visiting members in order to obtain more information regarding the Vatican's plans before the attack. Attached below is one of the logs obtained via this way. Extraneous data has been removed for brevity.

<Begin Log>

Agent Surratt: Fuck's sake, Kuba! Can't you really just start talking? I really don't want me to have to… you know.

Agent Baryła shrugs.

Agent Baryła: Ask what you want, but every time, I'll tell you the same — I have no idea what the hell you mean.

Agent Surratt: I will/also repeat myself — why does the Vatican need so many weapons? Why do you need so much magic? Who are you planning to attack?!

Agent Baryła: We don't have any weapons. I told you, they destroyed them after buying them. That's all.

Agent Surratt snorts.

Agent Surratt: Yup, yeah. Suuuure. Then why do you need so many magicians? Why all this?

Agent Baryła: Is it really strange that the leaders of one of the largest theological groups in the world have a few thaumaturges in their ranks?

Agent Surratt: A few? Literally thirty—

Agent Baryła sighs.

Agent Baryła: Please, Marie. You know what I mean.

Agent Surratt: No, I don't know. And that's the problem.

Agent Surratt turns on her flashlight and shines Agent Baryła into the eyes, then dilates his pupils.

Agent Surratt: Fucking hell, Kuba, what did they do to you?

Agent Baryła: Umm… what?

Agent Surratt: I can't believe that the Baryła I'd worked with could have done something like that. The Kuba I knew would never run away from the Foundation for an organization that he knows is false.

Agent Surratt knocks Agent Baryła on the head.

Agent Surratt: My Kuba knew that God died during the Sixth War. So, let me change the question — what did you do with the real Baryła? Because god damn it, the one I knew wouldn't work with SCP-PL-213.

Agent Baryła laughs.

Agent Baryła: So you don't know yet?

Agent Surratt raises eyebrow.

Agent Surratt: About what?

Agent Baryła: There's no PL-213, you idiots. I didn't think you were so blind.

Agent Surratt: Then how do you explain all that? Huh?

Agent Baryła: I… How do you think? Why do you think the Pope has so many anomalies around him, Marie?

Agent Surratt: Huh?

Agent Baryła: Because who else would have them around?

Agent Surratt: …What?

Agent Baryła: Ever since the Foundation and other normalcy orgs came into being, you haven't done anything that doesn't end in a catastrophe. Neverland, Hy-Brasil, everything else; wherever you go, you bring death with you.

Agent Surratt: And?

Agent Baryła: And who do you think is taking care of everyone you have hurt? Who can give them faith?


Agent Baryła: We. The church.

Agent Surratt: But—

Agent Baryła: Yes, i know, CCSG once existed. Yes, the Church persecuted anomalies. But the world isn't static. So in order for it not to escape us, we have to change alongside it. We just have no other choice. And sooner or later, you'll find that out for yourself.

Agent Baryła takes a cigarette from his pocket and puts it in his mouth.

Agent Baryła: God may not exist, but… but he is not just some entity. It's an idea. It's a thought. It's… It's something that helps people understand this whole fucked up world and put it together in their little heads. It's more than just an old man in the clouds, Surratt. It's a higher goal, something… something to aspire to in your worst moments. And it just so happens that the anomalous world also has its darkest moments.

Agent Baryła lights a cigarette.

Agent Baryła: The truth is, we don't give them magic, we don't give them… I don't fucking know, magic nuclear warheads in order to destroy the world. You're stupid if you really believed such an idiotic hypothesis. Because the truth is much simpler — we give them something infinitely more important.

Agent Surratt: What is that?

Agent Baryła: Hope, Marie. <Smoke exhalation> We gave them hope.

<End Log>

Afterword: Following the retrieval of more data and further reassessment of already available data, a proposal to reclassify SCP-PL-213 to SCP-PL-213-EX is currently pending approval by the O4 Council.

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