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Item #: Object class: Threat level:
SCP-PL-259 Euclid Red


Photo of SCP-PL-259 in its current state

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-259 is currently contained in Sector C at Level 3 of Site 120. Object must be under constant supervision and protection by the facility personnel. In the event of loss of the facility, notify O5 Command immediately.

The object is currently contained by a thaumaturgic circle, thanks to which it is surrounded by an iron shell and the life of the object is supported. Both circles The circle should be maintained at least once every 16 months 3 years. Research on the object and conservation of circles are responsibility of Dr. Gabriel Deamonne Dir. Daniel Asheworth Dr. Lucretia Deamonne.

Entities designated SCP-PL-259-2 should be sent to Site PL-47 for neutralization.

Update from the day 04.11.2010: Following the death of Dr. Gabriel Deamonne, the object research and the task of maintaining the circles were assigned to Director Daniel Asheworth.

Update from the day 06.04.2013: Research on the object and the maintenance of security measures have been transferred to Dr. Lucretia Deamonne. Using the new knowledge and security methods, it was possible to combine both circles into one and extend their operation period to 3 years.

Description: SCP-PL-259 is a male belonging to the species homo sapiens sidhe from the 13th century. He was brought back to life through thaumaturgic necromancy1. Due to the use of these practices, the subject lost a large part of its previously possessed thaumaturgic abilities, and led to some degree of cognitive impairment (which also occurred in SCP-PL-259-2), as a countermeasure to the subject was imposed several thaumaturgic circles, partially neutralizing them.

The object itself comes from Mongolia, but on closer examination, it was discovered that it is a distant descendant of PoI-001-C ("Queen Mab"). At the time of containment, the subject was mounted on an instance of SCP-PL-259-2, which could be identified as a Mongolian steppe horse.

SCP-PL-259 is known to the public as Genghis Khan, a 13th century khan who united all the Mongolian peoples under his rule in 1206, after which he set out to find a better place to live for his people, mainly through conquest.

Entities classified as SCP-PL-259-2 are both humanoid and animal entities. Characterized by being brought back to life by SCP-PL-259 using necromantic thaumaturgy. According to data collected by the Foundation, the total number of both humanoid and animal entities was around two million at their peak, but most were destroyed. Four entities are actively stored from this group, kept at Site PL-49.


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