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Item#: SCP-PL-260 Level 2/260
Object Class: Safe Restricted


Single instance of SCP-PL-260-A

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-260 is to be contained in a 20m × 40m × 20m aquarium located in Site-PL-49. SCP-PL-260-A instances are to be supplied with sufficient amounts of mixed zooplankton1 and plant food on a daily basis. An automated system of water filtration from contaminants has been installed in order to reduce the time spent on cleaning the object's aquarium.

Description: SCP-PL-260 is a shoal of 507 fish2 of the species Pterocaesio chrysozona (Goldband fusilier). They do not differ from the non-anomalous representatives of this species. SCP-PL-260's anomalous ability manifests itself in their collective intelligence that increases with the number of instances in the connected school.

After all SCP-PL-260 individuals have created SCP-PL-260-A, they will attain omniscience, however, they manifest it by molding themselves into the residential address of the person they observe.3 The address is always written in Polish. SCP-PL-260-A are unable to reproduce or die naturally, always keeping the number of all individuals constant. However, they will exhibit instinctive behavior; defending the shoal, searching for food or sleeping. In the event of the death of an instance of SCP-PL-260-A, an identical copy of the object with the same anomalous properties will immediately appear.

Addendum PL-260/F1: Discovery

Information about SCP-PL-260 reached the Foundation on March 21st, 2016, when the management of the Botanical Garden in Warsaw was accused of using visitors' personal data in "a funny joke with fish matching their home address". Before the court case was initiated, MTF Kanta-00 ("The Threatening Species") replaced SCP-PL-260 with non-anomalous representatives of the Goldband fusilier and distributed amnestics to all witnesses of the incident.

Addendum PL-260/F2: Experiments

On March 23rd, 2016, an experiment was conducted to check the accuracy of the reported result. Following is a table of employees who voluntarily wanted to participate in the research.

Personnel Amount of SCP-PL-260-A Result
Junior Researcher Sergey Kaliniczovich 100 The fish formed into the word "Universe".
Doctor Bartosz Grudacz 350 The result showed only Poland.
Assistant Adrianna Handrycz 480 Correct, but incorrectly indicated staircase in the block of flats.
Senior Researcher Adam Spencer 500 Correct; the result also included the exact geographic coordinates of the tester's apartment.
Junior Researcher Sergey Kaliniczovich 507 [LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED]

Addendum PL-260/F3: Incident

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