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By Nats482

Item #: SCP-PL-267

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance leading to SCP-PL-267 has been bricked up. In order to avoid accidental discovery of the object during renovation work, the building foundations around the location of SCP-PL-267 were marked as unstable.

Description: SCP-PL-267 is a tomb located below The Primatial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gniezno. The room is cubical, with its volume measuring 216m3. The walls and ceiling of the chamber were made of stone bricks. The construction of the object was dated to around 992 AD. Despite its age, SCP-PL-267 seems to continuously maintain its initial state. The object appears to be resistant to any attempts to damage it. This anomalously high resilience probably also influences the object's resistance to CK-class Reality Restructuring Scenarios.

The object possesses strong cognitohazardous properties that manifest when any individual enters the room. They will report a strong urge to be respectful in regards to the person buried inside the tomb. It is usually expressed by saying a prayer.1 This action can't be interfered with by any means other than termination. When the subject leaves the anomalous area, it will temporarily start to feel embarrassed.

Addendum 1: During the testing of the object's resilience to damage it was discovered that a part of the floor was discovered that part of the floor was capable of being removed. It was decided to remove it to access the surface below. This operation has proven successful. After excavating to two meters in depth, a wooden coffin with a male skeleton inside was found. On the coffin, a stone tablet with a the following engraved inscription on it was found:

May our brave king Mieszko, who died in a war with nasty Polanians, rest in peace.

Though cursed Polanian sorcerers defeat more and more of our keeps, they will never manage to destroy our spirits.

Even if they destroy us now, we will rise again.

For Lechia!

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