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SCP-PL-284 from outside.

Item #: SCP-PL-284

Object Class: Archon

Special Containment Procedures: It is unnecessary to monitor the activities of SCP-PL-284 beyond regular secrecy checks. A possible link between the subject and SCP-5484 is still being investigated by a team of scientists from sites PL-55 and 120, although the leading hypothesis denies it, instead pointing to SCP-5572.

Description: SCP-PL-284 is an abandoned oil factory on █████████ street in Łódź, Poland. No activity has been recorded there during the day, but during nighttime hours it is regularly serviced by about 100 tartarean entities, henceforth referred to as SCP-PL-284-1. These entities are not entirely corporeal and appear to be only partially in the baseline reality, although the devices they use reveal actual signs of usage. SCP-PL-284-1 manufacture SCP-PL-284-2, an oily substance made from unknown components.1


Part of the equipment used by SCP-PL-284-1.

SCP-PL-284-2 is used by SCP-PL-284-1 to bring out certain concepts in the human noosphere, considered sins in Christian culture. Use and effect is always as follows:

  • Designated SCP-PL-284-1 manifests on a Saturday night by a sleeping person of Christian faith.2
  • SCP-PL-284-1 pours approximately 300 ml of SCP-PL-284-2 into the victim's ear, using a metal funnel to avoid spillage.
  • The entity demanifests.
  • Upon awakening, the person affected by the anomaly manifests an aversion to attending Mass, and if forced to do so, the individual, regardless of their previous religious feelings, will think intensely about things they consider "impure" throughout the rite.

The anomalous effect is not permanent and unless the procedure is performed a second time on the same person, no change in beliefs is guaranteed. However, many people who experienced the effect confessed that after the event they began to question their faith, discovered previously unnoticed religious trauma, and/or changed their views to those considered more progressive in society.


Precipitate remaining after distillation of SCP-PL-284-2.

The most common ideas imagined by victims of the anomaly included:

  • Sexual practices prohibited by the Church (premarital sex, homosexual sex, various paraphilias);
  • Various church elements (pulpit, chandeliers, statues, etc.) falling on people;
  • Offending deeply religious people with challenging outfits (for example, ones revealing a lot of skin or containing occult symbols);
  • Destruction of religious sites (from graffiti to arson);
  • Causing physical harm to members of the clergy;
  • Occult rituals;
  • Stealing money from the tray.

The effects of SCP-PL-284-2 use do not correlate with an increase in criminal activity, and individuals on whom the substance was used realized illegal ideas in only 0.5% of the cases monitored by the Foundation.

Addendum PL-284.1: Discovery - Incident 284/2020

SCP-PL-284 was discovered on April 13, 2020, when a local parson, Rev. Pafnucy Lament, was kidnapped by SCP-PL-284-1 into SCP-PL-284. The tartarean entities were under the influence of alcohol and, according to one of them going by the name "Zenek", interviewed by the Foundation's agents, "they were having a party and got a little carried away". After negotiations, Rev. Lament was released after being administered Class A amnesic agents. SCP-PL-284-1-A ("Zenek") allowed himself to be interviewed and most of the information allowing anomaly research came from him, although due to his heavily intoxicated state it was not possible to find out all the details needed. After dawn, SCP-PL-284-1 demanifested, allowing Foundation agents to peacefully survey the area, clean up possibly anomalous remains of the party, and initially secure the structure.

Addendum PL-284.1: Rationale for Classification

Beyond making sure incidents like 284/2020 don't happen again, we should allow SCP-PL-284 to continue operating. Its effects are essentially harmless, and with today's political and social climate, either unnoticeable or even desirable. If our goal is to maintain normalcy, we cannot interfere with this process, because the gradual turning away from the Church is considered normal and has been evident in society for many years. Therefore, I believe that SCP-PL-284 should be classified as an Archon-class anomaly.

— dir. Addams

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