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Item #: SCP-PL-289

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: White ●


Photograph of SCP-PL-289 prior to project Shop Assistant construction, it's located between Site's warehouses.

Special Containment Procedures: Object is under Site PL-79's jurisdiction.

SCP-PL-289 is to be observed and guarded by Site Security.

Site personnel may use SCP-PL-289 with permission from the site director. A specially prepared map and navigation system must be taken prior to entry. However, it is not recommended to use the object due to the time-consuming process.

Shop Assistant is located in front of SCP-PL-289, permission to use it must be authorized by someone with access level of at least 4. According to the calculations of the Mathematic Department, the project will be rendered unusable by the Foundation in 20/05/2025. So far, as long as the basic security measures provided in the information leaflet available at the facility are applied, the use of Shop Assistant is completely safe.

Description: SCP-PL-289 is a Biedronka chain store located in the village of Cyców1, in Poland. Foundation documentation shows that the SCP-PL-289 existed before the construction of the Site PL-79, despite the fact that all employees of the facility confirm that the SCP-PL-289 appeared on the night of 04/03/2010.

The object is located on the land belonging to Site PL-79. All products inside, as proven by the Foundation's research, are fresh. The expiration date written on their labels is always 03/01/3008. The initial size of the store was 700 square meters, but each time the person in the building reaches the end, the area of the store doubles and opens a passage to new, non euclidean sections. The current area inside store is 734,003,200 square meters.

Due to the object's gigantic size, the Shop Assistant project was developed with the approval of the O4 council.

Shop Assistant is a search engine that is looking for SCP-PL-289 in all possible versions of reality. Once all possibilities have been identified, the operator of Shop Assistant may enter the name of the searched product in the console. Upon doing so, Shop Assistant isolates from the list of dimensions containing SCP-PL-289 only those where the selected product is located just outside the entrance of the store, then, using anomalous technology developed by the Department of Trans-Dimensional Development and Discovery, opens a portal to selected version of SCP-PL-289.

Project Shop Assistant proposal:

Project Shop Assistant

SCP-PL-289 is of great benefit to Site PL-79, we hardly need to worry about food supplies because we can get them from this object.

There is only one problem, namely the object is too large to be able to effectively take products from it. So our technical department had an idea.

Using interdimensional technology we will create a device, that searches all possible realities, then the program isolates those containing SCP-PL-289 in a safe variation. Then, enter the product you are looking for into the console. Shop Assistant searches the list of isolated realities again and looks for those where the selected product is right at the entrance of the store. Then, using Dr. Isayev's technology, we can open a portal to the selected SCP-PL-289, and safely take the product we are looking for.

This solution both broadens our knowledge of other dimensions and saves potential time and money in supplying Site PL-79.

Senior Engineer Henry Kowalski


Addendum 289-A:
Email conversation between Senior Engineer Henry Kowalski and Site Director Antoni Grzmichuj.

From: Senior Engineer Henry Kowalski
To: Site PL-79 Director Antoni Grzmichuj
Topic: Power problems with project Shop Assistant

We have quite big problems with the Shop Assistant project, namely turning on the object, and its operation consumes too much energy. Site is unable to produce enough of energy, and we also have no place to get it from. Either the project will be useless and cancelled, or we'll get the energy source from somewhere to power it.

From: Site PL-79 Director Antoni Grzmichuj
To: Senior Engineer Henry Kowalski
Topic: Re:Power problems with project Shop Assistant

Mr. Henry, we are constantly looking for a suitable power source for the object, rest assured that everything will be provided on time.

Addendum 289-B:
Site-PL-79 established a contract with GoI-PL-079 "Hunter Industries"2, despite the fact that it is a company mainly producing weapons, they assured the Site about providing energy and connecting everything.

The contract was signed by the director of the Site PL-79, Antoni Grzmichuj, and Adam Hunter, one of the heads of Hunter Industries. In return for the supply of energy to the Site PL-79, the Foundation is forbidden to intervene in the case of GoI-PL-079 and their interests. The contract was signed with a class 5 blood pact, the termination of the contract is associated with the immediate death of director Antoni Grzmichuj and his immediate family.

Addendum 289-C:
Interview of Site PL-79 director Antoni Grzmichuj by Site PL-79 Inquisitor3, Brygida Wiśniewska.

Antoni Grzmichuj: Director of Site PL-79

Interviewer: Site PL-79 Inquisitor, Brygida Wiśniewska

Foreword: The decision to sign the contract with GoI-PL-079 gave rise to great doubts, the director of the facility was questioned to clarify the whole matter by the site Inquistor, by the order of O4 Council.

<Begin Log>

Brygida Wiśniewska: Ok, what the fuck!?

Antoni Grzmichuj: I-I can explain.

Brygida Wiśniewska: The council hopes so.

Antoni Grzmichuj: Hunter Industries were the first to reach out to me, the message was extremely convincing…

Brygida Wiśniewska: Mhm.

Antoni Grzmichuj: They wanted to meet me on this matter, to establish cooperation with the Site, I decided that the Foundation can benefit a lot from this, and the facility itself…

Brygida Wiśniewska: Please continue.

Antoni Grzmichuj: So I went to their office, alone, to show that I trust them.

Brygida Wiśniewska: You absolute idiot…

Antoni Grzmichuj: The man I met was wearing a white suit with black details. White hair with a black strand, and those weird glasses…

Brygida Wiśniewska: What glasses?

Antoni Grzmichuj: They were white, round. They had black lenses with the symbol of a white spiral. Despite his bizarre appearance, Mr. Hunter was very professional in the conversation.

Brygida Wiśniewska: Like all of them, fucking snakes.

Antoni Grzmichuj: Well, we talked in his office…

Brygida Wiśniewska: I hope you haven't had any fucking tea or eaten anything.

Antoni Grzmichuj: No! I'm not that stupid, anyway, we started discussing the exact terms of the contract. At one point, he took off his glasses, and during the conversation he began to maintain eye contact with me.

Brygida Wiśniewska: Oh no.

Antoni Grzmichuj: That, it was weird, but everything he said was convincing, a moment later, the deal was signed and… And I was at home again.

Brygida Wiśniewska: Ok, what happened next?

Antoni Grzmichuj: You know what happened next, you were there. People from Hunter Industries came to facility, installed everything, showed the contract. Everything was ready by noon.

Brygida Wiśniewska: Mr. Grzmichuj, with all due respect, you are absolutely the worst site director I've ever met. And I'll make sure that Council will know it.

Antoni Grzmichuj: It's Director Grzmichuj.

Brygida Wiśniewska: Soon it will change.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Director Antoni Grzmichuj, by the decision of the O4 Council, was demoted from his position, he currently works in the Legal Department in the mail room. New director of Site PL-79 is Kamil Szczur. The invitation message received by Grzmichuj was a slight memetic agent. It is suspected that Adam Hunter has the ability to manipulate people by eye contact. An investigation is ongoing on how the GoI-PL-79 knew about the power problems at Site PL-79.

Addendum 289-D:
On 03/08/2014 an abnormal anomalous incident was observed. A member of the Site PL-79 staff, while taking the milk from SCP-PL-289 using Shop Assistant, noticed that instead of the words "100% organic", there was an inscription "100% filled with sin". Below is a list of similar incidents.

Date Incidents involving SCP-PL-289 while using Shop Assistant
03/08/2014 Instead of the words "100% organic" on the milk carton, it says "100% filled with sin".
02/12/2014 The temperature inside SCP-PL-289 was 30 degrees higher than usual.
04/04/2015 Agent Broniewski reported having "heard the screams of the damned" upon entering SCP-PL-289.
25/08/2015 On the package of dark chocolate by "Wedel" there was a image of hybrid of a snake, a naked woman and a spider. Everything is made of bones and fungal, white structures that can be observed in the demonic layer of reality in the Cyców commune. The packaging also had inscriptions in an unknown language.
17/12/2015 Some of the shelves in the meat section were covered with white, fungal structures. The same were observed in the demonic reality layer in the Cyców commune.
01/02/2016 The light inside SCP-PL-289 flickered on and off spelling "Praise the Devil" in morse code.
28/04/2016 There was a goat blood writing on the wall of the shop, "Fuck Hunter Industries! Greetings, Ebidumalech."
14/06/2016 Every single normal candy has been replaced with packets of licorice with a caricature of Satan on the packet.
17/08/2016 "Ludwik" dish soap is called "Lucifer" instead
01/01/2017 The floor of the store was covered with an unidentified meat from which grew white, bloody fungal structures.

Addendum 289-E:

Note from Demonic Department

So we were asked by director Kamil Szczur to identify problems with the Shop Assistant. We did, and… the results aren't very positive.

So the main problem is the energy supplied by Hunter Industries to the machine. Normally this is not a problem, the EZAW energy used by them is usually harmless. Organizations such as GoI-PL-007 "A.R.G.U.S. Inc." use their weapons powered by EZAW and there are no such problems.

So why does it happen here?

EZAW is energy in the literal sense squeezed out and torn from demonic beings, the higher the class being, the better the potential. The problem is that the Shop Assistant project has a technology based on a slightly damaging and instantly fixing dimensions and reality. It clashes with small parts of the demons in the EZAW energy, causing them to slowly release and affect the realities indicated by the Shop Assistant.

Solution? We have no idea, our hands are tied by this goddamn deal. If we interrupt the supply of energy, both the former director Grzmichuj and his family will die. Which unfortunately, his family is more competent and works for us. We've managed to kick the Math Department's ass to work out how long we have before the machine starts being fucked completely and poses a real threat to our staff.

They gave us even a specific date


I have no idea how they calculated it, but this is the date when we have to stop using the Shop Assistant and go kilometers, on foot, to find milk in Biedronka.

Best Regards
Dr. Konstantyn Polański

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