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Item #: SCP-PL-290

Object Class: Tenebrarius

Special Concealment Procedures: The building in which the makeshift SCP-PL-290 storage facility is located has been purchased by the Foundation's cover company, and all current occupants have been relocated. Due to the fact that research on the facility is being conducted inside the building, there are to be two security personnel responsible for protecting the staff, records, and scientific instruments in the building.

Due to the characteristics of SCP-PL-290, no measures were issued to secure the facility.

Description: SCP-PL-290 is most likely an existing object, being, phenomenon, or force of unknown condition that exhibits antiemetic characteristics in the form of cognitive and informational threat

SCP-PL-290, or the effect of its anomalous properties (addressed hereafter as SCP-PL-290), is most likely located in, assuming its existence, a makeshift storage facility located in Gdańsk, at ███████████ in a communal tenement building ██. SCP-PL-290 appears to be centralized in its existence and activity in the one-room Suite 2, but there are instances where its activity has been observed outside the suite. It is not known whether this is the entirety of the anomaly classified as SCP-PL-290, whether there are other counterparts to the anomaly or parts of it, or whether the effects of its activity extend beyond temporary storage under the regular operating conditions of the subject.

Information about an object is divided into direct and indirect; direct information is classified as information about the subject's characteristics, such as its exact location, appearance, form, existence, or influence on the environment. Once this direct information is acquired, the subject will permanently lose memory of it, as well as remain in a state of immobility until SCP-PL-290 factor perception is lost. This phenomenon is not affected by any mnesic measures tested to date. This effect also results in the loss of memory of the actual object. Indirect information, is information regarding the effects of the subject's influence, i.e., all reaction actions resulting from the subject's action. The acquisition of indirect information, unlike direct information, does not cause memory loss.

The reading of Hume in and around the storage room shows no abnormality, and can also be read without loss of memory, indicating that the object does not affect the Hume quantity of the space in which it is located. This means that the object has a Hume quantity not outside the norm of our universe or it is unreal and, assuming the entity exists, created under a completely different system of laws than all realities known so far. Assuming the existence of the object as a unitary entity, the indirect information gained about the object makes the second hypothesis implausible.

When the gravitational influence is measured from inside the storage room, reading the result causes a memory loss attributed to gaining information about SCP-PL-290. This allows us to infer that the object has energy, most likely in the form of mass. Another hypothesis is that the object has the ability to change the gravitational influence in the area, which would cause a memory loss effect without requiring SCP-PL-290 to have energy.

SCP-PL-290 appears to have either a time-varying form or the ability to move. Firing photons toward the storage room does not always result in them exiting according to their predicted path of motion, based on the mapped appearance of the room. This is most likely caused by the reflection of the particle by the structure of the entity or curvature of the path of motion. It is worth noting, however, that the room in which SCP-PL-290 appears to reside undergoes small changes at an unknown frequency, such as changing the location of minor objects - it is possible that the irregularity of photon motion is caused by these changes, rather than the entity itself.

The subject appears to emit or affect sounds and smells — it has been possible to detail specific soundtracks and odorants that cause memory loss on contact.

Study group report

Project Lead: Dr. Marek Moniuszko
Composition of the study group: Dr. Arnold Schwarz, Dr. Elżbieta Gerner, Dr. Bogdan Grudziądz

While we were working on the site, we noticed on several occasions that the scientific materials on SCP-PL-290, located at the makeshift storage room, had disappeared. We were simply working, we had a coffee break or went into a different room in the building than the one where we kept the documents, and when we came back some of the documents we had left were gone. At the very beginning we thought that we just lost them, that one of us had an unusually mediocre sense of humor or that we had some kind of memory problem due to too much contact with the anti-memetic and we ignored the matter. The concern for us, however, was not the disappearance of the documentation, but the fact that each time the documents returned to where they had disappeared from. Sometimes after a few minutes, hours or days, but they always came back. To make matters worse, the documents and papers never disappeared at random, but were selected. What disappeared was never repeated, nothing disappeared twice, and on top of that, what disappeared was usually the latest information that we had just compiled. We still don't understand it, maybe in fact the influence of the antiemetics behind the wall has affected our mental state, but frankly, we don't have anything on this facility that isn't a shot in the dark hoping we hit it, so the possibility of disappearing documents isn't so crazy.

On October 11, 2018, the impact of SCP-PL-290 suddenly disappeared. We don't know if the object itself disappeared, it stopped emitting the antiemetic effect, Christ, this object may not exist, and at that moment for a while our minds finally realized that there was nothing there. One of us happened to walk into the makeshift and noticed that the SCP-PL-290 effect had disappeared. We quickly took advantage of the situation and took pictures of the entire room, which then allowed us to create a floor plan of the room, which helped us tremendously in our experiments. This turned out to be a good decision, as the object effect returned after about three hours.

The room we entered did not seem deserted to us. The room wasn't covered in dust or dilapidated, as one would expect from a room where no one had officially lived for we don't know how long. Everything was more as if someone had lived there and suddenly disappeared, and with it an anomalous effect. We found a book open, tea spilled on the floor, a freshly ironed shirt on the hanger. Maybe it's all one big coincidence, a trick of the light, but it all looked like someone was alive there, or like they were faking it.

However, despite our best efforts, we may never be able to solve this object, we may never know what SCP-PL-290 is, we may never know what it represents — we are left with only hypotheses.

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