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The following file describes and contains a cognitohazard displaying not entirely known anomalous properties, and thus extreme caution is advised. The documentation will be updated on regular basis with new discoveries.

— Eli Forkley, Director, DoMC

Item #
> SCP-PL-380
> Lvl. 4 ID: 0380
Object Class
> Pending
Threat Level
> Unknown [?]

WARNING: The Special Containment Procedures and Description sections in the following document are not entirely up-to-date and are pending editing due to recent events.



Special Containment Procedures: Any publically available information on SCP-PL-380 and its the exact shape are to be properly edited to avoid exposure to the object's effect.

Organisations and communities focused on linguistics and palaeography1 are being observed for research and discussions related to SCP-PL-380. These actions are to be disrupted by Foundation agents.

The original manuscript, from which SCP-PL-380 originated, currently resides in the possesion of the Interdimensional Paraphonetics Association (IdPA)2 in the archives of the group's museum in Three Portlands and is available for research as needed by the Foundation.

Description: SCP-PL-380 is an anomalous variant of the Cyrillic letter O called "multiocular O" and represented by the character ꙮ. SCP-PL-380 has only been used once in historical writing, replacing the usual version of O in the phrase "серафими многоꙮчитїи"3 in a 15th century copy of the Book of Psalms.

The object was first documented by a well-known Belarusian linguist Yefim Fyodorovich Karsky in 1928. It is unknown whether Karski was somehow related to the anomalous world, although this possibility is mostly discarded by researchers.


SCP-PL-380 in the original manuscript.

SCP-PL-380 almost exclusively affects individuals with a background in linguistics, mainly phonetics or phonology, through an observational cognitohazard. Such individuals, while constantly observing a written SCP-PL-380 character will claim that it represents an "over-open extrafront vowel", despite the fact that such a term makes no sense within the framework of accepted linguistic conventions. Subjects under the influence of SCP-PL-380 will often try to make the sound described by them to no avail, frustration usually follows due to repeated failures.

This effect partially fades when the individual looks away from SCP-PL-380. After the manifestation of the effects is over, individuals will continue to have knowledge on the exact manner by which to make the alleged sound of SCP-PL-380, however they will not be further affected by the anomalous compulsion.

From interviews conducted with affected individuals it was determined that in order to properly pronounce the sound represented by SCP-PL-380, a human subject would need to undergo a series of highly invasive body alterations, especially of the larynx, tongue, vocal chords, teeth and cranial bones. These procedures always result in inevitable breathing difficulties and end with suffocation.4

It is currently unknown whether a correct vocalization of the sound bears any anomalous effect.


Date: 01.08.2022
Location: Tromsø, Troms og Finnmark, Norway
Disruption Class: Keneq

Undertaken Actions:

  • Providing Amnestics and witness observation
  • Recovery of all recordings of the incident
  • Distributtion of a cover story



Incident Summary: On August 1st 2022 at night in the city of Tromsø, Norway, a concert of the little known Finnish metal band "Lentokenttä" took place, attended by roughly three hundred people. The event, due to the surrounding circumstances, was observed by a team of four Foundation agents from the Scandinavian Regional Branch.

The band advertised the concert with many symbols based on and similar to SCP-PL-380, and one of the new songs written especially for the event was titled "Multiocular", which gained the Foundation's interest. Investigation revealed that members of "Lentokenttä" had no previous connections to the anomalous world.

The concert lasted around an hour and a half without any visible anomalous activity, however, after the repertoire ended, the lead vocalist announced that the band had prepared a surprise for the audience at the end of the event. Immediately after the announcement, a scream of more than 150 decibeles came from the vocalist's mouth, the sound of which spread an unusually strong cognitohazard throughout the surrounding area. Sound analysis conducted by the Department of Miscommunications was inconclusive.

All audience members immediately lost counsciousness for the next half an hour. Recordings recovered from some people's phones showed that at the time the entire stage was covered by a beam of white light of unusually high intensity, accompanied by strong wind. Light and wind were gone after a few seconds, and the members of "Lentokenttä" dissappeared from the stage, their current wherabouts are unknown.

Notes: After a week of observing witnesses of the incident it was noted that all religious individuals that attended the concert had undertaken apostasy.5

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