SCP-RU-178 - The Heroes Of Vólorovsk

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This file is classified to Level-3 or superior by order of the Russian Regional Council.

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    Special Containment Procedures: According to Russian Anomalous Natality Containment Protocols, SCP-RU-178 and her parents are contained in Vólorovsk1, in the Home 47, Block 76.

    SCP-RU-178 must remain connected to an Ares-Lang Vital Functions Protactor indefinitely. On July 7th, 2005, a medical report will be written and sent to the Russian Regional Council, which will reevaluate SCP-RU-178's situation and will take the conclusive decisions.

    Description: SCP-RU-178 is the 18 year old Valerie Mikhailovna Volkova, 1.7m height, habitant of the underground city of Vólorovsk, Russia. SCP-RU-178 has had Type IV necrokinetic habilities.

    SCP-RU-178 was inducted to Vólorovsk in 2000, after the incidental activation of her capacities, inactive untill then, facing the death of her pet, a specimen of Phodopus sungorus, or russian hamster.

    SCP-RU-178's psychological state, previously deteriorated, sustantially improved during her stay in Vólorovsk.

    Psychological Report [6/4/2001]:

    Transcription of Audio Recording


    • SCP-RU-178, Type IV necrokinetic
    • Viktor Mikhailovich Ivanov

    [ BEGIN LOG]

    Viktor: Well… Then, how are you, Val?

    SCP-RU-178: Good! I'm good. Much better.

    Viktor: How about your family? Better?

    SCP-RU-178: Much more calmed, at least. My dad doesn't have to deal with the bratva2 anymore. My mom is less stressed, and she's leaving the cigarette.

    Viktor: That is good! She smoked a lot before she came here, right?

    SCP-RU-178: Like a chimney.

    Viktor: Occupational hazards. Being parent is stressing. (Pause.) Oh, I haven't offered you water. Want a glass or do you prefer kvass?

    SCP-RU-178: (Laughs.) No, no thanks. Plus I am underage. I don't drink alcohol.

    Viktor: Oh, I forgot it. Very responsible, I see. (Smiles.) Well, a kinda hard question. Try to answer it, but if you think you can't, I'll ask you other day. Ok?

    SCP-RU-178: I think I know what question will it be. (Pause.) Ok, yes.

    Viktor: Good. How did you discovered your properties, Val?

    SCP-RU-178: One day, when I came home, I found my hamster in my bed, dead. (Pause.) I didn't wanted to do a scandal, because I knew my parents were stressed, and when I come from school they are always sleeping. So… Well, I jumped into the bed and hugged the pillow, while I held кошка3 in my hands.

    But, suddenly… Suddenly heard a screech.

    (SCP-RU-178 shows discomfort.)

    (Viktor takes a pitcher of water and a plastic cup from a furniture next to the interrogation table. Then fills the cup and offers it to SCP-RU-178. SCP-RU-178 takes a sip and leaves it aside.)

    SCP-RU-178: I heard a screech, and was something bluish, that standed out from кошка. It was like the shadow of my hamster, and didn't stop shrieking. I got scared and screamed by accident, while it was slipping from my hand. I… I screamed him to leave. (SCP-RU-178's voice breaks.) And when I looked around, my mom was outside and had seen everything. (Pause.) That's it. I took me some hard time to accept my hamster was gone.

    Viktor: Just that? Any other… circumstance led you to feel that way?

    SCP-RU-178: Well… (Pause.) My uncle. They've killed my uncle some time ago. I really loved him.

    Viktor: I understand. Tragedy moves people's life, although not always to good. My mother's death made me try medicine and later psychology, but made my brother an irreparable addict to alcohol. It's a matter of how you lead your life after that. (Smiles.) You are leading it good. You'll be a good person when you grow up.

    SCP-RU-178: I don't think so. At most I will become anybody.

    Viktor: That doesn't mean you are a bad person. You just lived a calm life.


    Viktor: Tell me then. How has your life changed since you moved to Vólorovsk?

    SCP-RU-178: Well… I feel better. I feel I have a purpose. That I'm… That I'm unique. That I have something to do. "The next evolutive step of human race." That's quite a duty, isn't it?

    Viktor: (Smiles.) It is. It's the duty of every single human being. Learning to be responsible is part of growing up. That doesn't change for you. Don't let that evoluting the species scares you or makes you smug.

    SCP-RU-178: I will! I'll be somebody responsible, and I'll learn to handle my habilities for good.

    Viktor: (Laughs.) Well said!

    [ END LOG ]


    On September 4, 2001, at 18:22, during the first test sessions with SCP-RU-███4, he started to feel an anguish, causing the partial dam break of the Amur River, built by the Foundation to feed the nearby Vólorovsk. Due to SCP-RU-███'s properties, the water flow headed directly to Vólorovsk instead of spreading through the surface.

    Immediately after SCP-RU-███'s containment breach, there was a sudden and generalized power outage, remedied a few minutes later by the activation of the 8 backup generators that Vólorovsk disposes of.

    Foundation's local High Command was soonly notified about the situation, and SCP-RU-███'s sedation was tried to avoid water from reaching the city, potentially causing collapses and irreparable damages. Meanwhile, the east section of Vólorovsk started to flood.

    When noticing the failure of the anesthesia, it was decided to execute the бомбардировка5 Protocol, consisting in the immediate evacuation of Vólorovsk, as well as neutralize or annul SCP-RU-███'s properties.

    At 18:46, SCP-RU-178, as well as all her domiciliary blocks, started to evacuate. Notably, Block 76 was near the initial flood zone, being able to only get out through it, make even harder the effort of evacuating.

    Subsequent attempts of neutralizing SCP-RU-███'s anomalous properties failed, including the activation of a nearby Scranton Reality Anchor. The responsible team was also unable to calm him. Around 19:11, the flood reached the central section of Vólorovsk, threatening to affect 4 of the 8 backup generators. Habitants of Blocks 76 to 83 couldn't be evacuated, and on 19:23, the main exits were blocked by the water. The flooding of these blocks could be temporarily stopped when closing the reinforced doors that led to the flooded area.

    However, these blocks started to flood from different sections shortly after.

    The responsible team of SCP-RU-███ decided to neutralize him. SCP-RU-███'s neutralization didn't stopped the flooding. At 19:48, the flood resulted in the inutiliztion of 4 backup generators, and left the isolated section where SCP-RU-178 was without electricity.

    A group of twenty eight anomalous humanoids trapped there, including SCP-RU-178, did great efforts to escape, both trough earth and opening the reinforced doors. However, most of this group didn't counted with anomalous properties that could facilitate an escape, and those who had it couldn't use them in a favorable way. Around 20:20, the blocked section was completely flooded.

    At 20:23, the flooding stopped, and efforts were made to recover the families and anomalies affected. The blocked section could not be accessed until twenty minutes later.

    Out of 110 habitants of the section, 97 resulted dead. However, a few individuals could find a dry zone in the attic of Block 77. SCP-RU-178 had reached this zone, accidentally falling into the water soon before her recovery, and being unable to return.

    SCP-RU-178 was recovered in a state of coma due to hypoxia and internee in the general hospital of Vólorovsk, where she'd be connected to a system of prolongation of vital functions. SCP-RU-178 is still in a coma to date. January 7th, 2005, SCP-RU-178's parents opted for being amnestizised and released.


    On May 25, 2007, Vólorovsk suffered a coordinated attack by the Insurgency. The total of insurgent fighters is estimated at approx. 1200. Although weaponry varies between reports, rocket launchers, rifles, shotguns, and a wide variety of previously unknown anomalous weapons were identified.

    The initial assault couldn't be repelled, and insurgent troops were able to penetrate to the central sector of Vólorovsk, reaching Russian Regional Council official's living areas, as well as vital areas, such as the hospital and the electric power plant.

    However, when the insurgents reached the Main Square, SCP-RU-178 started to glow in a bluish color, followed immediately by the mass manifestation of ectoplasmic entities with similar colors, which have been provisionally called SCP-RU-178-A

    SCP-RU-178-A instances, calculated in 237, had ectoplasmic weaponry, as well as certain anomalous properties, including moderate reality bending.

    Although SCP-RU-178-A's intervetion managed to repel the insurgents from the Main Square, it wasn't until the arrival of MTF ѯ-23 ("Mat'-Rossiya") that the situation could be contained. Damage to Vólorovsk is estimated at US $ 2,800,000.

    SCP-RU-178's new anomalous properties are currently being studied.


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