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Item#: SCP-SH-012

Object Class: Euclid Uncontained/Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The "█████ █████████" Elementary School building is to be monitored by CCTV and a guard is to be present at all times to prevent break-ins. SCP-SH-012 is being sought among locations often visited by ███████ ████. Regular examinations of ███████ ████'s brain are to be carried out to catch any advance of possible latent reality bending abilities in the subject.

Description: SCP-SH-012 is a spatial anomaly in the mathematics classroom of the now-closed "█████ █████████" Elementary School in █████ ████. It constitutes a "pocket dimension" within our reality which has superimposed itself on a small segment of space, displacing it. All examined material from SCP-012-SH (except for substances that are part of the air, which comes in from the outside) is made of ice. Strangely strong forces of attraction act between the water molecules that make up this ice, so that the water stays in a solid state at significantly higher temperatures than under normal conditions (depending on the intensity of the forces, at between 40 and 150°C). These forces continue to act outside of SCP-SH-012, but their intensity decreases over time.

The diversity of physical properties (color, opacity, texture, firmness, hardness, etc.) of this ice is huge and consequently creates the illusion of a multitude of different materials. It's believed that the different colors are achieved by a complex process of light refraction through the ice crystals, seemingly helped by spontaneous and statistically highly unlikely curving of light. The diversity of other properties is, for now, explained as being the product of the forces of attraction between the water particles.

The anomaly can take 3 general forms, the so-called A, B and C variations. The order in which they change isn't constant and all transitions from one variation to another are instant.

Variation Appearance and properties of the variation Duration
SCP-SH-012-A A grassy hill with a slope inclined at 60°. Inside SCP-SH-012-A, a force with a base intensity of 700N acts in the direction of the slope, oriented towards the bottom of the hill. Its intensity increases if every present object brought in from the outside doesn't begin to accelerate in the direction of the force after 3 seconds, until every object has begun to accelerate. Atop the hill is a fence, behind which is a structure resembling the clock tower of the Petrovaradin fortress. At the time of writing, no probe has succeeded in collecting significant information about a possible subterranean layer or the space behind the fence, if it even exists. Approximately 10m beneath the peak of the hill, the slope turns into an almost fully vertical cliff. A forest and, directly under the cliff, a river that could be assumed to be the Danube due to its curvature are visible. The boundary of SCP-SH-012-A is located about 1m above the visible ground underneath the cliff. Upon exiting SCP-SH-012-A, objects lose a significant part of their momentum, so equipment and personnel are not damaged if preventative measures are taken. It's important to note that SCP-SH-012-A is the only SCP-SH-012 variation to be well-lit in all its parts. A round source of white light is visible in the sky, with an appearance like that of the Sun, viewed from the Earth. Variation has never been active for more than 2 days, and most commonly lasts between 2 and 36 hours.
SCP-SH-012-B An urban children's playground, with two pairs of swings, a cilindrical crawling "tunnel" and a 6mx3m basketball court with a single basket. The color of the swings changes often between manifestations and their average degree of reality has been steadily decreasing since their first noted manifestation, whereas the basketball court is exceptionally stable and suitable for placing measuring equipment. The only light source inside SCP-SH-012-B are tiny ice crystals suspended around 20m above the ground (which is simultaneously where the boundary of SCP-SH-012-B is) which emit a small quantity of white light. For this reason, SCP-SH-012-B is constantly in a state of illusory night time. The total available surface area of SCP-SH-012-B is 120msuperscript2, beyond which is the boundary of the anomaly, surrounded by darkness. Explorations have been carried out beneath the "concrete" ground layer. Reality persists at least at a minimal level up to around 5m below ground. A multitude of objects has been found in the substrate. Most objects dematerialize between 5 seconds and 2 hours from the moment of discovery. The local reality level of of these objects is always low in relation to the rest of SCP-SH-012-B. Discovered objects include a plastic Batman action figure, a non-functional traffic light, a rectangular tin lid and a giant pair of human lips. Variation is most commonly active for 3 to 5 days.
SCP-SH-012-C A grassy field surrounding a structure matching "█████ █████████" Elementary School. The structure's floorplan matches the school's, with differences in the details of the interior, especially the teachers' lounge. The field stretches 20m from the school in all directions. SCP-SH-012-C can only be exited on the Northern side, while the anomaly extends into unreal space in all other directions. Visibility reaches to 14m above the ground, which is where the upper boundary of SCP-SH-012-C is. The chemistry classroom is lit (though the light source isn't a light bulb, with the light instead seeming to flow from the center of the room). Unlike the light in SCP-SH-012-A and -B, the light in the classroom is homogenous and contains only yellow light waves. Unintelligible sounds of human speech emanate from the classroom, with a female silhouette being noticeable from the window. The classroom itself contains nothing but standard school furniture. On a number occasions, a rhythmic beating was audible throughout SCP-SH-012-C. It was determined that the sound was coming from the gymnasium. After some unsuccessful searches of the room, a hatch in the floor was noticed, having been sealed in the real school after being used to introduce electrical cables. It was revealed that in SCP-SH-012-C it opened on a tunnel system beneath the school, which is extensive and unsurveyable. Its floorplan changes with every manifestation of SCP-SH-012-C. Many paths lead to empty chambers, while some lead to holes that descend into unreal space. Occasionally, a room is discovered containing specific objects. One was found to contain a 7m tall immobile black humanoid figure, with whip-like appendages in place of its forearms. and a sharp spike on its forehead. On another occasion, a small garden was found containing a black pine tree. A key was discovered in a large hole on its surface. Testing showed that it didn't match any lock in the version of the school inside SCP-SH-012-C or in the real school building. The level of reality of objects found in the tunnels is usually high upon discovery, but once they're removed from SCP-SH-012 it begins to decrease. One path within the tunnel complex stays constant between manifestations. Following the tunnel North of the entrance for 15m, then turning right and descending a flight of stairs to a depth of 10m below the surface of SCP-SH-012-C and following the path to the opposite room, one comes to a hanging replica of a human heart, with the arteries, veins and aorta ending in the ceiling. The replica is anatomically correct, save for its color and size. Namely, it's colored white with dark blue patterns. The object sometimes undergoes contractions very similar to a real heart's, but mostly remains in a dormant state. Variation is most commonly active for between 2 and 6 days.
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