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Item #: SCP-ZH-002

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The item is currently uncontained. When a record of witness of item occurs, The Foundation should activate Protocol MT. JADE, along with the reacting procedures of natural disasters in The Foundation, and the extensive concerns toward the datas of Central Weather Bureau of Taiwanese Government. Details of Protocol MT. JADE are limited to personnel with clearance 4 or above. Personnel with the clearence below 4 should follow the Type IV and Type VII Response Code of Anomalous Entities and inform the associated Security Director of the nearest Site under the circumstance of witnessing the item.

Description: SCP-ZH-002 is an anomalous biological entity which presents basic thaumaturgic ability and divine radiation. SCP-ZH-002 has been confirmed, under morphological examinations, to carry at least 13 compartments and features of Taiwanese zoologic species. These characters include:

  • The antlers of Taiwanese Sika Deer1
  • The feet and hoof of Taiwanese Sambar Deer2
  • The V-shaped white streak of Formosan3 Black Bear4
  • The fur prints of Formosan Clouded Leopard5 and Leopard Cats6.
  • The feather of Formosan Blue Magpie7 grows out of the skin around scapula, along with the long tail feathers of Mikado Pheasant8
  • The scales of Taiwanese Pangolin9 covering the hips and ankles
  • The eyes of Taiwanese Macaque10
  • The ears of Taiwanese Flying Fox11
  • The fang that matches the morphological traits of the ones on Taiwanese Wild Boar12
  • The streaks and spots of Sakura Hooked Salmon13 show at the sides of torso of the item with significant humid surface.
  • The coccygeal traits similar with the extinct species Balaenoptera taiwanica (Taiwanese Whale).
  • The incisors of Taiwanese Field Mouse14
  • Six forked tongues of serpents from unknown species.

Apart from the characters above, the item also has a transparent, straight, blue crystalline horn lengths 30cm on the forehead. The horn is confirmed to be the organ used to demonstrate thaumaturgic ability. The item also carries the divine radiation in the range of 130~533 akivas, and is classified into the category of Natural Divine Entities under the standard of Thesiologic Division.

SCP-ZH-002 has been witnessed for numerous times since 17th Century. The recorded date of emerge of the SCP item always corresponds to the date of one critical catastrophe in history of Taiwan. Currently, The Foundation has retrieved several documents associated with the SCP-ZH-002 entity from several historic groups of interest among different colonizing eras in history of Taiwan. It is highly suggested that the emerge of SCP-ZH-002 entity could be regarded as a sign, or at least strongly related to the occurrence of local catastrophes.

Addendum ZH-002-1: An Extract of Retrieved Documents

Incident Log ZH-002-13: On 201█/██/24, the item is witnessed in a nearby forest field by an agent of Site-ZH-██. Site security directors send out MTFs in attempt to contain the entity, with few armed behaviors displayed during the action. The item demonstrated thaumaturgic ability and fled, failing the capture soon. It has been the █th time failure of ZH Branch to capture the item.

On the next day of the incident, explosive accidents occurred in two separate chemical industrial factories within a 3km radius of the incident location near Site-ZH-██. The 22th Containment breach of SCP-ZH-███ also happened on the same day. 47 deaths and 133 injured are recorded as a total toll number from these three "misfortunes".

On 201█/██/05, an unknown message is sent to Site-ZH-██ with the vessel being a piece of handmade, natural paper. The text is speculated to be manually written with the same fonts of Kangxi Dictionary. The author of the message is currently unknown. The contents of the message has been translated as below:

FOUNDATION, Thy29 want to imprison the descendant of the deity of mountain, forest and vital souls.
The spouse of Pong-Lai30 has remembered. The karma circulates among all souls, and arrogation leads to only cruelty.
Thee31 shall return, thy shall never forget. Thee is the spouse, until the day when the terra sinks.
— ████████

The necessity of containment of the item is currently under re-discussion of Command Three Enclosures32.[REDACTED]

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