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Item#: ZH-002-J
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SCP-ZH-002-J is calling Site-43 personnel for help.

Archived Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-002-J is currently contained in situ under the supervision of Site-43, and ordinary rescue operations are not feasible due to its anomalous effects. Therefore, a substitute rescue plan is currently being formed by the Foundation.

Archived Description: SCP-ZH-002-J was an anomalous shopping trolley floating on the lake's surface.I must repeat, the official name of this thing is not Landlubber Shopping Trolley or anything similar. This is not acceptable within the Researchers' Codes of Conduct. — Harold R. Blank, Site-43, Archives and Revision section, and was initially discovered by Site-43, which resides on a lakefront in Richmond Hill, Canada.

At the time of writing, it is only known that SCP-ZH-002-J has the same level of intelligence of an adult human (Homo sapiens), and can use Canada-accented English to communicate, but all conversations only involve SCP-ZH-002-J crying for help and request "to rescue itself from the lake". Yet in most of the time, the person whom it is talking to shows disinterest in its request, or simply refuses to assist SCP-ZH-002-J.

Addendum: The following is an interview transcript of Harold R. Blank, Chair of Site-43's Archives and Revision section when he initially discovered SCP-ZH-002-J.

Interview log: SCP-ZH-002-J

Interview date: 11/28/2026

Interviewer: Harold R. Blank, Chair of Site-43's Archives and Revision section.


BLANK: So how long have you been stuck in here?

SCP-ZH-002-J: What I'm saying is that I really don't know! About three and a half months by now, I guess, but that's not the point. The point is, (Pause) can you guys send someone to get me out of here? Oh my fucking god… why do I have to explain to you idiots every single time.

BLANK: Umm, sure, I, uh, suppose?

<SCP-ZH-002-J was exceptionally furious. It moved its body and thus splashed water onto Dr. Blank's face. Shocked, Dr. Blank fell onto the ground.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: "I suppose?" What are you hesitating about!??

<Dr. Blank wiped his face with his sleeve, adjusted his glasses, and reapproached the lakeside.>

BLANK: Listen there little guy, we really want to rescue you right now, but I feel a bit tired, plus I'm not interested in such requests…… (Yawns) Perhaps. I'll find a way to tell the others about your situation, and then we'll come up with a substitute plan, alright?

SCP-ZH-002-J: …Old man.


SCP-ZH-002-J: Look at the railing on your right, and walk to the furthest. Is there a rope hanging on there? (Pauses) And some hooks on the floor?


SCP-ZH-002-J: You'd only need to tie them up and throw the rope towards me.

BLANK: And then?

SCP-ZH-002-J: (Sighs) ……I'll find a way to swim towards it. Does this answer your queries? It's just that simple, and you can start doing it now! There's no need to ask for help, nor need any equipment, just go there and grab a fucking rope and you'll save a life!

<Dr. Blank went silent.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: …What's wrong?

BLANK: I'm incredibly exhausted.

SCP-ZH-002-J: ……

<Dr. Blank looks down to see his watch, it was 12:03pm>

BLANK: Let me go take a lunch break first. Be right back.

<After hearing such words, SCP-ZH-002-J froze in place for a few seconds. >

SCP-ZH-002-J: Jesus Christ, you're beyond help.

<When SCP-ZH-002-J looks towards the direction where Dr. Blank was, he was already gone from sight.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: Hey! Shit! Fucking hell I didn't mean that. (Pauses) I didn't say yes! I didn't say yes!! Come back here at once you dumbfuck! (Bawling) Come back you idiot human! Are you still human if I don't know how to swim and yet you still leave me here!?


It was only on the third day after the interview that Site-43 noticed the existence of SCP-ZH-002-J once again. The subject was trapped underwater for quite some time, and denoted that "it already lost consciousness", repeatedly condemned the Site-43 personnel for being unresponsive.Wettle, can we delete this line? Seriously speaking, this is a bit too bold. — Harold R. Blank, Site-43, Archives and Revision. and lacking intelligence. SCP-ZH-002-J was preliminary classified as Anomalous. Anomalous is used to denote the anomaly of the object is too simple/straight-forward, that writing an official SCP file is not required/ the importance of containing the object is slightly lower than the general anomalies. , and a series of rescue plans were made.

Rescue log: SCP-ZH-002-J
Sub-Rescue Log.01: Operation involving the use of normal equipment

Proposal Manager: Luna Celia, Security and Containment researcher

Process: Use the combination of a rope and a hook-like object (if none, then use other equipment) to hook and drag SCP-ZH-002-J out of the lake. Several personnel will do the pulling.

Outcome: Failed. SCP-ZH-002-J is still trapped in its original position. Although the aforementioned tools were successfully hooked onto the object, several personnel who were assigned to pull the rope suddenly lost their strength during the process of salvaging, thus the force applied became unstable and the rope fell to the bottom of the lake.

LUNA: Are you still okay?

<At this time SCP-ZH-002-J was wrapped by multiple hemp ropes, some of the steel bars had shown signs of rust eroded by seawater, the handle was also severely malformed.>


<Researcher Luna nodded.>

LUNA: (Speaking to personnel) The object is still alive, keep pulling.

SCP-ZH-002-J: Wait, what? WHAT—!!??

Sub-Rescue Log.04: Underwater Operation

Proposal Manager: Roger Pensak, Chief of Security and Containment section

Process: To send one to two agents into the lake and attempt to save SCP-ZH-002-J. Said agents will wear SCRAMBLE visor units to prevent any disruption from potential cognitohazards and memetichazards.

Final outcome: Failed. SCP-ZH-002-J is stil trapped in its original position. The two diving agents reported that they "can see nothing" during the operation, the reason may be that the existence of SCP-ZH-002-J is an element of hazard. The two agents were not influenced by any anomalous effects, but the rescue operation was nonetheless unsuccessful.

BLANK: This is why I don't trust the SCRAMBLE.

POLK: I was thinking if this was exactly its anomalous effect.

BLANK: What do you mean?

POLK: Every time someone wants to rescue it, they become disinterested in the idea. Don't you think it's possible? This explains the sense of tiredness out of the blue.

<SCP-ZH-002-J floats to the surface once again, and hurling insults to both men.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: WHAT— THE— SHIT— ARE Y'ALL TALKING ABOUT!? BE QUICK AND TAKE ME TO THE SHORE! (Pause) Fuck, the water here's getting colder every second, why are you doing nothing?!!

<Dr. Blank and Dr. Polk went silent.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: I'm fucking crying please use your brain and use normal methods to save me. I'm tired of all of your dogshit! I'm just a shopping cart who got trapped underwater why did God have to treat me like this—

<Researcher Luna then suddenly appeared and interrupts SCP-ZH-002-J.>

LUNA: Hey guys, our food delivery has just arrived!

<Upon hearing these words, SCP-ZH-002-J chuckled.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: Oh c'mon, please not again—

POLK: Let's go and have our meal?

BLANK: Let's go back.

<The three shared the same idea and walked back to Site-43. When SCP-ZH-002-J looked towards the direction of the three, no one could be found.>

SCP-ZH-002-J: Am I not speaking English?? (Roars) You pricks— I'm going insane why are every human being I've encountered like this just let me die already— (Redundant speech omitted)

Sub-Rescue Log.13: Plumbing Operation

Proposal Manager: Raguel Ross, Acroamatic Abatement researcher

Process: To assemble a group of engineers in Section AAF-C, who would lay down several temporary plumbing systems and valves under the area where SCP-ZH-002-J is located. The water will be removed by a number of industrial pumps until the water level is suitable to retrieve SCP-ZH-002-J. At the meantime, the water will be redirected to undergo Acroamatic Abatement treatment and released as non-anomalous industrial wastewater.

Final outcome: Failed. SCP-ZH-002-J no longer possesses its anomalous qualities due to the accident in the operation. All plumbing systems and valves mentioned are decommissioned. SCP-ZH-002-J is retrieved and followed up by Site-43. Details of this operation are documented below.

Accident: On 12/11/2026, at 2pm, there was an extensive technical error during the thirteenth rescue operation. An inappropriate procedure was made in the pipeline construction, resulting in the failure of check valves and hence the pumps were no longer working. However, this mistake was not immediately picked up by Site-43 personnel and no pro tem remedies were made. The Acroamatic Abatement pipelines consequently discharged a huge amount of wastewater and raised the water level, subsequently drowning SCP-ZH-002-J.

The following is the last activity shown by SCP-ZH-002-J:

I glub glub glub hate glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub you guys glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub Help glub glub glub glub glub glub Help glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub Oh glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub fuck glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub

SCP-ZH-002-J is reclassified as Neutralized.Okay, honestly it's a little bit funny. — Harold R. Blank, Site-43, Archives and Revision..

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