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Version one, 2006

Item #: SCP-ZH-004

Containment Class: Safe

Secure Containment Procedures: Except for SCP-ZH-004-05, all components should be kept in safe class SCP lockers at site-ZH-03. Any changes in the condition SCP-ZH-004-01 must be immediately reported to at least 5 level 4 researchers in order to respond to these changes.

Description: SCP-ZH-004 describes a collection of items, in which SCP-ZH-004-01 through 04 and 06 spontaneously appeared on the desk of researcher ███ on 2006/1/2. Upon discovery, after researcher ███ established that no one had entered his office via checking security tapes, the items were immediately contained.

Item designation Item Amount Description
SCP-ZH-004-01 Kraft paper 1 40x90cm, with a table printed on it. The table has 2 columns labeled “Goods” and Transaction”, each column has 24 rows.
SCP-ZH-004-02 Quill pen 1 35cm in length(including feather), the pen itself is deep red in color, and made with iron. The end of the pen is gold, with a purple feather attached.
SCP-ZH-004-03 Wooden box 1 Volume of 50x25x24cm, bright red, contains SCP-ZH-004-04.
SCP-ZH-004-04 ██ brand ink 12 bottles 40ml per bottle, bottles made from uncolored glass.
SCP-ZH-004-05 Statue of a nude woman 1 Weight unknown, height 2m, white in color, made from marble. In an embracing position.
SCP-ZH-004-06 Kraft letter paper 1 30x20cm, with a printed sentence, reading “when ‘goods’ appear, sign in the ‘transaction’ column with the red pen, then wait for our dedicated staff to bring the item to you in person. P.S. Pay after delivery, if out of red ink, just get more from the red box.”

Items will appear in the “Goods” column at random intervals, with the newest item replacing the oldest if the chart is full. If the corresponding box is signed with SCP-ZH-004-02, SCP-ZH-004-05 will appear directly in front of the subject holding the requested item, and will disappear upon retrieval of the item. After this, perhaps corresponding to the value of the item, the subject would then experience damage in a random bodily function, sometimes resulting in cardiac arrest and even death (for more information, read Experiment Log).

Experiment Logs

Number of Experiments: █

Casualties: █

Experiment #: a27g-01

Description: D-class subject instructed to follow the directions of SCP-ZH-004-06

Results: SCP-ZH-004-05 appeared, item in hand. After retrieval of item, subject suffered a total of 6 minor bruises on the left leg

Notes: Established that SCP-ZH-006 is the instructions for SCP-ZH-004 as a whole.

Experiment #: a27g-04

Description: Attempt to establish anomalous properties of SCP-ZH-004-01 through 04, and SCP-ZH-004-06, and an attempt of destruction of items.

Results: SCP-ZH-004-02 and 03 proven to be indestructible by conventional means. SCP-ZH-004-01, 03, and 06 are composed of the same materials of their non-anomalous counterparts, however SCP-ZH-004-01 and 06 show self repairing capabilities.

Notes: N/A

Experiment #: a27g-13

Description: Further research on SCP-ZH-004-03 and 04, referencing SCP-ZH-004-06.

Results: SCP-ZH-004-04 once again confirmed to be chemically similar to normal ink, SCP-ZH-004-03 found to replenish SCP-ZH-004-04 on its own.

Notes: N/A

Incident Report

Date: 2006/█/█

Location: Site-ZH-03

Incident Summery: On the above date, Site-ZH-03 was attacked by Chaos Insurgency, with ██ items confirmed to be damaged, and ██ items stolen, possibly including SCP-ZH-004.

On 2007/█/█, SCP-ZH-004 appeared again on the desk of researcher ███. This incident has been reported to higher authorities

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