Item #: SCP-ZH-005 Class 3/ZH-005
Object Class: Keter Neutralized Threat level:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the uncontrollable nature of SCP-ZH-005, MTF Qin-4 "Lone Star" is responsible for monitoring network messages and blocking all articles in which SCP-ZH-005 appears. This anomaly is extremely difficult and dangerous to control, and has resulted in the death and injury of many Foundation staff and their relatives, and needs to be neutralized as soon as possible.

The MTF City Hall-5"line gatekeeper "is responsible for creating SCP-ZH-005-like articles that do not have abnormal effects on major popular forums, thus creating an online opinion that"SCP-ZH-005 is only an Internet rumor "and significantly increasing the popularity of SCP-ZH-005.

By educating civilians on the use of the Internet in general, through the potential Foundation staff of the Government Information Office and the Ministry of Education, the number of civilians believing SCP-ZH-005 was significantly reduced by improving their ability to recognize Internet rumors, thus suppressing the abnormal effect of SCP-ZH-005.

As of mid-2014, all SCP-ZH-005 anomalies were confirmed to be no longer valid and SCP-ZH-005 was classified as Neutralized.

Description: SCP-ZH-005 is the collective name of ██ anomalies that have been circulating on various popular internet forum platforms since year 200█.

All of the SCP-ZH-005s exhibit a tendency to threaten and curse, and end with a request to share the threatening article and the consequences of disobeying it. Most of the content curses the reader or the reader's family or friends for negative events such as car accidents, illness, death, etc.

The anomalous effect of SCP-ZH-005 is that if the reader does not disseminate the threatening article in accordance with the requirements at the end of the text and completes the target or number of people specified in SCP-ZH-005, the contents of SCP-ZH-005 will affect the reader in some way. A small percentage of SCP-ZH-005 has a positive effect that can be achieved by completing the dissemination action, but still has a negative event that is achieved after the violation.

Most of the contents of SCP-ZH-005 are projected in full onto the reader, and if for any reason1 the curse cannot be fulfilled, it will be fulfilled with a similar effect.

All forum accounts suspected to be the source of SCP-ZH-005 have been completely deleted from the network database, so it is impossible to identify the cause of this anomaly and the operator of the anomaly.

Since this anomaly was first discovered with the possibility of a large number of changes in the content of the articles, sent in several forums and disseminated by a large number of readers, it was difficult for the Foundation to control and caused the death of approximately ████ people. Although network monitoring and article blocking were carried out, the effect was limited due to the speed at which the anomaly took effect and the difficulty of tracing the victims, and only memory erasure was carried out to make the victims forget that they had been affected by SCP-ZH-005 in order to control the flow of information.

In 2010, an article on ████ stating that SCP-ZH-005 was a false rumour and receiving a large number of responses was brought to the attention of the Foundation. This user was a victim of SCP-ZH-005, which caused the death of all third degree blood relatives and some friends, 3█ in total, due to the abnormal effects of SCP-ZH-005, and has not yet been erased from memory.

One of the less damaging SCP-ZH-005 was argued and debunked by the user in many ways, resulting in ██ people being affected and injured, but successfully convincing most readers that SCP-ZH-005 was an internet rumour. Subsequently, SCP-ZH-005 was confirmed by the Foundation to have lost its anomalous effect.

As a result of this contingency, the Foundation hypothesized that if SCP-ZH-005 was generally not trusted by Internet users, the anomalous article would lose its anomalous effect, which was demonstrated in subsequent experiments, leading to the development of sheltering measures and the successful Neutralized of all SCP-ZH-005s in 2017.

Addendum: Example of an article like SCP-ZH-005 created by the Foundation's staff

Addendum: Interview Log-005-A

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