Item #: SCP-ZH-006

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The object is currently housed in a low-temperature dry freezer in the Site-ZH-13 Safe holding area and seed samples are kept in the seed bank while MTF vehicle Rampage 8 (Shopping Crowd) is dispatched to acquire the remaining items on the market, and agents have traced the items to the most upstream suppliers and acquired the remaining stock. No personnel are allowed to bring heat-producing equipment near the project during non-experimental phases.

Description: SCP-ZH-006 is a popcorn species of the genus (Zea mays L. var. everta Sturt.), a mutation of Shen-Pop No. 3, which produces popcorn with a butterfly-like appearance.

The anomalous effect is a small explosion when the object reaches 191 degrees Celsius.According to the experiment, SCP-ZH-006 will give different stimuli to the olfactory epithelium and taste receptor cells of different consumers, resulting in different tastes for different consumers, usually the most preferred taste for the consumer. When the object is heated, the colour changes from yellow to red depending on the current heat storage capacity and the basic specific heat capacity of the object is 500cal/g°C according to staff analysis.

The explosion area of the object will be filled with the smell of popcorn 48 hours after the explosion. Any wounds caused by the object will emit the smell of popcorn and the dense hair on the body will expand to six times its original size. The hairs return to their original state after six hours without any subsequent effects.

Containment record: The object resulted in a small explosion at the Taipei ██ cinema on 20██/█/█. Apart from one person with 70% burns and some damage to cinema property, there were no injuries or damage, which was discovered and reported by a passing Dr. Sugoi. During the week, two similar incidents occurred again at other cinemas and convenience stores in the Taipei and New Taipei city, reported by agents posing as firefighters, and considered by the foundation to be an anomaly, agents were dispatched to search and take the objects in after they were confirmed to be anomalies.

According to the foundation, the most upstream suppliers of the project were found in ██ province in China, and it is suspected that the crop Shen-Pop No. 3 was turned into a object due to the inadvertent use of fertilizers produced by Prosperity Chemical.

The three cases arising from the object resulted in two people sustaining 80% burns to their bodies, one person sustaining 70% burns to his body and approximately NT$███ million in property damage.

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