Item #: SCP-ZH-037

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-037 is to be contained in a typical round pool with a top of cone-shaped plastic membrane in Site-ZH-13 and monitored by at least one researcher. The daily needed feed of SCP-ZH-037 is recycled from the used materials in Site-ZH-13. An artificial sandy coast has been set beside the pool of containment to avoid inconvenience of recycling SCP-ZH-037-A specimen in water.

Updates on 20██/██/██: The feed of SCP-ZH-037-1 and SCP-ZH-037-2 should be kept supplied from recycled materials in Site-ZH-13. The source of feed of SCP-ZH-037-3 is under evaluation of Ethics Committee. Currently the source is from the ████████ D-class personnel to be ████████.

Description: SCP-ZH-037 is a female hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) from Pacific Ocean with normal external features. The item is currently approximately ███ years in age, 0.8m in length, and 75kg in mass. SCP-ZH-037 will actively consume and digest artificial objects made of plastic or petroleum-derived product, rather than sponges that is consumed by normal hawksbill sea turtles. The internal digestive system of SCP-ZH-037 has no significant deviation from that of a normal hawksbill sea turtle. SCP-ZH-037's ability to digest petroleum-derived products has been confirmed by the X-ray image scan, while the detailed mechanism of the ability remains unknown currently.

SCP-ZH-037 can secrete SCP-ZH-037-A from its eyes. The ingredients of SCP-ZH-037-A include at least 60 kinds of minimal elements, while the majority of the composition are water and sodium chloride (NaCl); no protein elements that is contained in tears of normal organism are found in these specimens. SCP-ZH-037-A can be seen as clean ocean water without impurity in it. SCP-ZH-037 can produce approximately 30ml of SCP-ZH-037-A per second. The longest observed duration of SCP-ZH-037 continuously secreting SCP-ZH-037-A is 20 hours.

SCP-ZH-037 is firstly observed to emerge in Great Pacific Garbage Patch in ████. Staff from a local ocean surface sweeper witnessed SCP-ZH-037 continually attempting to reach into the contaminated water area during their operation. The behavior of item lead to concerns from animal protecting organizations and reports to the Foundation.

Updates on ████/██/██: During the first month of containment, SCP-ZH-037 has tried impacting the glass tank by its body for several times. Decreased activity and appetite of the item has been noticed. Evaluation of improvements on containment procedures is proceeding. The physical condition of SCP-ZH-037 is to be maintained before the evaluation is completed. Auto-infection and secondary trauma should be avoided.

Updates on 20██/05/██: SCP-ZH-037 has been observed to lay 5 eggs on the artificial sandy coast during the nocturnal period. The descendants of SCP-ZH-037 are designated SCP-ZH-037-1 to SCP-ZH-037-5. Results of the hatch is to be observed.

Updates on 20██/06/██: SCP-ZH-037-1, -2, -3 and -4 had been hatched with no abnormal features compared to normal hawksbill sea turtles. These entities refuse to digest regular food of normal hawksbill sea turtles. The property and characteristics of food required by these descendants are to be further experimented.

Updates on 20██/06/██: The ability of SCP-ZH-037-1, -2, -3 and -4 producing SCP-ZH-037-A has been confirmed. The needed digestion of each entites has been displayed in the following form:

Entity Required Objects for Digestion
SCP-ZH-037-1 Products of iron, aluminum and other metallic texture. The thickness of these objects should be accessible for SCP-ZH-037-1's mastication, such as disposed iron can or aluminum can.
SCP-ZH-037-2 Most of the paper and aluminum-foiled paper boxes. It is observed that SCP-ZH-037-2 is prone to consume aluminum-foiled paper boxes of soft drinks.
SCP-ZH-037-3 Human tissues, included but not limited to muscles, skeletons, viscera, hair, nails or other metabolized product. SCP-ZH-037-3 refuses to digest any meat other than Homo sapiens; it also demonstrates hostility toward human beings to some extent.
SCP-ZH-037-4 The process of experiments on SCP-ZH-037-4's digestion behavior is [DATA EXPUNGED] corpse of the entity has been preserved in the Storage Area of High-Level Hazardous Biological Specimens. The proposal of re-designating SCP-ZH-037 to be a Euclid-classed object is under evaluation.

Updates on 20██/08/██: As the hatch is over-delayed, SCP-ZH-037-5 has been dissected after an integral discussion. The contents of SCP-ZH-037-5 are shown to be disposed fishing nets, caps of plastic bottels, plastic straws, etc. No biological entity is observed in the content.

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