Four SCP-ZH-038 in inactive states.

Item #: SCP-ZH-038

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently ten found SCP-ZH-038 instances are contained at Site-ZH-02. Each instance has to be stored individually in a containment compartment. All compartment walls and floors are covered with impact-resistant material to prevent the action of items damaging themselves or the compartment. If personnel need to enter the compartment, the motion of the enterer should be slowed down. All aggressive postures and direct vision of the object's face are prohibited.

Description: SCP-ZH-038 is a type of female mannequin. The models' head has a smooth surface with no facial features. In the inactive state, the models remain static standing posture with two hands on the sides. At present, the composition of the model is still unknown. In the material test, a result similar to glass fibre is retrieved.

SCP-ZH-038 activates when one or more humans are approaching. Activated SCP-ZH-038 would imitate all actions of the closest human. It has been observed that its imitation is not limited by its composition or the finite number of joints. All actions have a nearly perfect synchronisation.

When the imitated target enters the area where they can directly observe SCP-ZH-038, the item's face would liquify, distort, and transform into a face identical to the target. It would keep gazing at the target. The target would feel anxiety under the gaze and trigger the fight-or-flight response. Moreover, the cognition of imitated target would be damaged when undergoing observation of SCP-ZH-038's face: all cases of observation resulted in prosopagnosia to the target's own face. The affliction is irreversible, all attempts at memory rebuilding and cognition therapy are failed.

Addendum: SCP-ZH-038 has been placed in the crowded public area multiple times as public art by members of a new anart group 'We Are The Coolest!'. The following text is found on the walls and floors near the exhibition space:

Identical sisters, like two sides of a mirror;
Wear the same clothes, hear the same music.
Identical sisters lost their faces in bicker;
Both are content since obscure is also beauty.

Are We Cool Yet?
We Are The Coolest!

Kiku and Shiroku四六

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