A product purchased from SCP-ZH-048.

Item #: SCP-ZH-048

Item Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All information related to SCP-ZH-048 should be wiped out on any maps and geographical websites. The streets, commercial sites and households surrounding the object have been purchased a Foundation front company to prevent intrusion by citizens.

As SCP-ZH-048-A has never left SCP-ZH-048, the subject has not been detained, instead being monitored by security cameras placed in and around SCP-ZH-048. If any suspicious entities show up around SCP-ZH-048 and/or SCP-ZH-048-A behaves abnormally, an on-site director should be notified and standard response protocols activated.

The whereabouts of SCP-ZH-048-B and/or other potential anomalous entities are currently under investigation. In the event that an emergence of such entities is reported, Foundation assets are to be deployed to determine the claim's credibility, and to contain said anomalous entities.

Description: SCP-ZH-048 is a franchise store of the beverage shop "Tea & Magic Hands"1, located in ███████████. The interior decoration, equipment and facilities of the item show no difference from its non-anomalous counterpart.

Whenever a customer approaches SCP-ZH-048's order counter, an SCP-ZH-048-A entity will come to contact with them. SCP-ZH-048-A usually presents as a young humanoid entity in its twenties wearing uniforms adorned with the logo of "Tea & Magic Hands". SCP-ZH-048-A will then provide the following menu and ask which product the customer wants to order.


All drinks on discount • Buy five to get one free (except for some drinks)

Please mention your personal preferences to the clerk before ordering. Thank you.

  • Potion of Health Restoration Small 15 | Medium 20 | Large 252
  • Potion of Mana Restoration Small 15 | Medium 20 | Large 25
  • Potion of Divine Blessing Small 15 | Medium 20 | Large 25
  • Potion of Full Restoration Large 45
  • Arcanum of Resurrection Large 50

You may request additional ingredients: salted plum, picked plum, boba, pearl, QQ, nata de coco, honey, wax gourd, plum jelly, mesona jelly, blueberry jelly, coffee jelly, sweet agar jelly pearl, adzuki beans, lemonade, pudding, Yakult, aloe
SWEETNESS regular | less | half | quarter | one-fifth | one-tenth
AMOUNT OF ICE regular | easy | quarter | ice-free | room-temp | hot drink

After an order is submitted, SCP-ZH-048-A will start to produce the requested item with in-store assets. It is observed that all SCP-ZH-048-A's selection of ingredients3 and drink-making process is seemingly identical to its non-anomalous counterpart. SCP-ZH-048-A will then return to the counter, providing the requested drink and asking for payment. Drinking these "potions" will affect human subjects in a variety of ways, see the following tests for details:

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