Deer Road Tunnel, currently blocked by the Foundation

Item #: SCP-ZH-060

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of immobility of the item, the Deer Road Tunnel, where SCP-ZH-060 happens is currently semi-permanently blocked under the reasons of severe damage caused by landslide and failed environmental assessment, prohibiting any civilians from entering the range. Foundation's Inspection Points were set up at the entrance and exit of the tunnel to block civilians who tried to break in. The function of Deer Road Tunnel was replaced by the New Dear Road Tunnel constructed two years after the closure.

The permission of entering Deer Road Tunnel is limited to only personnel of Clearance 3 and above. All researchers are prohibited from entering the tunnel by means other than driving. People who disappear in the tunnel will be judged as MIA.

Update ████/██: All researchers are forbidden to roll down the window of the car and extend the body part while driving in the tunnel during the activation of SCP-ZH-060.

Description: SCP-ZH-060 is the general term for a series of anomalous activities that occurred in the Deer Road Tunnel, Hualien County, Taiwan. When a person drives a vehicle into the Deer Road Tunnel at midnight (usually around 12:00 to 4:00, the time is not fixed), and there is only this vehicle in the entire tunnel1, SCP-ZH-060 will likely occur. If the vehicle meets the speed limit of the tunnel, it will take about seven minutes to drive through the entire tunnel. When SCP-ZH-060 occurs, most of the electrical appliances in the entire Deer Road Tunnel will fail, including cameras, mobile phones, tunnel lights, etc., but recorders and vehicles will still function normally.

After the entire tunnel falls into darkness, the visibility of the vehicle's headlights will be significantly reduced to the point where the road can barely be seen, regardless of the original state of the headlights, and the engine speed of the vehicle will not match the expected efficiency. At the same time, the vehicle’s radio and radio system will experience anomalies. One or more unidentified voices designated SCP-ZH-060-1 will appear in the FM radio system, with the radio being a accessible pathway to communicate with SCP-ZH-060-1.


The internal view of the Deer Road Tunnel without anomalous effects

SCP-ZH-060-1 seemed to present the consistency of claiming being trapped in the tunnel, declaring himself to be stuck in the darkness where he could barely see anything, using the emergency phone in the tunnel to communicate with the personnel in the vehicle. In many cases, the subject claimed that he was being chased by a specific entity, but the description of the entity was quite different. It is worth noting that some subjects seem to be ignorant of contemporary technology, which may indicate that SCP-ZH-060-1 may come from a different era or a parallel universe.

In all attempts, the testers did not see the body of SCP-ZH-060-1, nor did they succeed in helping SCP-ZH-060-1 escape.

When a vehicle is driving in the Deer Road Tunnel where SCP-ZH-060 is taking place, many unknown noises will be heard, including crying, screaming, unidentified echoes, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

If the vehicle is stopped, left, or turned around in the tunnel where SCP-ZH-060 is taking place, it may cause the vehicle and the people on the vehicle to disappear into the tunnel, and it is impossible to track its whereabouts. Using methods other than driving a vehicle (including riding a motorbike or walking in the tunnel) may also lead to missing events, or may not trigger the occurrence of SCP-ZH-060, leading the personnel to leave the tunnel safely. The rule of this phenomenon is currently not confirmed.

In the case of SCP-ZH-060 occurring, if a second vehicle tries to enter the tunnel, although the tunnel lights are completely dimmed, the second vehicle will not be affected by the anomalous effects, while the first vehicle which triggered SCP-ZH-060 will not be able to perceive the presence of the second vehicle or its lights before leaving the tunnel.

Update ████/██: The act of rolling down the window and extending the limbs out of the window under the condition of SCP-ZH-060 may result in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Appendix: Audio File Records of Experiments

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