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SCP-ZH-105-1, under power supply

Item #: SCP-ZH-105

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of immobility of the item, SCP-ZH-105 shall be contained in place.

The building where SCP-ZH-105 is located has been acquired by the Foundation. All entrances and exits are locked and monitored by a 24-hour security system. SCP-ZH-105-1 will not be powered when it is not tested or repaired. On the 5th of the month, a team of foundation-approved engineers will perform regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation.

As the anomalous effect of SCP-ZH-105 does not include the building itself, it is currently under evaluation whether the building can be used as a dormitory for researchers in charge of the item.

Description: SCP-ZH-105 is a spatial anomaly. It contains a small single-opened elevator (SCP-ZH-105-1) with its internal length of 1.5 meters, width of 1.7 meters, and height of 2.5 meters. Located in a 25-year-old apartment in District ████, Kaohsiung City, the building that contains SCP-ZH-105-1 has five stories, with three residents on the first floor and no basement.

SCP-ZH-105 was discovered by the Foundation due to an unusual number of missing incidents in District ████, and the last whereabouts of multiple missing persons are related to this building.

Generally, SCP-ZH-105-1 can function as a normal elevator. The anomalous effect can only be triggered when a subject with certain identity traits enters SCP-ZH-105-1 alone and presses on the button of 1F. After the activation, SCP-ZH-105-1 will be seen to move downward until it arrived 1F, but the elevator will be empty after external inspection. From the interior, the floor number that is shown on the screen will become a 4-digit random code which keeps changing irregularly. It is currently unknown whether these codes mean anything.

By the document is written, known specific identity traits that can trigger such anomalous phenomenon include:

  • Being single/unmarried
  • Not fostering any descendants/adopted children
  • Financially independent
  • One of the parents is still alive
  • Not having contact with the original family for more than 6 months

SCP-ZH-105-1 will stop on an abnormal floor that looks like a basement after functioning for a period of time, while the time of each operation varies.

The interior of the abnormal floor is almost the same as the internal layout of the entire building, with only one household and no windows.

Regardless of knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell, within 5 minutes of reaching the floor, a female (SCP-ZH-105-2) will open the door to welcome one who enters the elevator (the subject). The structure of the household, and the appearance and behavior of SCP-ZH-105-2 will vary depending on the subject. According to the experimental record, the household will be the same as the home of the subject’s original family, and SCP-ZH-105-2 entities are usually described as being "very similar to my(subject's) mother, but obviously not the same person."

It is currently known that people who have entered the abnormal area were not able to return.


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