Item #: SCP-ZH-132

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: The bodies of SCP-ZH-132-A and SCP-ZH-132-B have been sent to the biological research site Site-ZH-44 for analysis. Induced amnesia has been imposed on the object's relatives and the witnesses.

Description: SCP-ZH-132 was a collective name for two anomalous humanoid entities, named SCP-ZH-132-A and SCP-ZH-132-B, whose appearance and intelligence levels were close to 8-9 years old human children. SCP-ZH-132 had been dead for some time when first discovered by the Foundation (23.09.2018), and it was noted that both entities had a smoothly cut circular hole through the eyebrow to the back of the head, but there was no other trauma on the bodies or associated weapon found.

SCP-ZH-132 is only known to have a level III reality bending ability, so it is tentatively proposed that the deaths of the two entities may be related to this. Approval has been granted to initiate an investigation into the life activity of both entities.

Appendix: The following is an audio recording from the mobile phone of one of the entities (SCP-ZH-132-B), which has been converted into a text file and is suspected to be the last activity of both entities during their lifetime.


SCP-ZH-132-B: Protect me ah- protect me!

A low rumbling sound comes from the background. This is followed by the screams of a human female. The sound is presumed to be an explosion as large scorch marks were found in the area where the two entities were located.

SCP-ZH-132-A: 007 ah- 007-

The sound of breaking glass was heard in the background.

Both (at the same time): Shoot you dead ah shoot- (Silence)

Simultaneous human male and female screams appear, but within a second there is immediate silence. This is followed by a 10-second-long explosion and rumbling sound, the cause of which is still unknown. Finally, fire engines, ambulances, and police cars sounded.


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