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Item #: SCP-ZH-141

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: All SCP-ZH-141 is to be kept in the medicine refridgerator of Site-ZH-44. Any proposal for SCP-ZH-141 clinical usage should be rejected. Shall any sample of the same material exists out of the containment, MTF Dong-9 ("Nacros") is to be dispatched to recover it.

Description: SCP-ZH-141 is a crystaline oily liquid. The material owned by the Foundation has been dispensed into 20 instances of 20ml bottles. Some evidence suggest that other groups of interest may possess the same material. The molecular spectrum showed [REDACTED] which has a theoritical specific weight much lighter than actual measurement of SCP-ZH-141; it is likely that an undetectable ingredient exists in SCP-ZH-141.

SCP-ZH-141 can be utilized in severe acute radiation syndrome management. Survival rate of the patients is significantly lifted after a solution of 1ml SCP-ZH-141 mixed with 100ml normal saline being given intravenously is added to other kinds of regular supportive care. Even the patient who has been exposed with 10gy radiation can have a survival rate around 50% if they recieve SCP-ZH-141 treatment in 10 hours after the initial exposure. However, there are no clear data about its pharmalogical mechanism or side effects.

Addendum: Foundation epidemiologists have pointed out that almost all patients who was treated with SCP-ZH-141 had suffered from congenital defects related with certain gene mutation. The severity of defects positively relates to the intensity of radiation exposed before the treatment (r>0.8). The number of parent generations displaying congenital defects also positively relates to the intensity of radiation in question. The data is significantly different from regular prevalence of congenital defects (p<0.001).

Addendum 2: Manna Charitable Foundation once used SCP-ZH-141 after a nuclear inccident in order to provide medical care to the village which was devastated the most. Large amounts of infants with congenital defects were born in the village since 19██; the prevalence of congenital defects had also rised after the year. Despite the medicine, the nuclear event eventually eliminated almost all population of the village, with only 13 survivors left. One year later, [REDACTED], who was born in the village but migrated to America in the old age, sent an airplane bringing them to her and provided her house as a refuge. It is to note that [REDACTED] was quite healthy though she was 79-year-old that time.

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