SCP-ZH-178 in containment

Item#: SCP-ZH-178

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: If not in experiment, SCP-ZH-178 should be contained in a box of 30*30*10 cm3. Any mug with round shape is not to be within 57 meters from the containment. Mugs with round shape are not available in the Site responsible for the containment. SCP-ZH-178 is currently contained in Site-ZH-31.

Description: The current medium of SCP-ZH-178 is a thermo mug, 15 cm in height and about 10 cm in diameter.

It is known that after direct contact with the medium of SCP-ZH-178, most Vetebrates are to fix it around their mouth through the act of ███. Since then, the subject's behavior will be similar to avian animals with SCP-ZH-178 serving as the beak. Subject may die from mimicking bird flying due to the anomalous effect. Survived subjects can manifest symptoms of malnutrition. It is known that avian animals are not to be affected by SCP-ZH-178. Destruction of SCP-ZH-178 around subject's mouth can discontinue the effect.

If the affected subject die, the medium of SCP-ZH-178 is to be spontaneously destructed. After destruction, the effect will be transferred to the nearest mug with round shape. Such transfer can always occur regardless of the distance.

SCP-ZH-178's effect is infective. Mugs with round shape within 57 meters from it will be assimilated to having similar anomalous effect. Such objects are classified as SCP-ZH-178-A. It is not found that SCP-ZH-178-A possess anomalous effect other than affecting creature behavior. According to experiment, each SCP-ZH-178-A will be spontaneously destructed when SCP-ZH-178 transfers to a new medium.

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