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Handprints of SCP-ZH-200.

Item #: SCP-ZH-200

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is assumed that no survivors are alive in Site-ZH-██ at this moment. Therefore, the facility has been totally blocked by cement, in order to prevent any containment breach due to SCP-ZH-200 entities passing through any possible entrance (including Building-A, Transformer Chamber, Building-B, Building-D. Remnants of Building-C that detaches from other building and wasn't invaded were excluded.)

An independent security squadron consisted of senior Foundation staffs will be in charge of SCP-ZH-200. The squadron is directly belonged to 3E Command of ZH Branch.

Three massive, transparent reinforced glass domes: "Fanta", "Gelta", and "Hana", have overcast the whole facility. Each of these glass domes has only one entrance, and can only be open under security codes of three or more Clearance 4 personnel. The three two glass domes should undergo fissure inspection on a daily basis. All damage or anomalous phenomenon should be immediately reported during the inspection.

Updates on Containment Procedure on 20██/█/██:

The quarantine program of Site-ZH-██ were compromised due to an earthquake event. This event leads to the innermost layer of glass dome: "Fanta" being officially expired on 20██/█/██. All 32 security squadron members are regarded K.I.A. after they successfully stopped the invasion of SCP-ZH-200 when Fanta was totally sealed off. At this moment, The internal space of Fanta is regarded as unrecoverable from SCP-ZH-200 entities. The proposal of building the fourth layer of glass dome is currently under evaluation.

Description: SCP-ZH-200 is a kind of unknown entity. These entities don't have any physical form, but significant black prints of human hands and feet can be observed when the "limbs" of the entity interact with other objects physically, including but not limited to walking, tapping, touching, pushing objects, and trespassing grass field, etc. These entities can neither break over locked or blocked doors, nor can they crash thickened glasses despite the attempts from multiple entities at the same time.

Insignificant vapor will emerge in a chamber when an entity enters it. This phenomenon will be more significant in chambers with windows and the progression will stop until the window becomes fully blurred by vapor.

These entities will actively search for and "transform" human beings into their kind. When a person is directly contacted by limbs of a SCP-ZH-200 entity, the victim will gradually become transparent from the lower limbs to head within a period of time ranging from minutes to hours, eventually transformed into another such entity. The transformation seems to cause highly intensive pain due to the suffering expression of victims under the process.

The entities seem to possess intelligence to an extent, but they are unable or unwilling to communicate with human beings. When these entities are not in the state of human hunting, they usually wander aimlessly or pat on objects that separate them from mankind, leaving many hand prints on the surface.

Currently, these entities have totally destroyed Site-ZH-██, causing a toll of ████ Foundation employees deceased and transformed into the object. Methods of terminating these entities are not yet discovered to this date. Separating the entities from external environment with physical barriers are considered to be the most effective approach of containment at this moment.

Addendum LT-ZH-200-2B13:

The exact origin of SCP-ZH-200 is currently unknown by the Foundation. On the day of SCP-ZH-200 emergence, two containment breach events of SCP-ZH-███ and SCP-ZH-███ just occurred in Site-ZH-██ at the same time. 43 minutes after the re-containment is carried out, the first SCP-ZH-200 entity was observed to transform Foundation employees in Corridor West-No.2 of Building-B. It is currently remained unknown whether the previous two containment breaches are related to SCP-ZH-200.

Addendum LT-ZH-200-7C39: Timeline of Events Related to SCP-ZH-200

  • Containment Breach of SCP-ZH-███(20██/4/██ 15:24)
  • Containment Breach of SCP-ZH-███(20██/4/██ 15:26)
  • Re-containment of SCP-ZH-███(20██/4/██ 15:52)
  • Re-containment of SCP-ZH-███(20██/4/██ 16:14)
  • SCP-ZH-200 emerged in Corridor West-No.2 of Building-B(20██/4/██ 17:57)
  • Building-B was deemed as unrecoverable.(20██/4/██ 18:11)
  • Corridor A-B No.3 became unrecoverable. Invasion of Building-A initiated.(20██/4/██ 18:25)
  • Administration Center of Foundation received the security reports from Site-ZH-██.(20██/4/██ 18:28)
  • Building-A was deemed as unrecoverable.(20██/4/██ 18:39)
  • Invasion of Building-C initiated.(20██/4/██ 18:44)
  • Self-destruction system of Building-C was activated.(20██/4/██ 18:47)
  • Invasion of Building-D initiated.(20██/4/██ 18:50)
  • SCBSSite Complete Blockade System of Building-E was activated.(20██/4/██ 18:51)
  • Explosives of Building-C was denotated, leading to a total destruction.(20██/4/██ 18:52)
  • Reinforced quarantine procedure with cement were performed.(20██/4/██ 8:30)
  • The first glass dome "Fanta" was completed.(20██/5/██ 12:30)
  • The second glass dome "Gelta" was completed.(20██/5/██ 10:30)
  • The third glass dome "Hana" was completed.(20██/5/██ 16:00)
  • ████ Earthquake leads to compromise of cement reinforcement.(20██/9/██ 9:21)
  • "Fanta" was deemed as unrecoverable.(20██/9/██ 9:39)

Addendum LT-ZH-200-5A-02: Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Interviewee: Agent ███

Date: 20██/██/██

Location: 4th Interview Room, Site-ZH-02

Preface: Agent ███ is one of the rare survivors of SCP-ZH-200 attacking event in Site-ZH-██. He is also the person who activated SCBS during the event.


Dr. ████: Evening, Agent ███.

Agent ███: Evening, doctor.

Dr. ████: My assistant should have informed you the purpose of interview this time, did he?

Agent ███: Yes, he did inform me that before.

Dr. ████: So, maybe we can speed up a bit, can we? May I ask you what you'd seen and known on the day SCP-ZH-200 showed up?

Agent ███: I… I see. We're being recorded now, right? Okay. (The interviewee washed over his face with dry hands and started his statement afterward.)

Agent ███: So… on the very afternoon, those two bloody containment breach just tired out everybody. We lost some comrades; a few of our partners of life were torn into pieces. We eventually repressed that thing after a while and filled up the eroded hole on the wall. We were just exhausted at the moment. Though we know that this would be neither the first time nor the last, but we were just in gloom. Everyone just wanted to get off the shift, went home or back to dormitory and got rid of those shits. Nobody would've liked to see scenes like that.

I was on duty at the moment. You know, the door [DATA CONCEALED], YuCheng and I… my younger brother and I were assigned there on that day. Afterward, we both heard some noise of ramification at the corner of corridor.

Dr. ████: Ramification? Can you elaborate on that?

Agent ███:…Sorry, I, uh…Just give a moment, please. (Expression of agony were noticed.)

Dr. ████: That's just fine. Take your time, please. We're not in rush.

Agent ███: Nah, I'm good. Alright, right. So we noticed many peculiar prints, which were black, and they crept from the corner of corridor to us. Then DaWei… DaWei just ran out, or should I say, crawled out of the corner in a sudden. Then we found that his lower half of body was gone. He was calling for help toward us… God… I… (Interviewee took a deep breath) Sorry. YuCheng and I were shocked for, like, two seconds, then we just scrambled to our feet. I know this may be malfeasance, but our judgment were kind of damaged after those events of the afternoon.

Dr. ████: It is fine. Foundation doesn't even intend to punish you. You are a hero.

Agent ███: I'm not. I can't even… (Interviewee took a deep breath again) Let's move on. We just ran off, seeing countless footprints were coming our way in the next intersection. I fired the gun, but the bullets just passed through nothing more than the air. So I threw off my weapon, hoping this can help me run faster.

Dr. ████: Did the bullets do nothing on SCP-ZH-200?

Agent ███: At least bullets didn't slow them down at all, in my opinion. I think they just don't work out. We then rushed to the next corridor, slamming the door off, but those things started knocking on the door panel, making it whamping. YuCheng was about to lock the door, but I told him to run. When those creatures knocked down the door, it was too late. I… I turned back my head until I heard the screaming of YuCheng. Then I saw his feet becoming translucent.

Dr. ████: What did you do at the moment?

Agent ███: I tried to go back and pull him over, but he just told me to "run". We passed through another door, and he looks suffered. We slammed the door off again, and I was about to lock it, but the door doesn't have a lock. YuCheng blocked the door with his back and wanted me to go first. He promised to keep up after me.

Dr. ████: I see. So you went to activate SCBS at that time?

Agent ███: Yes, it was just at the end of corridor. You know, a handle, everyone can pull it if not considering about the consequences. I and YuCheng used to touch the handle like brats… (sigh) Anyway, I went for it, and the piercing alarm soon howled over the site. Then I turned back, seeing YuCheng running over to me. The door behind him had been knocked down. Then he… His… His lower half body… had been totally transparent… (sobbing)

Dr. ████: Are you alright? Shall we finish it by the next time? Maybe we should call it a…

Agent ███: No, sorry, but I'm… I'm almost finished. So there was a iron gate between us, and it started to scroll down after I pulled the handle. I was able to stop the gate falling, but I…… YuCheng looked at me, and…… and he smiled. He smiled gently, and he said to me……

Dr. ████: What did he say?

Agent ███: (shook his head) It was overwhelmed by the alarm, but I can read his lips… He said "Please survive". (weeping)

Dr. ████: I see. I feel really sorry about your brother. So I think we should call it a day here?

Agent ███: …On the day of cement reinforcement, I went to help… and I heard sounds of knocking when I was finishing the one last door… then… I heard my brother calling my name……

Dr. ████: Really?

Agent ███: Yes. He was a innocent good boy, maybe he didn't even notice he's already dead. I…I…I……(mentally collapsed)


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