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Note from the Foundation Database

You are currently visiting the archived file of SCP-ZH-2005-EX. This file does not contain any effect and is kept for historical reference only.

Item #: SCP-ZH-2005

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is required to search for possible personnel infected by SCP-ZH-2005, and perform amnestics and psychological therapy on infected personnel.

Description: SCP-ZH-2005 is an anomalous effect appearing on the internet since the 2010s. Infected personnel (referred to as SCP-ZH-2005-A) will have an extremely strong attachment to the concept of "using social platforms to become celebrities". SCP-ZH-2005-A's judgment will decrease by time, and cause the entity to make various dangerous actions such as destruction, injuring people, and self-injury to attract attention.

The origin of SCP-ZH-2005 is currently unknown, effect suppression use drugs are still in development.

Note: Excerpt of the list of known SCP-ZH-2005-A entities

codename contents uploaded to the community remarks
-34 broke into a military base.
-78 consuming cleaning utilities.
-116 Carry out different activities that threaten its own life. -116 died in 20██.
-357 stealing.
-480 visual media of others suicide.
-628 trolling it’s girlfriend in various ways1. The girlfriend died from -628’s trolling in 20██.
-679 randomly distribute trespassers.
-710 randomly accusing trespassers for various crimes.
-785 suicide challenges. -785 died in 20██.
-810 killing various organisms.
-946、-947、-948 the reactions of a specific student after being trolled. the student died in 20██.
-949 suicide. [redacted]

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