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Item #: SCP-ZH-228

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: WT-15704 and its contents have been recovered to [SENSITIVE CONTENT REDACTED] the three former Foundation patrol officers who survived the accident have been assessed as non-recoverable assets. The euthanasia proposal proposed by the Three Enclosures (3E) Command1 has been approved by the Ethics Committee, the exact termination date remains undetermined.

Site-ZH-72 should monitor the mountain road sections in Dapu Township and Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan. If any situation similar to the Incident 205-9491 occurs, Site-ZH-01 should be informed immediately for emergency response.

Description: SCP-ZH-228 refers to a complex of anomalous events related to Foundation Rescue Operation No.205-9491. On [DATE EXPUNGED] Site-ZH-72's patrol vehicle WT-15704 sent out a series of SOS signals from Dapu Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan, which accumulated more than 277 times in 30 seconds. When the rescue team of Site-ZH-72 arrived the origin of SOS signals, WT-15704 was found with three of the four passengers being absent-minded, and one of them had deceased. The initial impression is that these members were affected by SCP-ZH-███ in the area, causing the personnel in the vehicle to be mentally affected, leading to the vehicle broke down by the roadside. However, a series of solid evidence obtained in WT-15704 showed that [SENSITIVE CONTENT REDACTED] See Appendices for supplementary information below.

Appendix ZH-228-1: Patrol Members in WT-15704

WT-15704 is a a six-seater road patrol van of Site-ZH-72, which was used as a normal duty on the day of the incident. Both pre- and post-duty inspection indicated that the vehicle was not disturbed by demonology or spectral anomalies, and its functions were all normal. Inside the vehicle were three male agents and one female agent. During Rescue Operation 205-9491, three members were found to be in a state of severe absence, unable to react to external stimulation, and fail to express any speech or attention. Another team member was found dead in the car. He had hemorrhage in several facial orifices. Autopsy cannot determine his exact cause of death.

WT-15704 member Gender Title Religion Situation When Found
Chen Renfeng (陳仁峰) male Leader of Patrol Team, shotgun of the day Traditional Han Religion, Mahayana Buddhism Alive
Ma Xingyun (馬杏芸) female Member of Patrol Team none Alive
Ho Yenkuan (何延寬) male Member of Patrol Team, driver of the day none Alive
Hong Bin (洪彬) male Member of Patrol Team Traditional Han Religion Deceased

Appendix ZH-228-2: Dashboard Camera of WT-15704

Recovered information shows that WT-15704 pulled up to roadside before the incident on [DATE EXPUNGED]. The vehicle decelerated for a few minutes before stopping by the roadside, and then pulled over in a smooth trajectory. After parking, the vehicle sent out 277 SOS signals within 30 seconds, triggering the follow-up rescue and investigation of Foundation. Even if the traffic camera has never observed the vehicle disappearing or driving into unknown regions, the dashboard camera of WT-15704 shows the vehicle and its passengers entering an unidentified area. Partial records are presented below.

RECORD WT-15704-211

Abstract: The start point of the timeline of these records is defined as the time point when WT-15704 started decelerating. In the following record, a series of abnormal road sections that cannot be observed out of WT-15704 led the patrol members to a mountainous village that Site-ZH-72 failed to identify.

After the members of WT-15704 arrived at the unknown location "Tsuipu", sequential records showed that the patrol member confirmed that there was no immediate risk of staying in the area. They then got off the car to investigate local environment and tried to inquire the local residents. However, the dashboard camera record suddenly warped back to the bamboo forest by the entrance of "Tsuipu" village. These members, as well as the vehicle, seemed to be "transported" back to the entrance of the settlement at the same time. The timestamp and personnel dialogue implied that the series of video records are actually temporally coherent, rather than repeated readings of a specific file.

RECORD WT-15704-213

Abstract: This part of video records is directly sequential to Records 211 and 212. Most of the road scenery shown in this record section are identical to the previously mentioned environments.

After the members of WT-15704 explored the environment of "Tsuipu" for more than an hour, these members try to set up strategies in response of this spatial-temporal anomaly. In the end, the group agreed to get off the car and "cautiously obtain available information from the local 'residents' in order to perfect the self-rescue operation." According to subsequent video records, WT-15704 and its passengers had returned to the entrance of village for [REDACTED] times before being found. Even if the patrol members may occasionally try to get away from "Tsuipu" again, all attempts alike are unsuccessful.

Appendix ZH-228-3: Text Records Written by Agent Chen Renfeng

A sequence of text records written by Agent Chen Renfeng were obtained from WT-15704. These written records never appeared before WT-15704 went on duty on the day. Contents of these documents can correspond well with the dashboard camera records of WT-15704.

As all communication equipment are broken, I plan to leave some things in script, which may help to re-organize my chaotic brain.

My name is Chen Renfeng, and I am the captain of Patrol Team No.13 at Site 72 of ZH Foundation. I and three other team members drove on State Road No.3 on [date deleted], then we entered an abnormal section, finally arriving at a abnormal settlement called Tsuipu. This settlement is basically a river terrace surrounded by river water. I have never seen this place in my 10-year service at Site-ZH-72. The stem of the village is a main road, starting from the road we came here, and ending at a wooden suspension bridge that does not allow too heavy vehicles to drive through; it leads to a grayish, obscure area that our eyes are reluctant to directly stare at. Due to the possibility of the car breaking the suspension bridge and the other side's morbid aura, we decided not to investigate the place for now.

There are about 100 houses in Tsuipu. Almost all residents are women, the rest are infants and kids, and the elderly who with inability. The residents here have something… wrong. When we ask questions such as "Where is the village chief?" "Where are the men in the village?" "What happened here?", they will become quite… inhuman. I've been in service of the Foundation for a long time, but their distorted faces are one of the most terrifying nightmares among all my experiences. After their faces twisted and screamed, we would simultaneously return to our car and reappear at the entrance of the village. This kind of incident happened at least three times today, and we all felt very stressed and eager to leave this cursed village. However, even if we turn around and drive back to the starting point where we lost our way, we would eventually return to this village in either direction. Because we worried that the car may run out of gas and get us stuck in a section outside the village (such as the crazy dog town), we stop trying to drive away from Tsuipu for the time being.

Our training suggests that we should better understand the context of this place as much as possible, and find out clues to leave the place — These residents may seem eldritch and cursed, they have never physically hurt us, though. So it is still worth a try.
Neither of us feel hungry, maybe it's because we're mentally exhausted. Anyway, we decided to sleep for a night.

How I wish that all this is just a nightmare when I woke up.

Tsuipu is surrounded by river water, and we noticed that there are abundant amount of blue-green crystals growing on cliffs on the other side of the rivers. I once participated in a task of collecting this kind of ore before. A crystal classified to be AO-251: They can somehow interact with human's consciousness and mood, and were used by early-day Foundation to make memetic agents.3 The members of the previous team and I nicknamed ore as "psychic4 jades", but unfortunately, they were all taken away by our superiors before we can have fun.

The quantity of these crystals here is incredible, which makes me feel that my journey of trekking and collecting these ore among nations is stupid. However, these crystals look more turbid and darker than I remembered. Perhaps it is due to the large number of these mines piling up together and refract the light's path.
Since we didn't have tools for wading, I gave up the idea of collecting these things.

We noticed that it rains very often in Tsuipu, and some rain is even comparable to the most torrential shower I have ever encountered.

However, a hilltop that is one mile away from Tsuipu burns all the time. The hilltop was totally, ashfully black. I guess that is the graveyard of the village.

The graveyard looks even bigger than Tsuipu itself.

Today, we triggered anomalous effect and were sent back to the entrance of the village. Again. This time, the taboo we triggered was to arbitrarily open the iron gate of a Japanese-style house. We heard an intensively harsh scream when Ho Yenkuan pushed the gate with his hands. Later, we found that trying to open doors of any residence was a big no-no. But it’s okay to interact with residents who voluntarily come out of the house — provided that we don’t say anything that shouldn’t be said to trigger another "reset".

In that Japanese-style house lived a beautiful woman, probably at her 20. The layout of this house is in obvious contrast with the traditional houses surrounding it. It is speculated that this may be the residence of a prominent person in the village, perhaps the village chief. We were curious whether the village chief was in the house, but the woman slowly returned to home in fear when she saw us. It may take more attempts to have the opportunity to ask this family for important information.

There must be something wrong here. It's been the third day. We never feel hungry, but we often feel tired. Every time we were warped back to the entrance of the village, the drizzle and the height of the sun were always the same. When we re-enter the village, certain people always appear in certain places. We reasonably suspect that every time the teleport is triggered, not only is it returning to the same place, but also at the same time point.

This actually gives us some advantages. If we make any mistakes here, we have a chance to do it all over again.

At least I hope so.

Sort out the taboos:

  • Inquiry about what happened in this area
  • Inquiry about things related to the local male residents
  • Intent to break into or open the door of the house
  • Inquiry about today's date

We tried to investigate the riverside today. The water here does not seem to be right, and it has some kind of psychedelic scent. I almost forgot my identity by just smelling it. Some specimens have been collected.
We can actually feel no thirst, so there's no need for us to touch the water. Something very wrong, very wrong is brewing. Or to say it correctly, something wrong is still influencing this place.

Today, Hong Bin suggested that we should go to the other side of the suspension bridge. His words actually got some points. After all, we seem to have been actively forgetting the existence of the suspension bridge and the other end of it. What if there is just a way out behind that? Perhaps the exit to get away from this crazy place is just in sight?

We tried to walk on the suspension bridge. Suddenly, a strong chill penetrated our flesh. Some horrible scenery flashed in my mind, like a missile hitting the ground and causing catastrophic consequences in a sudden. I stepped back in fright, but Hong Bin, who directly walked to the middle of the bridge, seemed to be murmuring something. Then, I saw two fuzzy figures full of blue, green light and flames standing by his two sides. The shadows suddenly grabbed Hong Bin from the floor, throwing him back toward this end of the suspension bridge.

When we asked Hong Bin what happened there, he didn't seem to remember what happened earlier, and he didn't even know why we were at the entrance of the suspension bridge.

Exploring the bridge is not a feasible method to get out.

We continued to investigate the environment today, but found something extremely terrifying to view.

There is a small road leading to a higher terrain. At the top is a Japanese-style public building called "Tsuipu Middle School". We found dozens of ███████ there, all of them are men, from teens to their sixties. The ground is full of traces of human █████, ██████ cases, and many tools to ███████ and ███████████ people. Most of them are ████ ████, but also some are ████████ to █████ by those tools. Undoubtedly, something tragic happened here. A ████████. Just when we wanted to check these ███████ further, suddenly, we heard a very stern roar in the air, just like the sound when we angered these Tsuipu residents.

Afterwards, we were sent back to the entrance of the village. Obviously, touching these ███████ is another taboo. It's been three or four days after the last "reset", and we decided to go back to the school and check those ███████, maybe we can find something.

These ███████ look very fresh. The event just happened not long ago, maybe less than two days before our arrival.
Of course, asking about these ███████-related matters also sent us back to the beginning of the village. Those abominated screams and curses made me feel stressful and guilty, even if I was not who ████████ them.

I found some letters lying on the ground, some were torn, and some had ██████ holes in them. They should be sent back to their families down the hill, but never sent out. One of them was written in Japanese. Since I can't read Japanese at all, I brought the letter back and put it in our car. Yenkuan feels that this is not a good idea, but I think everything will be reset after all, it is okay take a copy.

After discovering those ███████ in the school, many of these look reasonable now.

We decided to keep the time going forward as far as possible until more things happen. All investigation to local residents have ceased. This is also a good thing for our mental health. Every time we go through the same days and those inhuman screams, we are getting closer to the verge of mental breakdown. Xingyun's face never looks delighted, and Hong Bin stopped being anxious like he used to; instead, he became more easily absent-minded. Although Ho can still interact with me normally, he is obviously worn out. We all are.

It's the fourth night since the last reset. Even crickets don't bark at night.

We found more ███████ in the village. Some are soaked in water. Some are penetrated in the bamboo forest. Some are found lying down in the alley, rotting. The local residents seem to avoid these places deliberately. We dare not ask if they know anything about these ███████. All things related to these ███████ are, obviously, taboos.

We had an conflict. Ho and I believed we should wait a few more days for new clues. Ma and Hong held the opposite opinion. They thought that it is meaningless to stay in this space. It doesn't hurt to reset the time and space a few more times, as long as they can get the information to leave here sooner.
The argument has no result. Angrily, Xingyun held a gun and fired at us.

We then get sent back to the entrance of village. I really want to kill those two people.


  • Firing a gun can trigger the reset


  • The reset will be triggered by the moment of firing a gun. I can't let them get what they want.

I threw all the bullets into the river. It seems that a gun without bullets will not trigger the reset mechanism. The gun is now a melee weapon. The rifle butt is quite handy to punish those who disobey.

We've finally made it to the seventh day after the latest reset. However, a new weirdness happened. This morning, we heard a Taiwanese trauermarsch crying out loud throughout every corner of Tsuipu. A large funeral march showed up from the entrance of the village, and every participants’ faces were hard to be recognized by human eyes, as if their faces were covered with a layer of foggy glass. A figure that looks like a be a Taoist priest was waving his sorceric apparatus at the head of the march. Then, we saw all the ███████ which were found in every corner in the village, stood up in inhumane postures, walking and following the funeral march. The whole march slowly moved forward towards the suspension bridge. All the villagers came out and howled, making whole Tsuipu overwhelmed by an extremely desperate and morbid atmosphere, which was so heavy that it almost made me unable to breathe.

Just at the same time, Hong Bin stood up from our camp like a lunatic, then staggering towards the funeral march. We put every efforts to hold him back, and I can see his expression was completely apathetic, numb, lifelessly pale. We were just dragging a walking dead back, but failing to stop his footsteps. In the end, he got rid of our grips and joined the eldritch, insane funeral march, tumbling into the other end of the suspension bridge with those inhuman ███████.

A line of blurred figures with red lights appeared on the suspension bridge, picking up the entire marching team. They never came back.

When we recover from the frightful scene, all of us have gone back to the very beginning. We sat in the car. The drizzle and sunlight returned to their original positions as we entered the village for the first time.

But Hong Bin was no longer on his seat.

I went back and checked those ███████ all over the village, and they were all still there. Lying on their places. Lifelessly.

Ma's expression was a little distorted, but she started to laugh, even delightful. Not sure if she felt sad or happy about Hong's departure.

After all, she saw a way to get out of this place.

The bullets were all back, and the fuel level has been reset. But Hong wasn't.

We decided to wait and see. Maybe Hong will appear in the funeral procession next time… Although that is not something worth anticipating.

Ma started to go insane. She started laughing and gibberishing. But she still knows the rules very well and knows how to keep the timeline moving on until the funeral appears next time. She wanted to threaten us with the guns at first, but knew that she couldn't shoot us very soon, after all shooting would only break the temporal consistency. When we tried to catch her, she would run away and laugh, at the same time trying to prevent us from doing things that might trigger the reset — such as talking to the Tsuipu residents, or touching a gun. Even if we have no intention to do any of these.

At the same time, I started to worry about Ho. Although he hasn't lost his mind due to Hong's disappearance, he has become more silent recently. Sometimes, it feels like that I am living with a brewing storm. At least he hasn't made any crooked ideas on me.

Writing, and recording all these are the last few ways to keep my remaining sanity.

201What's the point of counting days

It has been a few complete days, and a few reset times that I couldn't accurately add up since the last time I wrote. This morning was the day when the funeral march reappeared. Ho and I had expected that Ma would want to seize the opportunity to join the funeral squad. She just wanted to leave this place, even if it was most likely death waiting for her. We tried to hold her up, but she bit us, broke free, and ran toward the funeral team under the threnody. I can only interrupt all this by firing a shot. It started all over again.

I start to regret that I gave up counting days. That was originally an important indicator for me to maintain a sense of time. Now, Ma is bound up by us, so tight that she cannot move or walk on her own. She starts to make more and more primitive howls, like an animal. We decided to shut her mouth up. Although our camp by the river side often makes noises of conflict, those residents seemed to never attempt to approach us.

A reset suddenly occurred late at night, and we went back to the drizzled moment close to noon in the morning. When I looked back, I found that the other two were naked, and I was extremely disgusted and angry at their filthy behavior. Everyone around me, they either die or go insane. I'm the last one to preserve bare humanity.

I'm the last one.

I knocked over the goddamn beast with the butt of rifle. Although she didn't seem to make any complaints before my intervention.


[meaningless text omitted]


[graffiti with unrecognizable text content, including a large number of face-like drawings]

[meaningless text and graffiti]

My name is Chen Renfeng, born in Changhua County, Taiwan. I live in [REDACTED], I have an older brother [REDACTED] and two younger sisters [REDACTED] my father died when I was young, and my mother [REDACTED] is still farming. I worked as a forest patrol at the SCP Foundation. I and three patrol members accidentally broke into an abnormal village on [date deleted]. The rest of the members were either insane or dead. If you accidentally break into a village called Tsuipu, do not try to understand what happened here, don’t try to ask anyone anything, don’t touch things lying in a dark alley, don’t stare at things floating in the water, don’t investigate things on the school of the hilltop, don’t fire guns, don’t invade any houses, don’t commit adultery, don’t try to escape from this place. If you break into this place miserably, remember that there is no way out here. You can choose to wait until the seventh day, and there will be a funeral march showing up. Don’t be afraid, just follow them across the suspension bridge. It is the ultimate Benevolence for you. If you don’t have the courage to go across the bridge, then just go to the river and get a bowl of water, letting go of the all your self obsessions. It will be the true Happiness for you.

If you accidentally find my message, please take care of my family.
And if you were trapped here just like us. I welcome you to join our transcendence.



Appendix ZH-228-4: Analysis of Recovered Liquid Specimens

Ten bottles of transparent liquid specimens were recovered from WT-15704 for inspection. The results showed that their chemical composition was nothing more than spring water, while no microorganisms live in the water. Nonetheless, clinical trials have shown that these liquids have the greatest potency of amnesiac and cognitive obliteration ability known to the Foundation. People who drink this liquid will lose all memories and high-tier cerebral abilities, leading to a state that is similar to that of infants or toddlers. These liquids have been archived under the instructions of the 3E Command for security reasons. Detailed information are limited to personnel with a need-to-know basis.

Appendix ZH-228-5: Recovered Letters

A broken-page letter was recovered from WT-15704, which is written in Japanese with few Chinese characters. The translated version is shown below:

Mei5, my beloved

This time, I'm afraid that I cannot get away safely.

My beloved Mei of my lifetime, please forgive my impulsiveness of all time. I am always confident that as long as I have wisdom and courage, there is nothing impossible to accomplish. I never thought of this happening - Trying to save those who falls into the water, but getting drown in the same way.

Mei kun, I know I have failed all your persuasion and desperation, and I also understand how a heartbreak my martyrdom can bring to this day. I'm extremely sorry. I am always sure that I did the right thing, but my persistence is merely rewarded with tragedies of both you and me. Nonetheless, I also hope you remember that your former husband did sacrifice himself for the justice of people and die for the honor of Tsuipu. It is a misfortune that I cannot fight against the beasts and vipers of this era, and it is also because I didn't work hard enough.

Although, we can no longer stay together in this life, I still hope to see you again in the next reincarnation. Even if you cannot understand it before, I still hope that you can realize my will. In the future, don't just survive, you must live like a human, live your life with dignity and integrity.

We have no children, and none in the village can take care of you. As the era is so atrocious, I hope you can remarry, burn down our house and abandon all my property, staying away from Tsuipu. Do not claim to be Li Yingchuen's wife anymore. Stop falling for this fruitless relationship. If you remarry, please do not pray at my spirits nor sweep the gravestone for me. If you bear children, don't inform my spirit as well.

Thank you for your love and company along these days. My time has come. Please understand my last and deepest thoughts.

Husband, Yingchuen

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