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An active SCP-ZH-236-A instance.

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered SCP-ZH-236 instances are to be kept in individual packaging labelled by volume, and stored in standard containment lockers in Site-ZH-25.

The monitoring procedures have been proposed to be forwarded to the Japanese branch are not necessary. SCP-ZH-236 may be freely collected or used for experiments.

Description: From mid-January to mid-March (usually on the 16th), SCP-ZH-236 will be grown on a few specific cherry blossom trees (designated SCP-ZH-236-A) in ████████ Prefecture, Japan instead of normal blossoms. Active SCP-ZH-236-A instances appear as if they are normal cherry blossoms, but when SCP-ZH-236 instances come into contact with people or their clothes, the following effects will be felt:

  • Light depression
  • Attachment to the present, laments on the fact that they will eventually graduate / rotate jobs / part with the living
  • Willingness to discuss their thoughts
  • Contemplating on how they are viewed by others repeatedly
  • Expresses that they will eventually need to follow through on plans to leave repeatedly
  • Imagines how their classmates, colleagues, family and friends would be without them repeatedly

While the subject experiences these thoughts, SCP-ZH-236 will slowly fade in color, becoming gray within 10 minutes, the effect also ceasing. The subject retains memories of what have happened.

Following three years of consecutive surveillance measures with all streets sealed off, continued action has been forfeited.

Notes on forfeiting the containment of SCP-ZH-236:

Ethics Committee Meeting Summary
Senioritis1 is a feeling, similar to May sickness五月病, used to describe the hopelessness felt by senior students in high school before they are to graduate. There is no such phrase in Japan. There probably isn't one in Chinese either.

The mere effect of the anomaly is that it brings mild uncontrollable emotions. Emotions are already in ordinary people. Additionally, it blooms around when entrance exams are, and are positioned where they are effectively disguising themselves. I even think Senioritis exists due to it as a cause, and that we have arrived too late, but exaggerated speculation requires equally exceptional proof, that I don't have.

Through experiments A to D, very obviously the anomalous effects are not significant, and its effects are not long-lasting. What we need to protect here in this case are not the people, but the SCP itself. We don't have much to learn from it, it just isn't a very special SCP. We will let it live freely.

All traces of attention in the public has already been deleted. Due to its effects being of low danger and Japan also having a cultural understanding that all things have spirits in them (this is an over-simplification), the chances of it being explicitly noticed and for normalcy to be broken is extremely low. The costs of containment does not justify its causes.

About the proposal to forward the project to JA, they wouldn't want to be bothered by these small projects. We also shouldn't burn money on the anomalous effects that are barely anomalous. This is not the way to use resources.

I hope this SCP will be redesignated Explained. Until this is authorized, containment is not necessary at the moment.

2012 April 11th

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