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Item #: SCP-ZH-251

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance of SCP-ZH-251 is to be secured with two guards. Except for the staff in charge of excavation, the rest of personnel should not enter into SCP-ZH-251. Each SCP-ZH-251-1 is to be kept in Site-ZH-02 at first, and further research on them is needed to check if it possesses anomalous properties. Non-anomalous SCP-ZH-251-1 is to be transferred to site-26 for containment.

Description: SCP-ZH-251 was originally Archive Room No.16 on third floor in Site-ZH-02. The anomalous property of SCP-ZH-251 manifests as any downward excavation from within SCP-ZH-251 resulting in encounter with a soil horizon with unknown depth, where a great amount of Quin dynasty antiques (referred to as SCP-ZH-251-1 in the following paragraphs). All attempts to mine downward from SCP-ZH-251 to the top of the second floor of Site-ZH-02 failed. It is known that SCP-ZH-251 does not affect how the second and the third floor are connected.

Instances of SCP-ZH-251-1 were first found by the Foundation after five times of archaeological excavation. The items are named SCP-ZH-251-1-001 through SCP-ZH-251-1-3679. Analysis results indicate that a part of SCP-ZH-251-1 is related to groups of interest, and ten of them are proven anomalous. (For the details, check addendum A.)

SCP-ZH-251 was discovered during Site-ZH-02 renovation. The builders found that there were large quantity of yellow soil and a few ceramic fragments when remodeling the floor in SCP-ZH-251. The Foundation has administered Class A amnestics to the 5 builders involved in the renovation.

Investigation revealed that the purveyor who constructed SCP-ZH-251 employed concrete mixed with dicalcium silicate processed by Fan-guang Chemical. It is known that the purveyor acquired the material from "Qiang-Ji Building Materials Co, Ltd, also from which ██ bags of concrete in the batch under suspicion have been purchased by MTF "Shopping Crowds" and contained in storage in Site-ZH-02.

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