Item #: SCP-ZH-261

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: 33 instances of SCP-ZH-261 is cultivated in Site-ZH-31, harvested in a regular basis. The gained SCP-ZH-261 is to be processed into SCP-ZH-261-1 for long -term storage. Consumption of SCP-ZH-261 and SCP-ZH-261-1 without permission is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-ZH-261 is a batch of anomalous sugar cane, genetically identical as wild cane in New Guinea. The Foundation has managed to cultivate thirty three instances of SCP-ZH-261 from the original plant. Tests have revealed that the cultivated SCP-ZH-261 possess the same anomalies as the parent plant.

Sugar made from SCP-ZH-261, designated as SCP-ZH-261-1, causes interference and effects on thaumaturgical entities. Individuals consume1 SCP-ZH-261-1 are barely susceptible to reality warping effect caused by thaumaturgical entities. Individual differences are found in the exact intensity of this effect. Statistical analysis of the experiments shows that 85% of the consumers are able to neutralize effects approximately from EVE3.75 to 4.88 in the concentration. Such ability is to diminish after 8 hours.

Updated on 14/5/2018:

SCP-ZH-261-1 is also a tool of tactical theology. Consumption of SCP-ZH-261-1 jaggery with certain engraved pattern on it poses effect on the consumer's consciousness and behavior habits along with temporary strengthening their physical ability. The department of tactical theology in Facility-57 determines that the affected consumer's behavior is similar to the prominent deity in Cuban Vodú. Consumers may maintain the improved ability for three hours while suffer from permanent damage in brains, which has a 95% chance leading to early onset Alzheimer's disease and further death in 3 to 4 years. It is known that above-mentioned effects can be triggered via the pattern of crossed keys (represents Saint Peter) and a club with a carpenter's ruler (represents Saint Jude).2

Discovery: The item was discovered by a Foundation sleeper agent in The Cuban Ministry of Anomalies (MAC) in 1966. The retrieved internal information reveals that SCP-ZH-261-1 was added into diets, especially ice cream, of several dignitaries including Che Guevara and Castro. Cross-reference from Pentagram suggests that up to 1990, SCP-ZH-261 had countered at least 13 times of remote thaumaturgical targeted strikes, of various intensity, from Pentagram's paranormal agents.

Addendum-1: An excerpt from Oral Occult History: Aftermath of the Red Swords

Background: The following is an interview with Mr. █████. Mr. █████ is currently at the age of 85, resident of paranormal city "la Pequeña Habana", a disciple of Cuban Vodú, also a witness and survivor of the event "Night of the Red Swords" in Cuba.

(interview begin)

Zhang Daoshi: May you summarized the background then?

Mr. █████: It was about sixty years ago when Castro was just in power…

Mr. █████: He's a… paranoid governor. He spared no effort to defend his nation, but this also made him more horrible than demons in the hell, and that's why that event happened.

Zhang Daoshi: Was there any foreshadow before that event?

Mr. █████: No. Not at all. They just came, asked people whether they obey or not, and shot those who didn't obey.

Mr. █████: A crowded Vodú church could be about forty to fifty people there. But all were killed in just about ten minutes.

Zhang Daoshi: Did you secret society try to resist or prepared to?

Mr. █████: Yes. Many secret believers asked their houngan and mambo3for instructions. Several loa4 also intervened, but at the end it was in vain.

Zhang Daoshi: Why?

Mr. █████: Because it was not only us but also the opposite side doing this. Such intense things might cost the life of each of our houugans or bokors.

Mr. █████: But how about the opposite side? It did not cost so much for them. They need only eating an engraved sugar to have loa mount5 them.

Zhang Daoshi: Is it the sugar? (Displaying photos of SCP-ZH-261-1)

Mr. █████: Yes. They engrave different symbols of various loas before eating, at which point the loa mounts them.

Zhang Daoshi: You said that this kind of ritual is dangerous. Had they figured out the way to avoid the risks?

Mr. █████: There's never shortage of disposable human resource with complete obedience in army, am I wrong?

According to the interview, it is very likely that SCP-ZH-261-1 was employed in "Night of the Red Swords" massacre. Since most documentation concerning "Night of the Red Swords" was highly confidential information in the MAC and was destructed when the group dismissed, the particular methods of SCP-ZH-261-1 utilization has been unidentifiable. However, the above-mentioned interview also reveals that the item is possibly associated with Cuban local Vodú deities. Whether it has relationship with divine entities is still under investigation.

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