The image of SCP-ZH-282 was recorded by the head-mounted camera of Agent ███ during the recovery.

Item #: SCP-ZH-282

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-282 is contained in a Containment Unit of Non-human Organisms, Containment Zone 4, Site-ZH-16. A D-Class personnel with basic cooking skills should be provided to the item once every three days to ensure the continuous containment of the item. A "cooking skill instruction lecture" is held once a week to supplement the consumable personnel used to control the project. The blood stains and excrement in the containment room should be cleaned once every two weeks.

The containment unit should be equipped with cameras and voice communication equipment to facilitate the research, monitoring, communication and exchange of the project by the researchers. All voice communication equipment in the containment room are to be cancelled; the walls of the containment room should be made of sound-proof materials and sound-absorbing sponges. If the personnel is to enter and leave the containment room on the basis of need, one should wear standard sound-proof earmuffs to avoid recurrence of adverse incidents.

Description: SCP-ZH-282 is a one-armed, two-fingered humanoid creature with a height of 2.26 meters. It has only a food inlet on its head and can be widely opened. The item has the hind limbs of imbalanced size compared with the right forelimb. The item feeds on humans, and will utilize the two fingers of the right forelimb to clamp and fixed through the victim's abdomen before consuming the prey.

SCP-ZH-282 has linguistic ability, and can communicate with simple Hokkien Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese. The item claims itself to be a "picky gourmet", and tasting "top delicacies" is its motivation and goal for survival. It is worth noting that when there are multiple humans to choose from, SCP-ZH-282 always prefers to choose humans with cooking skills or relatively superb cooking skills as its targets.

When SCP-ZH-282 has not eaten for a long time1 or encounter danger, it will emit sound waves with anomalous effects from the oral cavity. Any organisms exposed to this sound wave for over 3 minutes will gain the urge of pica2 and cannibalism. The abnormal effect of the sound wave cannot be completely blocked, and can only be slightly alleviated by means of sound-proof walls, sound-absorbing sponges, soundproof earmuffs, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to try to avoid causing the project to produce such sound waves.

Appendix ZH-282.1: Discovery

SCP-ZH-282 has attracted the attention of the Foundation due to multiple consecutive homicides and missing events in Tainan City, Taiwan, from February to April 2016. Investigators and local law enforcement agencies formed a joint investigation team. SCP-ZH-282 was found and recovered at the ████ Bento3 Store on Zhonghua Road on May 13th. At the moment of first encounter event, the item was pulling the head of the outfield clerk out of his body with his spine. After the operation, amnestic agents and intelligence operations were administered to witnesses and civilians who was aware of the situation.

Appendix ZH-282.2: Interview Logs

Interviewer: Researcher Yao Zhou, Site-ZH-16
Interviewee: SCP-ZH-252
Date: 2016/6/27
Foreword: The purpose of this interview is to confirm SCP-ZH-252's ability to communicate and understand its motivations.

《Start of Record》

SCP-ZH-282: ……Tomato scrambled egg, hot pot noodles, xiaolongbao…. hehe, hoho, haha……

Researcher Zhou: Hello, SCP-ZH-282.

SCP-ZH-282: (head facing the sound source)…Mixed fried rice? Hee hee hee.

Researcher Zhou: Okay, although I don't think it is necessary, but the instruction suggests that I should conduct an interview with you (the sound of turning the pages) So, according to the previous record, you claim to be "food lover"?

SCP-ZH-282: (Nodding vigorously) Gaahaha! David! Food lover! Picky gourmet!

Researcher Zhou: Then can you provide an explanation for your attack and cannibalism?

SCP-ZH-282: David tastes good food! Gah Gah! David wants to taste top-class food! (Hand dancing and wavering)

Researcher Zhou: So your definition of food is human flesh? The clerk of ████ Milkfish Porridge? The cook of ████ Minced Pork Rice? The owner of a ████ Hot Fried Shop? Are they the so-called top-class food?

SCP-ZH-282: (laughing wildly) Hahahaha! Fried tofu chicken wings! Salt-grilled mackerel! Tstststs smells so good! So delicious hahahaha!

Researcher Zhou: I think I have heard enough. (away from the microphone) The interview is over.

SCP-ZH-282: Roast duck with rock sugar sauce! Snake broth! Saucy Griddle! Haha! Ahahaha!

《End of Record》

Appendix ZH-282.3: Experimental Record

Considering that the containment of SCP-ZH-282 may lead to over-consumption of available resources, a series of experiments is performed to confirm the item's acceptance on meats other than human flesh, aiming to find other possible alternatives.

Experiment Record ZH-282.3-a

Date: 2016/9/30

Purpose: To observe SCP-ZH-282's acceptance and possible response to organisms other than humans.

Process: D-class personnel led a beef cattle into the containment unit under the supervision of two agents.

Result: SCP-ZH-282 directly attacked D-class personnel and swallowed him.

Note: "Why didn't we expect that it would eat that D-class first? Well, the cattle got in as well after all. Let's wait until it's hungry next time to see if it will eat that cattle." — Researcher Yao Zhou

Experimental Record ZH-282.3-b

Date: 2016/9/30

Purpose: Continuation of Experiment Record ZH-282.3-a.

Process: Wait until the next diet of SCP-ZH-282 and observe the interaction pattern between SCP-ZH-282 and the beef cattle left in the containment chamber.

Result: SCP-ZH-282 maintains its previous behavior pattern, completely ignoring the beef cattle during the period. The observation continued until the fourth day, when SCP-ZH-282 began to emit anomalous sound waves. Agents sent D-class personnel prepared in advance into the containment chamber for consumption, evacuating the beef cattle from the containment chamber.

Note 1: The results of subsequent animal experiments are almost consistent to the result of Experiment ZH-282.3-b. SCP-ZH-282 has shown no further interest to flesh of organisms other than humans.

Note 2: "The item usually will recite names of a variety of dishes over and over again, I am curious whether the item show responses to properly cooked cuisines?" — Researcher Zhou

Experimental Record ZH-282.3-f

Date: 2016/10/23

Purpose: To test SCP-ZH-282's response to cooked food.

Process: The cooked food is sent to the containment room through the remote-controlled dining cart. The food on the dining car includes: a plate of Mapo tofu, a bowl of curry rice, a plate of iron pan fried noodles with mixed sauce, a box of 12-inch bacon smoked chicken pizza, a plate of fried oysters omelet, and a bowl of pork meatball soup.

Results: SCP-ZH-282's behavior remained unchanged, even knocking down the dining cart while it wandered in the containment chamber, emitting anomalous sound waves at the scheduled time.

Note: "So damn wasted." — Researcher Zhou

Experimental Record ZH-282.3-g

Date: 2016/11/7

Purpose: To test whether D-class personnel without cooking skills can be used as containment methods to save the exploitation of D-class professional personnel resources.

Process: SCP-ZH-282 suddenly started coughing and vomiting violently after consuming the D-class personnel, and raised his head to cast abnormal sound waves.

Results: The anamalous sound wave caused the personnel in Containment Area 4, Site-ZH-16 to immediately have the urge to cannibalize and pica, indirectly causing the containment breach of several Euclid-class non-human organisms in the area. After SCP-ZH-282 broke through the containment chamber and swallowed Agent ███ and Researcher Yao Zhou, it ceased emitting the anamolous sound waves. The re-containment mission of this containment breach was carried out by MTF-Imperial Guard-9 "Guan-Jian-Sho (Divine Guard Captains)".

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