Picture of unactivated zh310-AP-4 protein. The red circle indicates SCP-ZH-310 domain. The top in the picture is a binding site for nano particles of beryllium bronze.

Item #: SCP-ZH-310

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-ZH-310 in molecular biology, it is impossible and unnecessary to prevent or contain its existence in an extra extent. Departments concerned should spend containment resources supervising research studies on in vitro stable misfolded protein structures, non functional genes and epigenetics along with monitoring if there are academic articles with technical terms related to anomalous abilities, such as "reality bending", "ontokinetic" and "biological Einstein-Rosen Bridge1" in order to prevent civilian from discovering the anomalous effects of SCP-ZH-310 derived proteins.

If a concerned research study starts, Class C amnestics are to be administered to the research team, and memetic agents are to be implanted into the related realm, in order to preserve the normalcy in public cognition.

Biochemical examinations conducted by the Foundation to anomalous humanoids are to be expanded with assessments related to SCP-ZH-310, including but not limited to species of SCP-ZH-310 derived proteins, unit density, activity of specimens, RSCR2. Information with more details has been announced on the website of the Medical Association of the Foundation, allowed for researchers in concerned fields with class 2 clearance or above to access.

Site facilities related with anomalous humanoids in the Foundation English branch (such as Site-17, Site-66, Site-88) should send a biochemistry report about of currently-contained anomalous humanoids to Site-ZH-44, the Foundation Biomedical Association and Biochemical Society of the Foundation for research study reference.

Zh310-AP-4b-ar, a new-type mnestic developed by Site-ZH-44 collaborated with Antimemetics Division, is allowed to be applied under [REDACTED].
It is unsupported to reinforce and improve the expression of SCP-ZH-310 in any humanoids, and so is drug study.

Description: SCP-ZH-310 is a protein domain, with which a series of proteins can perform anomalous properties. It is found in a cross comparison between cranial nerves of regular humans and those of 45 anomalous entities. There have been eight members found in this family. To see them all, check the list of SCP-ZH-310 derivatives.

Expression of SCP-ZH-310 is regulated with several established biochemical mechanisms in human, and therefore it is rare to form an actual anomaly. The genes corresponding to SCP-ZH-310 is usually viewed as non-coding locus3 under circumstances consistent with modern models in biology, and with common epigenetic4 practices5, 94% of its transcription6 has been repressed, making it nearly impossible to express in a regular person.

Even if SCP-ZH-310 manages to go through translation7 and folding8 modification where the tertiary structures9 are formed, there are still up to 99.2% chance of being degraded10 as a misfolded protein in proteasome11. Only 0.8% population of people has their body not treat it as a misfolded one and retain the domain, leading it to become an anomalous protein.

As the intensity of SCP-ZH-310 expression is limited on the large scale, only 45% among those individuals who can steadily express SCP-ZH-310 would eventually transform themselves into anomalous entities.

Retrospective studies have proved that ███ instances of objects contained by the Foundation is capable of steadily expressing SCP-ZH-310 and its derivatives. Such instances account for 74% of humanoid anomalous entities currently in the Foundation containment.

List of SCP-ZH-310 derivatives

Item Location Affect Remark
zh310-AP-1 Distributed mainly in ██ and ██ areas of prefrontal cortex, sporadically sacrum, thymus and sacral ganglia Large accumulation of the protein can lead the hume reading in a human body to increase, and meanwhile decrease hume reading of the human body surround, resulting in reality instability It can be detected in each known specimens of reality bending entities that is available for assessment.
zh310-AP-1b Distributed sporadically in ██ and ██ areas of prefrontal cortex, mainly sacrum, thymus and sacral ganglia 310-AP-1 and it are the antagonist of each other. It can balance the hume readings of human body and that of surroundings into the same level. (error < 30 centihume) Given that it possesses the property similar to reality anchors, check addendum ZH-310-1 for further information.
zh310-AP-2 Distributed in ██, ██, ██, ██ areas of prefrontal cortex. It may release certain electro signals and connect to other organisms around, leading to partially control on the organisms' brain neuro transduction. A proposal to reclassify it into another SCP object with Keter class has been submitted. Check addendum ZH-310-2 for further information.
zh310-AP-3 Distributed sporadically in extremity nerve ending synapses and motor end plate, and ██ area in the brain. In vitro12 indicates it carries the effect of making time-space distortion and changing gravity fields. There are no human instance performs obvious outer effects so far. Highly consistent with lipoprotein of SCP-4850 instances. Further researches have been requested.
zh310-AP-4 Distributed sporadically in █ area of the parietal lobe, ██ area of the occipital lobe and the hippocampus.; largely accumulated in SCP-073's brain. The core of the domain can carry a nano beryllium bronze molecule. It can induce resistance against various cognitohazard, memetic hazard, antimemetic hazard, and it increases long-term memory ability by 53%. The Foundation [REDACTED] Division has requested a collaboration research project to develop Class C mnestic, pending approval from Site-ZH-44 Site Director, [REDACTED].
zh310-AP-5 Distributed in blood vessel epithelial cells and connective tissues, or homogeneously generalized distribution if it can be produced into the adequate amount. It can improve the chimerism between organic material and metal particles, and promotes release of an unknown cytokine, reducing immune rejection. Research on its expression in anomalous entities belonging to WAN sect.
zh310-AP-6 Largely existing in epithelial cells and cortical α and β cell of SCP-3480's abdominal radio emitting organ13. The frequency emitted by the organ can significantly increase the expression and survival of SCP-ZH-310 in cells. (p=0.03)


Addendum-ZH-310-1: Proposal for Protocol NINHURSAG

Given that the SCP-ZH-310 derivative, zh310-AP-1b possesses potential reality stabilizing capability, the former responsible person, Dr. Zymosan submitted a request for project fund to the main branch of the Foundation on █/█/████ along with research team of Site-ZH-44, in order to understand and intensify zh310-AP-1b expression, minimizing cognition posed by reality bending on people. The proposal was eventually rejected.

Addendum-ZH-310-2: Project Moonset

In the test on NASHAE15, the Foundation found SCP-1000 instances carrying zh310-AP-2 of a level significantly higher than Homo sapiens and other samples. (p=0.015)

██/██/████, Dr. Flavir and three researchers from Site-ZH-44 was invited into Project Moonset.

Addendum-ZH-310-3:[DATA EXPUNGED]

Incident Recording

Incident ZH-310-1:

6/3/2019, in Site-ZH-44 occurred a security event, where D-243726 neutralized memetic kill agents in the facility. After the security personnel's arrival, D-243726 was accidentally terminated with shots. Autopsy reports revealed that there was a great amount of beryllium bronze found within the interior of blood vessels and the brain. Further study confirmed that it was a homologue of zh310-AP-4b, a SCP-ZH-310 derivative, consistent with the mnestic developed by the Division of [REDACTED] collaborated with Site-ZH-44.

After the incident, Dr. Surge, the Site Director conducted an interview with Dr. Zymosan, the responsible person for SCP-ZH-310 when the incident occurred.

Dr. Zymosan resigned two weeks after the interview, received standard amnestic procedures for resigning personnel of the Foundation. The responsible person for the object is currently Dr. Flavir.

Incident ZH-310-2:

In inventory on █/█/2019, zh-310-4b sample was found missing. Site security camera provided no further clue. The Foundation is tracking Dr. Zymosan's whereabouts. The search is ongoing.

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