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Item#: SCP-ZH-338

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-ZH-338 is currently contained at section E12 in basement level 4 of Site-ZH-09. To prserve the item, it is optimal that the storage is kept dry and cold. Inside containment cell is an electromagnetic coil, through which a magnetic field of 0.12T is to be excerted on SCP-ZH-338 for emergency condition. Any staff directly contacts with SCP-ZH-338 is to submit a report elaborating fetish of themselves; if there is any development of new fetish, psychiatric security division is to be informed as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-ZH-338 is a machine mimicking a primate left arm, with its root fixed on a non-anomalous solid metal 75cm cube. SCP-ZH-338 is mainly made of bronze, most surfaces of which is oxidated into verdigris. Except for smooth spheres visible at movable joints, most of the epidermal layer is covered with scale-like metal peices. A thin membrane made of gold connects proximal interphalangeal joints of the four fingers and interphalangeal joint of the thumb, forming a webbed hand. Structure of the thumb indicates SCP-ZH-338 might be based on human's hand.

SCP-ZH-338 is sentient and powered with unknown means. Once a primate sex organ, either male or female, comes into its vicinity, SCP-ZH-338 would be autonomously activated and attempts to stimulate the subject's sex organ in a form of hand masterbation until the subject disentangled itself or comes to an orgasm.1 It does not react to models mimiking sex organ, but to corpse, organ removed from living subject, or organ specimen at a probability of 30%. When no subject present, every join of SCP-ZH-338 would be loose enough to be easily moved along anatomical range of motion. When SCP-ZH-338 is shut in a megnetic field of any direction with intensity being approxiamtely 0.1T, the item will remain dormant even if subject meeting the condition present; however it is unknown if this precedure suppressed its sentient or power (or both).

Addendum 1: SCP-ZH-338 was first discovered in a shipwreck at Taitong offshore sea bed. A private treasure hunting group located a merchant ship sunken due to pirate assault; SCP-ZH-338 was acquired and unintentionally activated during their salvage of valuables. The Foundation then recovered the item and administered amnestics to witness crew. Literature review revealed that the Commission on Unusual Cargo of British East India Company2 stored a letter likely related to the item. Source of the letter have been untraceable. Half of it was written in Dutch consistent with the style in 18-19th century, the other half was in an unknown language likely to be a variant of Nāgarī script3.4 The translatable portion of the letter is as follow:

Dear Ambassador Jugher from McZell Abyss,

[REDACTED] … Please do not worry about the pirate on Maartlang Plain; we have modern firearms which can easily destroy the primitive barbarian. As for your inquiry, in the previous letter, on having us supply machine dolls of Carter Brothers5 in a lower price, unfortuanately, we had provided Bruid van Huygens6 with plenty of discount, besides such sophisticated artifact is never a mass product. However, you mentioned, in the same letter, that your major objective is to deplete energy from the residents of Abyss in order to hold growing population down. I had talked with my colleague and found out that your demand can be fullfilled without a life-size doll. Though lack a delicate appearance as Carter's machanic dolls, this good can make anyone fascinated to inorganic metal. We will send three samples of autonomous mechanic arm dedicated to deplete energy from people by the next shipment. Please reply if you are willing to purchase them when they arrive…[REDACTED]


The letter was attained with a sketch, which, while being referred to as a picture for sample, was significantly different from actual appearance of SCP-ZH-338.

Addendum 2: Various primates and D-class personnel have been experienced with SCP-ZH-338. Subjects reached orgasm in experiments all developed unusuall fetish and masterbation manner. The experienced animals have a declined sexual drive toward individuals of opposite sex, but get a tendency of being arousal to mechanic compartment7.

Giving amnestic to make subject lost memory related to the item might suppress such tendency in a short run, but there are about ten percent of all cases flared up and became more affressive. This implies the SCP-ZH-338 could cause permanent psychiatric effect on subjects though giving prophylatic amnestics in 3 hours prior or post experiment can be effective on prevention from such effect. The case number of human subjects is not enough to have a conclusion, but manifest a result similar to aimal models. One of the significant cases is as follow:

Interview Log

Forewords: D-11523 (Male) is one of the human subjects who managed to reach orgasm in the first series of SCP-ZH-338 stimulation tests. The following is an log of regular psychiatric security checks of the D-class one week after the test.


D-11523: I feel that I become a little…weird.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: What's the problem?

D-11523: It's…quite hard to talk about. I start to become arousal to some weird things.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: You mean sexual arousal?

D-11523: Yeah, yes. I… erected to some weird things.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: What kind of things exactly?

D-11523: Not sure… I guess it's because of the magical masterbation toy you had me use. It comes to my mind whenever I think of any gears or metal frames, and I can't help but get hard.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Please continue.

D-11523: I had told you I usually masterbate once a week, right? Doctor. But…

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Did the frequency changed?

D-11523: Yes. The frequency became twice a day. And I… [Facepalm]

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Don't worry. Just say it.

D-11523: I was wearing a watch, and go to toilet myself. No need of porn video or magazine, I… [Silence]

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Well… then, let's talk about your recent fantacy. Is it all about the masterbation tool you tested?

D-11523: It's hard to explain.


D-11523: I thought of the robot hand initially. But it became operating cog wheels gradually… I imagine I was stucked in two or three cog wheels, and was grained into meat paste by them… [Pause] That's not normal, right?

[DATA EXPUNGED]: I've seen a lot of people with various fetish; there are actually more gear-lovers than you thought. But twice a day is a little too frequent. I'll give a medicine; it should be effective to suppress your sexual desire. Is there any other problems?

D-11523: No. Thank you.

Afterwords: Given C-class amnestics after the interview, the D-class was comfirmed, through European Exam, to have lost every event memory withing the period from the SCP-ZH-338 test to being dosed. He was then transferred to intensive observation faculty and assigned to a single-man room. No event in the initial month after dosing; the masterbation frequency and surpporting material returned to that before the test. However an urinary track infection occurred due to [REDACTED] on the 67th day after dosing.

Since anomalous results present in animal experiments and D-class tests, chief of the staff requests that every personnel contacted with SCP-ZH-338 sohuld undergo proper psychiatric analysis afterwards.

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