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Welcome to the Site-ZH-11 database

Search for file: SCP-ZH-418

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    I/O-SILVER detected System Exception, recovery in progress……
    File not found: SCP-ZH-418

Search for file: ZH-418

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    I/O-SILVER detected System Exception, recovery in progress……
    File not found: SCP-ZH-418

close I/O-SILVER

Invalid command, I/O-SILVER cannot be turned off in order to protect the database from abnormalities and to ensure data consistency.
Suggestion: The system can generate a time-limited bypass to a separate database to override some of the retrieval and protection procedures.


Forced bypassing of I/O-SILVER may result in database errors, outputting incorrect or out-of-date files.

Please enter the passcode to execute the bypass command.

Does the Black Moon Howl?

Confirm generate bypass

Yes or no, what we seek is not the Answer but the Truth

Passcode confirmed, bypass number: ZHS11FB7T14U41421142211613692, 30 minutes left to validate.




Found file backup SCP-ZH-418 (last backup date: 1972/10/11)

File #: SCP-ZH-418

Presumptive anomaly Class: Safe or Euclid

Provisional Containment Procedures: Two security guards are disguised as site guards to prevent civilians from entering. Rumors of a haunted site are spread to reduce the possibility of illegal infiltration.

Basic Anomaly Description: SCP-ZH-418 is a man-made underground space located at No. 321, Section 2, Guangfu Road, East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan (formerly the Taiwan Government-General Natural Gas Research Institute). The concealed entrance door was discovered on the western wall of a storage room on the ground floor on 25 September during an inspection while renovation works were ongoing. During the discovery, a construction worker was seriously injured; the injured body parts affected by the anomaly were amputated and attributed to an industrial accident.

Brief Report of Exploration:


The space behind the door has a compound anomalous effect where light fades rapidly (the rate of fading should be exponentially related to the brightness, with a 50 lumen and 100 lumen torch illuminating a distance of about 20 cm).

On the left wall of the illuminated area is a small metal sign inscribed with the words "SCP財団SCP Foundation, 怪奇部門Department of Abnormalities, 新竹州司令部兼研究所Hsinchu State Command and Laboratory" and below it, there is a barely discernible Japanese text on what appears to be the remnants of an incompletely torn poster, meaning "Visitors from the Imperial Japanese [illegible] Agency, please register at [illegible] first".

It is also suspected that there was an anomaly with the removal of water from the space, presumably resulting in a completely dry and dehydrated injury to the discoverer's right hand and a suspected burn to the nose of a dog accompanying the finder.


Based on the evidence, a record of a similar type of intelligence blockade array was found in IJAMEA's post-war recovery documents. The breaking 破除 operation began with the help of the seconded Japanese branch's expert [REDACTED].


At about 1.7m into the breaking operation, a completely dry finger was found and the operation was temporarily suspended due to the expert's discomfort. A left forearm, mummified on a length of 30 cm from the palm of the hand, as well as other fully decomposed ones, is revealed by pulling out the finger. Subsequent attempts to salvage a two-meter radius of the space centered on the area where the finger was found yielded the following results:

  • One male skeleton
  • Five bones of an unknown species
  • One broken maggot of an unknown species
  • One fully burnt lighting rod (should be sent in for testing on 30 September)

1972/10/06 (Brief report of skeletal examination)

The skeleton was recovered and identified as a 1.92m Caucasian male deceased in 1945, with multiple signs of crude fracture repair, and the mummified left hand showed a brand of "新竹Hsinchu GB 008" and fingernails that had been completely removed by wear.


A request for a complete list of British troops presumed killed in action on the East Asia Front in World War II has been submitted to the main site


The expert was not able to attend the breaking operation on site due to ill health and only gave remote guidance by telephone.

After an extra 30cm of breaking, the array was completely removed. There was an extremely strong stench coming from the space behind, causing discomfort to five people. Half a meter behind the array was an iron door that had been pulled inward. The 8cm thick body of the latter had been pierced with a hole approximately 10cm in diameter and 10cm below the handle and was covered in scratches, with a large number of bone fragments and blood scattered around it. Behind the door is a 20 by 15 by 5 meter space with approximately 20 skeletons, a few empty cans and some used first aid supplies, and traces of two fires. The door on the opposite side was blocked by a gigantic corpse mixed with the aforementioned maggots (the maggot-like creature appears not to be completely dead given its slight response to light).

Further exploration will need to await the removal of this corpse.


All investigations on SCP-ZH-418 have to be stopped immediately and all relevant documents are now transferred to the Site-168 Preparatory Committee database.
The right to investigate the anomaly and the management of the building will be transferred to Site-168.
All remaining document backups need to be destroyed.


Finished reading, closing the bypass and resetting the standalone database

Command confirmed

Search file: No. 321, Sec. 2, Guangfu Road, East District, Hsinchu City

The location is the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the ground floor of which is currently one of the front corporation offices of Site-168.

Make an appointment on visiting Site-168_

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