Item number: SCP-ZH-446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-446 should be kept immersed in a 2m*0.95m*0.67m, sealed transparent water tank filled with formalin liquid.And every 2 days, a single personnel with a security clearance level below level 2 should be instructed to observe and record the current state of SCP-ZH-446, monitoring whether it has further decayed.If any events of containment tank leakage, in order to perform experiments on SCP-ZH-446 open the containment tank, fill or replace the internal solution and other similar events, Level III Biohazard Agreement shall be applied.If a serious leakage occurs on the containment tank, it should be regarded as a level IV biological hazard, personnel must immediately notify the HMCL supervisor on duty.

The Foundation should continuously monitor sightings similar to SCP-ZH-446 in the public.

Description: SCP-ZH-446 is the carcass of a living object with an appearance similar to Phasmatodea insects (stick bugs). However, it is worth noting that the size of SCP-ZH-446 is approximately 21 times larger than the typical size of Phasmatodea insects, and the entity does not possess any physiological structure of an ordinary Phasmatodea. Instead, it is replaced by a set of human organs1.Foundation biologists had point out that the rib structure of SCP-ZH-446 was compressed into a longer and narrower shape, the internal organs were also proportionally reduced to fit the smaller chamber space.Further more, SCP-ZH-446 developed a second pair of shoulder blades and arm limbs at the 12th thoracic vertebrae, and the head and neck also was turned 180 degrees around.2.

On June 1, 2001, the local police force of ████ received a report alleging that a residence had been emitting a strong stench for several days, and police officers were later sent to investigate the scene. According to a recovered investigation report, police forcibly entered the residence due to no one answering the door inside, and found a few corpses scattered on the ground inside the house. After piecing together, it was confirmed that the corpses were from the same person, but the identity was unrecognizable. SCP-ZH-446 was discovered in the bedroom of the residence during the investigation. The object showed no signs of life upon discovery , and a 25 cm long wound was found on the left side of the abdomen. After the item was successfully recovered. Simple interviews with residents in the vicinity of the area and Class A amnestics were administered to these personnel. The police officer who carried out the investigation had also implemented Class B amnestics on examinations after duty.

Addendum:recovered material doc-3342

The following content is from an unsigned diary recovered during the investigation. It is speculated that the owner of this dairy is the owner of the residence, ██. The man had a pediatric clinic, but from street interviews we know that the clinic was temporarily closed half a month before the incident. According to rumors, it was due to his poor physical condition. Since the sightings in the past half month indicated that Fang ██ did not go anywhere far from his residence, and had no trace of going out 9 days before the incident, it was concluded that he died during this period of time. After sorting out, irrelevant information has been cut off.

A new face came here today , he complained of dizziness, sore throat, cough, runny nose, and skin itch ,appeared to be some kind of allergies. After questioning, I learned that he went out for a run a few days ago, and started to feel unwell when he came back. Some rales were heard in the lungs, and the throat is a bit inflamed. Probably pollen allergies. Should recover by staying away from allergens and taking the medicines. But according to him he always go for a run in the wild, this is still an unique case for him. He said he hasn't encountered any bug stings but this still could be a possibility. Huh, I wonder what that could be?

The sir from last time, the allergies guy, but seems like not an allergy now. This is both interesting and not in the same time. His case worsened, his mental condition became less optimistic, his skin was very red and swollen, and scratch wounds were found in some places on his skin. Fixed the med amount, and suggested him to go to the hospital if things didnt change or further worsen. Though he is a stubborn person, he just thought he had a small cold, hope he’ll know how bad he looked. Ah poor guy, what is the thing that caused your suffering? I really don’t know.
By the way, has he gotten a bit thinner since last time?

Today is a bit shitty, it's that one guy from last time. Needless to say, his condition worsened, it’s obvious even to my naked eye, and he really got a lot thinner. He wore a jacket, the sickness must be very uncomfortable for him. But when I let him take off his jacket, maybe of a sudden immense movement, he vomited all over me, then he just, welp, ran. This is not rare, but it really took some time to clean and disinfect the clinic, and I still remember the awful sour smell. Maybe I am wrong but, his skin looks……..Green? Asked the counter but they said they didn’t see it clearly.

This matter is like a haze covering my heart. I don't understand, what caused his situation? No, there are too many things that cannot be explained in this world. Maybe I should relax and wish him a speedy recovery.
Haha just joking, I really have to pull some time to ask people nearby.

Today was a terrible weekend. I felt something wrong when I was working last night. And today I just took a rest … for the whole morning. I took medicine and I’m okay for now, but sick leave is impossible, at least for today. I wonder… could it be that? Perhaps, but whatever, I have to recover as soon as possible. But still for insurance purposes, I have to take a day off tomorrow, the clock is ticking.

Immense pain.

I began to understand the symptoms. He coughed so much just wanting to vomit his entire throat, because they grew on it. The skin is too, it feels like something is moving under my skin, no one can bear this tourture. I don't know why but I haven't eaten for several days, and I still can’t feel hunger. But why am I not thirsty? I touched my stomach , it sank, I could only touch my ribs. I want to wash the mucus on my body away, but I’m not able to crawl to the bathroom.
He was indeed green

I [covered by unknown material, presumably a mixture of blood and respiratory secretions]

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