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Item#: zh-545
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-545 is to be contained in a 10x10x30 m3 aerial specimen containment unit, with the internal design under supervision of the caring team. The diet for item should include regular fish, crustacean and anti-parasitic medications. Feeding should be done twice per day. Item is allowed to request scribing tools and entertainment that are not connected to the internet under the permission of the research lead and security director of the site. Item is to undergo physiological evaluation on a weekly basis, all biological research reports of ZH-545 should be sent to and stored in Site-ZH-44.

Sedatives are to be administrated under the circumstances of item displaying hostile behaviors, accompanied by detention punishment for 48 hours. To avoid hostile behavior, all personnel with needs of communicating and/or engaging in contact activities with the item are required to hold basic knowledge of prehistoric pterosaurian lifeforms, also avoid referring to the item as "a dinosaur" or other flying zoological species (such as birds or bats).

Revision on 04/██/2020: All personnel coming into contact with the item is to equip level-2 biochemical protection suit, accompanied with sanitizing procedures and parasitic examination when entering and exiting the containing unit.

Description: SCP-ZH-545 is a masculine biological entity with the morphological features consistent with extinct reptilian species Pterodactylus antiquus and sapience identical to a human being. SCP-ZH-545 is covered with fur of gray and white hue. The item has sharp fangs in the scarlet, black-striped beak, under healthy conditions the iris color of the item is cyan. Its sagittal length is 0.65m while the wings extend to 1.3m wide.

SCP-ZH-545 is able to utilize several different human languages, with German being its main preference. The item introduces itself as "Herr Fliegenzahn" or "Sir Fly-Teeth" in Mandarin. How the item produces human vocalization remains unknown. SCP-ZH-545 possesses in-depth paleontological knowledge over the 1980s standards, and devotes itself to spread or correct the common public misunderstandings in the aforementioned academic realm. While the item is generally friendly towards human beings, when a person makes scientifically incorrect statements of the item's biological identity (such as calling the item "a dinosaur"), the item would consequently attack the person by pecking or biting.

SCP-ZH-545 is well adapted to the social structure of modern human civilizations, and claimed to have lived in 13 countries in the year of [REDACTED]. The item is also seemingly associated with a few other SCP items.

SCP-ZH-545 carries a species of unknown parasitic lifeform, defined as SCP-ZH-545-P. It is speculated to come from the geological era parallel to the species Pterodactylus sp. SCP-ZH-545-P has been confirmed to be infectious to humans. Further researches are ongoing in Sector-IM, Site-ZH-44. Refer to Addendum-ZH-545-02 for detailed information of SCP-ZH-545-P.

Recovery: On 03/██/2020, the Foundation intercepted the report from civilian tourists at Tai-Yuan region of Taitung County, Taiwan. The report indicated that the tourists "witnessed something resembling a pterosaur in the movies, but sized like an eagle." Mobile Task Force Women's-Bed-12 "Tataciw1 of the Skydome" was deployed for containment actions. In the beginning, the item attempted to flee between the jungle woods, but later changed its attitude, displaying cooperation with the task force agents, compliant of being contained.

Oh dear, we got a pterosaur that talks. - The first report from MTF Agent Eel after coming in contact with the item.

Witnesses were administrated with Class-C amnestics after successful containment of the item. Local residents of the region have been presumably aware and have already developed false recognition of the item, as elders of the village called the item "Pih-pih" in Amis as it "can flap the wings and fly." Gaseous Class-F amnestics have been deployed over the tribe, and a false statement of the creature "being a hurt vulture" has been provided. The item (SCP-ZH-545) was escorted to Site-ZH-44 to be interviewed shortly after.

Interview Log ZH-545-01
Interviewer: Researcher Axi, Site-ZH-44
Interviewee: SCP-ZH-545

[Extract of Log starts]

Axi: Hello, ZH-545, how do you feel now?

SCP-ZH-545: (a breif high-pitched howl) I think it is acceptable, should those guards treat me more gently. My wings are too delicate to be tormented. You shall call me Herr Fliegenzahn, or Sir Fly-Teeth.

Axi: I apologize, for it is the rule to only call you by the number you're assigned, if you don't mind.

SCP-ZH-545: Na gut.2 It's not my first time to be studied by human beings. Your confusion is totally understandable.

Axi: Yes. So the report shows that you are a… pterodactyl?

SCP-ZH-545: Ja. Ein Stolz Pterodactylus.3

Axi: I thought you would be bigger.

SCP-ZH-545: Oh? Oh, young miss, do you mean my far relatives like Pteranodon or Quetzalcoatlus? No no no, Pterodactylus is Pterodactylus. We were always this big. You must have been misled by those false, vulgar social media, aren't you?

Axi: Uhh, probably. I don't study much on dinosaurs—-

SCP-ZH-545: (an abrupt, loud, and sharp scream) Preposterous! We are not dinosaurs! WE, ARE, NOT, DINOSAURS!

Axi: (slightly backing off, cover her own head with the file board) Oh. I thought —-

SCP-ZH-545: Thought that we are the same with those Dinosaurian species? You have made a BIG MISTAKE, Dame.4 (the item briefly lifts off and landed on the high stool for the interview again.) I shall apologize for my indecent behavior, Dame. It is just too frustratingly easy for humans to confuse Pterosauria with Dinosauria.

Axi: Okay, I apologize for my… previous misunderstanding. So. Pterosauria? (gestures to the item with the pen.)

SCP-ZH-545: Ja. Please do not make the same mistake again. It is like identifying a man as a porcupine. I would consider it to be significantly awkward.

Axi: I see…… Where did you come from, Jurassic? Or you were created by mankind?

SCP-ZH-545: From my ancient, natural homeland. I discovered humans by accident, and by the time I realized that it was me to be in the wrong era, my way home had been no longer available. It was around [REDACTED] if you're willing to know.

Axi: That was really a long period of time.

SCP-ZH-545: It was, was it not? It crossed over 1.5 billion years.

[Extract of Log Ends]

Note: Obviously, this thing does not like to be called "a dinosaur". Indeed, pterosaurs are not scientifically in the same biological plane with real dinosaurs. It might be a little fastidious, but I do hope personnel in this project can show some "respect" to this reptile of political correctness, alas, it is for your own safety. —- Researcher Axi

Further interviews have revealed that SCP-ZH-545 used to know SCP-1867 and "kept a period of 'frenemy' relationship with him, until he was taken by a group of people wearing white protection clothing. Never see him after that." The item seemed to acquaint SCP-317 as well. It verbally stated "What a joy to know that dull researcher is gone.", yet its tone and body language indicate contradictory emotions. Further investigation on the relationship between SCP-ZH-545 and other potential SCP items is ongoing.

Addendum-ZH-545-01: Requests From SCP-ZH-055

Up to this moment, SCP-ZH-545 has requested several tools related to writing and reading. These requests include:

  • One box of round-head markers. The item used them to draw or write on the walls of the containing unit.
  • One German-Mandarin dictionary.
  • One Justice and the Politics of Difference in German, written by 20th-century American socialist feminist Iris Marion Young.
  • Several English paleontological essays discussing the origin of Pterosauria and Dinosauria. The item asked for documents only after 2010, stating that the references before the year "have been read or useless for me."
  • One old-fashioned typewriter
  • One Veterinary Parasitology in German.
  • Several films and documentation of the prehistoric topic, including Jurassic Park / World series and Walking With Dinosaur series by BBC. The item showed disappointment on the rare appearance of pterosaurian characters.
  • One documentary video of crocodiles' mating. The request was first rejected, and approved for the second time. The item claimed it to be "research" and refused to discuss more into the topic.

Addendum-ZH-545-02: An Extract on Research of SCP-ZH-545-P

SCP-ZH-545-P is defined as a kind of special parasite carried by SCP-ZH-545, and cannot be classified into any taxonomic category of the time. Nematoda is the most familiar zoological group with the sub-item. SCP-ZH-545-P is able to dive into human skin and arrive at the cerebrum via the cardiovascular system, eventually host in Broca's Area5 in human brain. The sub-item has been observed to hold telepathic ability, while this ability cannot affect human beings. The detailed mechanism of this telepathic ability is under study.

Incident Log ZH-545-01: On 04/██/2020 20:39, D-rs5463, as a test subject of SCP-ZH-545-P experiments, expired from an acute high fever in 7 hours. Autopsy results revealed a significant rise in eosinophil and parasitic granuloma in the cerebral cortex. On the next day, SCP-ZH-545 was observed to swear using Taiwanese Hokkien6 for the first time.

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