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Item #: SCP-ZH-618

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-618 is to be contained in Safe Object Sector of Site-ZH-02. A fixed quantity of malt and flour are provided to the item on a daily basis.1

SCP-ZH-618 is to be contained in a chamber beside Clearance Verification Room in Site-ZH-02-B4. The observation chamber is 4m x 2.5m x 2.5m and it design is decorated to be a traditional pastry shop. Personnel with Clearance 2 or more are allowed to purchase merchandises from the store.

SCP-ZH-618 has been transferred to NX-ZH-30 (ZH Shopping Arcade) under Dr. Valentine's (Supervisor of the project) evaluation, in order to maintain stale condition of the item.

All violent behaviors are forbidden to exert on SCP-ZH-618. Should the item undergo a emotional episode, the supervisor of project (currently Dr. Valentine) should be immediately reported. A elder personnel will be sent to the place according to item's original environment previous to containment.

Description: SCP-ZH-618 is an anomalous entity, whose figure is familiar with a mascot from a famous stationery brand. The item is 12 cm (0.4 feet) tall and weighs 1 kg. It has manes surrounding the neck with shape of cartoon-like petals. Under physical contact, SCP-ZH-618's torso is slightly tough and full of tension. Specimen analysis shows result of a mixture including flour, malt and other undetermined ingredients.

SCP-ZH-618 is self-aware and able to move at its own will. The item is willing to communicate with mankind and present high benevolence to personnel of older age. The item can only create simple "pop" sounds due to absence of vocal organs, it can however proceed easy social interaction with human beings with assistance of tools and body language. Details are elaborated in Appendix ZH-618-A.

SCP-ZH-618 is discoverd in a condemned building by Agent Pastoral when the personnel was investigating activities of Group of Interest Fan-Guang Industry. The item was escorted to Site-ZH-02 for containment. Documentation of escort process are elaborated in Appendix ZH-618-B.

Additional Log: As SCP-ZH-618 had presented long-term depressed state and kept producing stele-like object by its vomit, Agent Pastoral returned to the item's site of discovery, obtaining a stele of shop and a letter of will within it. After reading the letter for SCP-ZH-618, the item became highly activated and frequently required its need to staff on-site. The Foundation decided to fulfill its demand under reasonable range in order to achieve a state of stable containment. Detailed content are collected in Appendix ZH-618-C.

Appendix ZH-618-A: SCP-ZH-618 can use its manes to radiate far-infrared and create a effect similar to quartz tube heater. SCP-ZH-618 can also vomit two kinds of substances in a projectile way: (1) polymer of dough with high viscosity, which may be emitted when SCP-ZH-618 is under oppression or threat, and (2) a mixture identical to blended malt and flour mass; the function of which is still under investigation.

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