Item #: SCP-ZH-889 3/ZH-889
Object Class: Safe Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-889 is to be contained in anomaly containment cabinet in Site-ZH-02. Experiment request can only be proposed by personnel with level-2 or higher clearance. The proposal needs approval from a level-3 personnel. During the experiment, operational personnel should wear gloves.

Description: SCP-ZH-889 is a 0.15m x 0.03m x 0.03m semitransparent gel mass, composed of unknown materials. Its appearance is similar with Gastropoda. The object itself is a little sticky. Direct contact with susceptible person may lead to atopic dermatitis and urticaria; such symptoms are non-anomalous. It is speculated that the object contains slight biological toxins.

The anomalous effect of the object manifests when being compressed. As the object is squeezed, ground or grasped, a black sphere space, 300m in radius will extend out from SCP-ZH-889. The black sphere space can be blocked by walls and buildings as they form a completely or partially closed environment. However, the space itself is non-physical, so any individual entities, such as an object or human bodies, can pass through it without any effort.

Inside of the space displays a 1:1 scale stereogram of an unknown out-of-space area, which is defined as SCP-ZH-889-A. Any subject with fine visual acuity can observe SCP-ZH-889-A when getting into the space. As a result of luminance of stars within SCP-ZH-889-A, the environmental brightness is always beyond 25 cd.

During experiment ZH889-A, ██ galaxies and ██ stars have been observed, along with several gravitational lens caused by gravitational singularities.

Addendum ZH889-1: The object was found in the city hall of Taixi City1 within NX-ZH-01. It has been proved that the object has been employed by the 8th Department of National Security Bureau, █. █. █.2 to conduct commercial operations.

You can see no stars in Taixi City. So those people have a soft spot of this item.

—Dr. Semibreve, Level 3

Addendum ZH889-2: The Foundation compared SCP-ZH-889-A with common celestial observation, confirming that it is either not consistent with the real universe or located in areas that beyond human observation.

Of course, it is more likely to be another place in an alternative universe. But anyway, a starry sky should be quite spectacular, shouldn't it?

—Assistant Researcher Liesbeth3, Level 2

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