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Final train leaves platform

In 1985, Agent Rurik working at Site-7 was dispatched to investigate a train that was suspected of transporting an anomalous item. Site-7 formed an investigative team, with Rurik assigned as the lead, totalling seven people to investigate. It was noted for them to not disturb the masses, as the crowds have became the most unstable in these times of unrest. Just like an agent having received the role of a leader for the first time, Agent Rurik is uncertain of what he will be facing, but he makes preparations regardless, and leaves the biggest station in Moscow at 1:00 in the evening, to drive towards Yaroslavl Station.

The wireless intercoms were not good at the time, but he still ordered for correspondence to be done at a pace of five minutes each, reporting his location to him. He responded with small talk, the contents of which were insignificant, as we only needed to note that it was about the station and that the train was unanomalous in terms of appearance; This sleeper wagon had its compartments each marked with the starting and terminating stations. Passengers lined up neatly to get their ticket checked and boarded the train.

They requested for Site Command to provide detailed descriptions of the anomalous object at the time, but Site-7 expressed difficulty in narrowing down a description, as it was different for each source, with the only common factor being that this train which will be leaving at 2:15 is going to encounter an anomalous phenomenon. Agent Rurik expressed dissatisfaction but promptly acted, with the team putting on as regular visitors and boarded the train.

The last communications received by the site was an audio message from the telegraph operator Vyacheslav, what followed was two days and 15 hours of silence, which may seem unimaginable by modern standards, but for the situation at hand it was fairly likely; A running train cannot send signal well. When communications returned, it was already the evening after two days have passed, when communications with the headquarters suddenly came on-line. The investigative team were without a hitch, everyone got off the train safely in Tyumen, and the train continued its course.

When inquired of whether anything was unusual, they all responded: Nothing out of the ordinary

Pulling my trenchcoat straight, with a cigar in my mouth, I wandered towards the Terminal 1 through packed rows of wandering people. The passengers would be bringing their luggage passing through the platform, some people even had mud stuck on their faces, rushing to give their farewells, as a Russian it is a scene which is often seen, even through the commute after work each day. But to say what really triggers our memories of the stations, it would be: the Voices.

A voice broadcasts from the speakers of the platform, as the announcer reads out the code of the train and the platform it boards with a low voice.

"Please don't walk on the rails." The announcements always bring up this advice, but why are the rails specifically mentioned? Even though it is stated, there are always those few who willfully let their life shatter as a fleeting spark, the line that I don't understand, and yet the sensation of comfort which I am simultaneously enjoying, the voice and feeling that could be compared to… To be honest, I still cannot find the appropriate comparison to make.

(Suddenly noise ringed in through my earpiece)
Attention Agent Ivan, your mission is about to…

Without even listening to what was said, I raised my head to look at the sky. The clouds with a shade that hinted at rain drawing near, but the big droplets are still condensed on the clouds in place, waiting to fall in coordinated motion along with when the train leaves the station. When was the last time we had to go on mission with such bad weather?

It should have been 11/21, a day also with heavy snow, deeply memorable; It was the first time I worked with MTF-Dubhe天樞-9 ("Logic Chaos邏輯混亂") on a mission. That time we lost five colleagues.

But I can't recall the details: What was done, what I felt, the expressions on my teammates' faces. After all, we should move on, we have to move on.

Target locked on, please enter the carriage

The announcement on the platform is no longer loud enough to submerge me from hearing from my earpiece, this makes me uneasy, and feeling unease before a mission is not a good omen. The other team members have made their way to their respective train windows, ready to get their tickets checked.

"Fruitless, we didn't get the deer."1 I spoke in a low voice, hoping that I don't cover over the voice of the announcement, the entire team is Russian and I'm certain they would rather listen to the broadcast and not my voice.

"Thanks leader, Dubhe天樞-H is entering the carriage." As the last teammate's voice comes through the headpiece, I took out my passport and train ticket from my pocket at last, pulled my hat straight, tidied up my clothes and tie, wore a confident smile that is a must for any successful businessmen.

And I passed the salmon-colored ticket and passport to the train conductor.

"First time on the big railways?" The conductor checked the passport and ticket, and his voice which resembled the sound from the speakers flowed from his thin lips, but this is a question that will only ever get vague answers; Why would he ask, does the question come from his heart or is it just a requirement imposed by his work?

"The second time, perhaps." I said, turning to face the other platforms.

Devoid of all people, this would be the last train for the day.

"Reasonable response, as said by most. The first time leaves an impression, and the times after that no one minds which time it's been." He returns the ticket and passport: "Welcome to the last train for the day, have a good journey, agent."

Essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies" Excerpt

Before elaborating on this topic, we have to first understand the differences between recollection and memory, before we have the nomenclature to discuss whether recollections are hindering the progression of human societies.
Our memory on past experiences and events are categorized as "episodic memory"[1]. Memory is the brain accumulating knowledge gathered by experiencing events or other stimulation, it is the basis for processing thoughts, imaginations and advanced mental activity. The memory of a person is regulated by chemical changes in the Hippocampus, a part of the brain. As a normal part of the mental process, the memory is tightly relevant to all other mental activity. With regards to research on memory, we cover it under the fields of psychology and neurology.[2] Modern humans still do not have thorough research on the true nature of memory.

And recalling is a component of memory, as a mechanic of reliving through experiences belonging to us, as a process of recovering our past experiences, as the third mechanic in memory (memorization, preservation, recalling). Recalling is our reconstruction of a certain segment of memory, and this process will be affected by many factors, such as personal awareness, imagination, taught descriptions of the outside world's objective facts, faith, social factors and the likes. This process is referred to as "reconstructive memory".[3]

As recollections of memory are not factual, so it is when we treat our recollections as truthful events, when we are exactly the weakest, with every detail being a potential vulnerability where we can be wrong.

As the author, on the case of whether memory is hindering the progression of human societies, an opinion is given by the author: Indeed, memory affects the positive progression of societies. This is because memory causes people to perceive their impressions of the world as the true world, it creates conflict between different people on the light end, and it creates global arguments between countries on the heavy end. Switching from the macro scale to the micro, when someone repeatedly gets trapped in memories of some events, it can become fatal. [4]
People who are living in the past will not improve, they live in their fantasy and will not confront the facts, relying on the signals emitted through the chemical processes in their own brains to make them feel better. Recollection is an extremely common way to escape from facts. Based on conclusions from previous research, many people prefer to be blinded by the positive and fictional recollections from the truth. [5]
The author will use scientific reasoning to discuss the differences in memory and recollection, as well as the structural differences in the region responsible for memory between the past and modern humans, to conclude…

1. Burgess, P.W., and Shallice, T. (1996). Confabulation and the control of recollection. Memory, 4, 359–411.
2. Cavanagh, S.R., Glode, R.J., and Opitz, P. C. (2015). Lost or fond? Effects of nostalgia on sad mood recovery vary by attachment insecurity. Front. Psychol., 6, 773.
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Entity designated SCP-ZH-999 (taken in 2009)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the mobility and its time of appearance, it is not possible to locate or contain SCP-ZH-999. It is also difficult to cover it up from the general public. Currently, the Foundation can only utilize two task forces: MTF-Dubhe天樞-9 ("Logic Chaos邏輯混亂") and MTF-Dubhe天樞-1 ("Logic Catastrophe邏輯崩潰") to patrol along the Trans-Siberian Railway for objects suspected to be of SCP-ZH-999.

Description: SCP-ZH-999 is an unidentified carriage cluster on the Trans-Siberian Railway (locomotive included), its reported amount of carriages varies (see Addendum 1). The conductor is male, and refers to himself as a traveler or waiter, real name unknown (designated SCP-ZH-999-A). SCP-ZH-999's locomotive and carriages differ between each observed instances, may repeatedly appear but with no discernible patterns. Currently, the most common train type to have appeared were the Electric Locomotives produced by Russian Railways in 1985.

SCP-ZH-999 shows no differences in appearance compared to normal Trans-Siberian Railway trains. However, once subjects (designated SCP-ZH-999-B) enters the train, they will recall memories from the past while riding. SCP-ZH-999-B will typically take a considerably long time doing so, and will, before they depart the train, interrupted by someone who runs into them to converse, which helps SCP-ZH-999-B vent their emotions. Based on audio records and relevant written reports, these recalled memories are usually notable to SCP-ZH-999-B and has affected their life in considerable ways.

Additionally, after the departure from the train, none would not forget the various emotions that have been recalled while travelling on SCP-ZH-999. Experiments have later shown that, depending on the amount of time spent on SCP-ZH-999, SCP-ZH-999-B will have been emitting Ψ-waves of varying intensities, with the wave being highly contagious. After reaching a certain degree, infected instances will also gain the ability to recall memories.

Addendum 1:
SCP-ZH-999's basic appearance

  • Special note: The number of allocated carriages have varied between each observed instance, with no discernible patterns.
  • The sequence of carriages goes from highest to lowest
  • When over 50 carriages are observed, locomotives are also present in front and back.
Carriage Type Description Notes
Locomotives SCP-ZH-999's locomotives are mostly of a style of the Soviet era. between every time instances of 999 are found, there have been no commonalities between the locomotives' types (once it was an Imperial era styled steam locomotive). Numbered 001, typically with one section allocated.
Conductor's room Connected after the locomotive, cabin conductors will usually hold meetings with the train conductor here, its type does not necessarily match the locomotive's design, and is short compared to a train compartment unit. Numbered 003, one section in total.
Special-grade singles cabins Cabin services included, 8 compartments, 8 seatings. Each seating comes with small private bathroom equipment. The purchase of this ticket also includes simple midnight snack and daily breakfast. Numbering starts from 005, typically with one section allocated.
Top-grade doubles cabins Premium sleeper wagons with two beds in each compartment. The purchase of this ticket also includes simple midnight snack and daily breakfast. Numbering starts from 015, typically with two sections allocated.
Catering cabins 24 hours on-train dining service. Seating arrangement differs based on the type of the train. Whether the food is delicious or not is subjective and difficult to measure for reference. Numbered A, B; Two sections in total.
Medium-grade cabins for four Medium-grade cabin, with double-decker beds in each compartment, no meal included. Numbering starts from 030, typically with 8 sections allocated.
Economy firm-paved cabins Economy common classed firm-paved cabins, not compartmentalized, with up to 54 spots in each cabin, all double-deckers, no meal provided. Numbering starts from 050, typically with 12 sections allocated.
████████ cabins [EXCLUSIVELY PROTECTED CLASSIFIED DATA] Numbering starts from 1000, and is only allocated at special moments

29th of February, 19██.

Kirill walks alongside the railways, that's his job; A railway maintenance worker. While it's fine in the summer, in winter, he has to walk along the railway with his snow claws or snow boots, smacking the rails with a metal bar, confirming that it's not beveled anywhere, or if there's excess snow piled up.

The harsh winter frequently gives him frostbite, but he always makes it in time to hide in the worker's cabin to rest and recover his warmth, otherwise the job might actually take an arm or a leg from him. Today is as usual, he has to start before the sun rises (usually dawn is at 10 AM) and walk alongside the railways, numbingly freezing wind blowing on his cheeks. It hurts. Each breath gets blown away by the storm before it gets formed into myst, but he still follows through with his duties and smacks the rails with his bar.

There should have been more people allocated for this. Such an important job is all on the back of one person, who has to take care of a trip from 20 to 30 kilometers.2

He couldn't remember how long he worked in this environment. The winters in Siberia are long anyways, day after day, day after day; The only thing of concern to him is when there is finally a day which breaks through -40℃, so his good daughter won't have to go to school, and he wouldn't need to hurry off work to pick up the child.

With his hands in his pockets, he barely remembers his divorced wife's face. That's not important. Memories are of no importance to him, and he doesn't need to remember, just as the train only moves forwards, it wouldn't go the other way. Every ride is a final ride.

"Excuse me, can I ask for a fire?" Suddenly he heard a staid voice coming towards him.

"Sure, oh, here." In response to the request, he almost subconsciously reached for his matchbox from his pockets.

"Thanks mate." He slashed the match for a fire and lit the man's cigar, and just realized that something's not right, which made him grab his metal bar firmly, held towards the man wearing his black leather coat in front of him: "We're on the tracks, you're breaking the traffic code, trespassing into important national areas!"

"Yes," the man took a deep breath of the freezing air, and let out a big white cloud of smoke: "But I'm just stopping my train around a nearby station, letting the passengers drop off for a walk for a bit. Not moving your body for entire days is not good for your body."

"Huh, I've been around for twenty-something years, and I've never heard of any train stopping at DimaДима at all."

"Oh, yes there is." He pointed at the back while holding his cigar in his mouth. The blizzard really impacts the visibility, but the train's silhouette could be made out roughly: "It's just stopped for several minutes, and I have to check that all passengers will have boarded later. Wanna stop by to get warmed up?"

This is not the first time someone has interacted with the entity SCP-ZH-999, and it was not the first written record. However, this record was considered important since he, in a very brief timespan, managed to record the situations within the carriages, faces of the passengers and even that of the train conductor, reactions and emotions all into a notebook with pencil. This notebook was the property of railway worker Kirii. After more relevant sightings and evidence collected, it was internally agreed to make an exception and have Kirii invited into the Foundation. His knowledge about the railways, his habit of always recording notes, excellent health status and a sound physical condition placed him into a Mobile Task Force formed to track down SCP-ZH-999. It was later designated MTF-Dubhe天樞-1 ("Logic Catastrophe邏輯崩潰").

Recovered Document SCP-ZH-999 Experiment Log (Excerpt)

Personnel Location in SCP-ZH-999 Post hoc description Year
Kirill Carriage #043 Sat down and asked the conductor for a cup of water, which arrived after 3 minutes, then conversed with the conductor about the daughter's education and economic status, then remembered his divorced ex-wife, tremendously detailed descriptions of reasoning for the divorce totaling an entire hour, including various communication difficulties with the ex-wife and violence issues. 19██
Daniil Carriage #006 Went to the catering cabin for dinner, seated with the same table as a man named Valentin and chatted, revealed that he participated in the Communist Youth League while he was young, as well as the work that was done in the party, and claimed that he has been an undercover cop, disguising as a quite successful businessman travelling between several European countries to collect intel for the government, such information has been placed in the document room of in ██████, Kremlin Archives, in Moscow. 1958
Valentin Carriage #032 Went to the carriage of dining for dinner, approached by a man named Daniil and chatted with him while dining, stated that he was not a Soviet, but a spy from America deployed to Soviet Russia. However due to spending a long time living here, was doubted by the American officials and was attempted assassinated three times. Requested for political asylum status with the Soviet officials, changed his first and last name to live in other cities, now avoiding the political center. 1958
Avrora Carriage #025 Chatted with people in the same compartment, stated that she appeared to have severe bipolar disorder, and refused an invitation from a favourite person of her, and felt that she would had lost him forever. She talked a lot about her recollections of her job and her relationship, after finally going through the entire pack of paper handkerchiefs she finally calmed down, and thanked the passengers who were listening to her discussing these topics. 2005
Mr. Feng楓銘徹 Carriage #033 Ethnic Chinese, chatted with passengers in the same compartment, shared that due to him not having a tail while he was born and was bullied and discriminated against (and, while recalling these events, weeped), he asked to have a bionic fox tail implant but was denied. Frustrated, he set foot on a journey around the world to find people who have the same story as he does, and urged the other three passengers to contact him if they ever find anyone who shares his story. (Indeed, he left his contact information for them.) 1991
Joseph Carriage #027 Angrily shaking his fists ready to attack a passenger in the same carriage. After the concerned conductor interfered, he calmed down and shared that he suddenly experienced recollections of memories coming back to him, and remembered his ex-wife and daughter leaving him due to having lost his temper under the influence of alcohol when he was drunk, and assaulted them, only his son still remains with him. He feels guilty and angry, and asked for a cup to drink. Was rejected, and warned not to endanger the lives of other passengers. 2011
Mikhail Carriage #010 He had a grim face and stated that he has killed his colleagues during the war. He feels remorse for this, and it also went against his morals. Despite this, he expressed that he have been proud of his career. While struggling over this he hurriedly departed having boarded within only a day. During this he revealed his partial distrust and doubts of the party leader. 1925
Denikin Carriage #004 Recollected the times working under GRU Division "P"蘇聯烏格魯P部門, and frankly admitted to breaking into Site-7 three times. He stated that it has been the most interesting time in his life, unlike how it has been after joining the Foundation and assigned to MTF-Dubhe天樞-1 ("Logic Catastrophe邏輯崩潰"), and how he is just looking at trains every day. Untypical of him, he also said that he actually trusts his partners very much, which fascinated the team members who were among the investigation. 1987
Amanda Carriage #077 She remembers the huge teddy bear that was gifted from her family, and how she has to hug her teddy bear on the bed to sleep properly, since when has it stopped? Was it due to her family starting to restrict her actions, or was it when she was starting to fear her parents? She then reminds herself of those dolls on the dormitory beds, and had her expressions relaxed. 2015
██████ Carriage #003 Friend of the royal family and the royal thaumatologist Faberge法貝熱. He doesn't recall anything, as if he has never lost the ability in the first place, and only went to the Conductor's Room for gossiping, as well as ███████[SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED] 1920

Recovered Document SCP-ZH-999-A Incident Log Excerpt

Affected Personnel: Dr. Shaman "Sam" Surge (Site-ZH-44 Site Director)
Time: ██/07/20██
Location: Carriage #016

It is important to remember that people are easily immersed in memories. This is unhealthy and may pose much danger.

           Except from essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies"

999-A Incident Log Excerpt:

Why is the medical conference held in Site-19 anyways? He never figured out why. Indeed Site-19 is one of the biggest sites of the Foundation, but this traffic has been way too convenient. As he followed this train of thought, he received his ticket and passports, and followed a few accompanying researchers into the carriage. First they flew through two flights to Moscow, followed by an inter-country flight to Irkutsk, and now he is riding the Trans-Siberian Railways towards the train station that is the closest to the Site.

He has no idea how the people on the site, including Dr. Gears and Dr. Bright, manage to live at all.

Leaning on the table, he looked at the scenery outside zooming backwards, him also zooming down memory lane, revisiting his days on a rendezvous with her. The both of them under their individual professions, but still sharing mutual understanding for each other and met by the staircase every day, as they chatted about work progress, chatted about their life, chatted about plans for their next vacation, and even occasionally chatted about the future.

That slightly aggressive girl is so adorable in his eyes. This is one of the few times he has actually enjoyed working under the Foundation, as he occasionally saw her frowning face, he would play as a therapist or mimic the speech of a certain person from their work who could always make her smile, he imitates their talking styles and tones, occasionally matching with his own barely amusing outdated gags, the serious face of his always manages to earn a smile from her. Even though the act of imitating other people makes him perplexed and wondering why him, "himself" would not have been doing this, but only when he did this himself, it lets those frowning eyebrows relax, it frees the tightly held lips into a beautiful smile. It is only after seeing her smile when he lets his shoulders loose, calms down, and let the atmosphere clear itself.

Then, after a few more rotations between positions, they returned to Site-ZH-44, having both been promoted to Senior Directors, which is when the others were informed that they were in a relationship. A typical relationship as you can imagine for yourself, until one day when their bond has been so deeply entangled, so deeply that they have began hurting each other.

Holding each other and themselves as bargaining chips.

"But I care about you so much!"
"No you don't!" She shouted in return, hissing on top of her throat, until the day when nothing is salvageable any more.
You still remember, remember the time when she yelled at you, the roaring coming towards you, the statements where you have never considered her feelings and only took care of yourself. You wanted to grab her by her arm, but she shook you off.
"I was…"
"You shut up, you shut up, shut up!" Hearing her voice like that, it was the first time you felt so miserable, tears about to burst from your eyes.
"Why wouldn't you ever ask me for all the important decisions! Why do you just care about your own feelings? Why? Tell me!"
"I…" You had no grounds to argue back.
"You had absolutely no idea what I was thinking, why would you decide on my behalf!"
"But it…"
"I said I could take care of it! Why wouldn't you believe me?"
"I just…"
"How many times have this been!"

Yeah, how many times have this been. But I loved her, I really loved her. I want to be with her, I want to enter the ceremony hall with her, I want to age and be with her until our deaths, I wish for her to live: Alive. A luxurious wish under the Foundation indeed, as I've realized, which is why I've kept her away from all the potentially dangerous skips again and again.

"Alisa and the others are all saying that I've not had to manage skips only because I could rely on the Site Director, did you hear of this? Now everyone in the entire Site have heard about it!"
"No, it's not like that…" I hurriedly asserted another line, sprinting to grab her wrist: "Luthi… Don't-"

"Don't what, say it!"
"Calm down," I tried to calm down, as well as hoping that the person in front of me who I care about would also calm down.
"Every time I'm asked to calm down, do the things you want me to do, say the things only you want to hear!"
"Okay okay okay, calm down for a bit, let's discuss this properly. I won't do it again, can you forgive me?3" I said, perhaps the effects of social exclusion are worse than I thought, to the point where it affects her mental status.

And then she stared at me with those eyes, deeply imprinting the view into her heart, just like when we first met: "Sure." She calms down, her pretty lips let out simple and discrete syllables.


"Then just forget it."

There was nothing more that came of it.

Just in time, the memories were disturbed by a knock on the door. I wiped my tears off from my face hurriedly, opened the lunch box on the table which only had a bottle of water, bread and some chocolates; With bread, at least I could pretend to be eating: "Come in."

"Director, I've checked, this carriage only has two bathrooms in the front and back. If you want to use the showers, you will need to walk to the 7th carriage, which costs 150 rubles to use."

I felt sour, my heart cramping in pain: "Thank you, Dr. Flavir, you're very helpful indeed."

"Thanks for the compliment," she responded without excess emotion, as if this has always been our mode of communication: "Please get some rest then, Director."

"I will." My hands below my desk grabbed the corner of my napkin to when it has wrinkled, my legs trembling, these memories were simply too sudden, too quick, too sorrowful and too real, why, why, why the hell, shouldn't it be where humans don't recall previous memories?

"I'll take my leave then."

"Wait, Luthi…… I mean, Flavir."

"Yes, Director, anything else?" She stopped her footsteps; If only she also stopped her footsteps that other time. If only I were capable of latching onto her myself, if only.

"Did you remember anything, while on the train?"

"Sorry, Director, I didn't remember anything." She frowned lightly and turned to leave.

Aftermath: Upon arriving at the destination, personnel at Site-19 expressed concern for Dr. Surge's condition and inquired about his eyes. Dr. Surge was equally perplexed about his eyes swelling and speculated it to be caused by the overly dry and cold air in Siberia.


  • Meeting Topic: Meeting on managing SCP-ZH-999
  • Participants: O5 Council
  • Date: ██/██/19██

O5-1: Without further ado, please do be seated. Very good, let us start then, please see the slides. We are under a huge impending threat, from what we understand so far, the anomalous effect of SCP-ZH-999 the train running on the Trans-Siberian Railway is that it enables people to recall past events, which is extremely detrimental to our society.

O5-12: I can comprehend the importance of this, but I'm not sure where I come in, One, I mean, why are we all gathered for this meeting?

O5-8: Recommending audit, One, you've became indecisive. If this was up to me I would not let it drag out for this long, how would such a dangerous item still be allowed to operate up until now?

O5-6: Eight, please calm down, we've already worked hard on this, my Security Department and I have even spent an entire year non-stop just to chase it, how about you could take the next shift and go through Siberia's winter.

O5-5: This case is indeed important, as it is evident that under high enough intensity, people would take out their memories, that could lead to them drowning within them and no longer being productive.

O5-4: Everyone, I agree with Five, we all have our own professions, but only focusing on the professional level is not enough. One gathered us here to brainstorm an effective containment strategy for this SCP, isn't that right?

O5-11: Words by the "Ambassador" are always so pertinent, it's such a pleasure to see.

O5-4: Thank you, "Father of Lies", as is from dealing with politicians, my speaking skills still have not matched the con men such as yourself.

O5-9: Put a break to this, for now we have sent MTF-Dubhe天樞-9 ("Logic Chaos邏輯混亂") and MTF-Dubhe天樞-1 ("Logic Catastrophe邏輯崩潰") along the rails to investigate, is that so.

O5-6: All my men, but this is at a pace too slow, it's absolutely not a scientific approach.

O5-7: This isn't a product of science either, Six. I think we should enact a massive containment project specifically targeting SCP-ZH-999, at a moment's notice. We all know that Russian Railways are one of the world's top in its carrying capacity, and it seems that we cannot currently see a limit to SCP-ZH-999's extended carriages. Ψ-waves might even already be common to all Russians, if we don't handle this carefully, we might trigger a LK-Class Species Transmutation scenario.

O5-3: Seems like you have ideas already, Seven?

O5-7: I only look towards the future, quite honestly looking back is not my strength; For ideas I am not certain of solid ones, but I think I know someone who has some insights about this. Dr. Yanovski, I am sending the details to all of you now, please look at your tablets and receivers.

O5-4: Can we trust him?

O5-9: Don't compare him to your politician friends, at least he's loyal to the Foundation.

O5-6: Indeed we have to be careful and prevent LK-Class scenarios. We don't have the luxury to activate the Yellowstone Agreement, please vote as I wear my hat, as a Security Overseer, I have lots to do still.

O5-1: Then the topic will be to assign Dr. Yanovski as the project manager in charge, for him to design a massive containment project specifically to contain SCP-ZH-999. I hope we've reached a consensus from the discussion stage that has preceeded.

Meeting Summary: Yes: 11 No: 0 Abstained: 1

Recovered Document SCP-ZH-999-Б Incident Log Excerpt

Affected Personnel: Dr. Danza Zalord (Site-ZH-81 Medical Department Deputy Director)
Time: ██/11/20██
Location: Carriage A

Undeniably, many things cannot be performed through only recollections or memories. Humans are always performing complicated procedures while thinking, as well as taking into account this difference at the current moment.

           Except from essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies"

999-Б Incident Log Excerpt:

"Doctor Zalord, a pleasure to be on this mission with you today."

"No need to be so distant, 'Danza' is fine," he said, opening his meal, "I'm also glad to be here, never would I have thought to be on the big railways in my life ever."

"About how you are an artificial human?" His partner's eyes light up in response, seemingly intrigued in the topic, "your opinions and decisions are always received well in the organization, I thought you would have a very deep history."

"No, I don't." He returned a smile, the sun shining on the tail of his blue hair.

He doesn't have rich experiences in particular, except for his extraordinary origins, but to say how he has had made it into the organization, one factor would be getting special care from the Foundation, after all he is a rare artificial lifeform; and another could be said to be his special circumstances. From those that he lacked the ability to save and the situations obtained from them, to those that he voluntarily forfeited rescuing and the situations obtained from them, and the situations obtained from the student named Andrey.

That was his best friend throughout high school, and it may as well have been one of the few who were interested in a relationship with him, as after school he would always ask Danza if he wanted to play ball, or ride a bike, or go to which park around for a walk. Despite Andrey not knowing that Danza's health conditions renders him unfit for participating in these activities, and not knowing that he was an artificial man. As time went on, the boys in the class would slowly fade away, and neither the girls were interested in the him who was weak either. It was only Andrey that would always call out to him no matter what he was doing.

And then this angel-like boy got Leukemia4.

"I'll do the pairing, Andery, you'll be saved!"

"Your body is even weaker than mine, how would you be doing it Danza!"

As was said, but everyone could tell from Andery's gaze whether it was flashing a glimpse of hope to live. And on the day when he would be drawing off blood, an emergency phone call from the Foundation rang to his phone.

"Danza, we have a request for you, an extremely urgent case."

And so he turned to leave the blood drawing counter, the next day when he went to school again, not only were he ignored by the pupils who were already neglecting him, but even Andery turned a blind eye.

"Sorry Andery, I'll go draw blood today!"

"Don't bother, you weren't trying to save me at all, huh."

So when Andery finally made it to stage four, Danza's guardian in the Foundation gave him a final chance, "the Foundation has a way to save him."

"Whatever, never mind," he said, abnormally unconcerned, perhaps artificial men really have no perception of empathy, "so be it."

Never were there anything to consider salvaging.

He dropped communication with the Foundation for a while, making his guardian so nervous that he went to the school dormitory to get him, even to the point where he had the instinct to shoot the guard dead on the spot if the guard didn't let him go.

"I'm very disappointed in you, Danza, I am very disappointed in the kind of response which you gave." He grabbed Danza by the arm immediately: "About your negligence towards the lives of others, your negligence towards friendship, your negligence towards humanity and your negligence towards your own career potential. I am very disappointed."

"You are an artificial person, but artificial people are people too. You have a human heart, you have a human's method of thinking. Even if you're a Homunculus, you still have your own ability to choose your future and the fate you are to follow."

"Andery could had been saved by you, but go rethink on what you did."

Danza went on to finish his Master's Degree in Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology (B.Sc.), but he rejected the invitation from the Foundation, and on his own accords, he went to Oxford UK to study his PhD in Philosophy and Ethics.

"You are researcher Zalord?" One day I was asked this.

"Yes, I am."

"Then allow me to call you Doctor Zalord."

"Yes, but I should have hid this n-…"

He pushes an envelop onto my office desk: "Please be seated. It might sound ridiculous, but I am only here to deliver you an invitation from the 'Ethics Committee' which you cannot refuse."

"Congratulations on becoming one of us."

"Did you remember something? Doctor Danza?" The person before him mirrors him and opens his meal box.

Danza chews his Russian pancakes, staring at the fleeting scenery outside the window, "I remembered why I became colleagues with you, and perhaps also remembered that before becoming an artificial person, I was also a human, and had emotions of that of one."

"Everyone thinks we are a joke, let them have their laugh." He says. "No one knows about our stories and memories, but it is no matter. As long as we know what our roles are. We have to protect the Foundation from hurting itself."

Aftermath: Researcher Danza expressed feeling at ease with himself, despite still feeling bitter, as well as not knowing the cause for feeling anguished. Though the reason was unknown, it was presumed by the subject to be due to stupid acts done during youth. Post incident, reports of the mission showed efficiency and performance exceeding every other instance.

Project Silver Scales Summary, as quoted from its founder Doctor Yanovski

Summary of project operations

Emergency Plan Operative Code: 19175216
Code Name: Project Silver Scales銀鱗
Assigned Leader: Doctor Yanovski
Overseer: O5-7
Date of Approval: ██/██/19██
Departments Involved:

  • Overseer Council
  • Site-7
  • Site-19
  • Relevant departments of the Russian government

Mobile Task Forces Involved:

  • MTF-Dubhe天樞-9 ("Logic Chaos邏輯混亂")
  • MTF-Dubhe天樞-1 ("Logic Catastrophe邏輯崩潰")
  • MTF-Skybed5天床-5 ("Logic Necrosis邏輯壞死")
  • MTF-Shifu6四輔-17 ("Silent Spiral沉默螺旋")

Synopsis: Following an Overseer Council (O5 Council) meeting, SCP-ZH-999 has been confirmed to give people the ability to "recall memories". It is harmful towards the development of societies, and may cause a series of LK-Class Species Transmutation scenarios.

Plan Objective: Project Silver Scales銀鱗 has the main objective of containing the anomalous item SCP-ZH-999, as well as attempt to mitigate the range of its anomalous effects. If it cannot be completely contained, military force as an exclusion measure is ruled out.
Currently it seems that the two MTFs performing investigations along the railways are not enough. Due to trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway having varying appearances, it is impossible to discern which train is SCP-ZH-999 without entering inside. In lieu of this, the following solution is proposed:

  • + Build the second Siberian Railway.

This plan will be expensive. However, this enables the ability to single out the SCP by re-routing all normal trains into the new railway. Under this condition, the entity can be easily identified and contained. Due to Chinese and Russian governments seemingly interested in planning for such a railway project, said objective is extremely likely to be achieved.
An additional task force MTF-Skybed天床-5 ("Logic Necrosis邏輯壞死") will assist in investigations, and to route all normal trains onto the new rail. Additionally MTF-Shifu四輔-17 ("Silent Spiral沉默螺旋") with background in psychology is to be formed, to assist in searching nearby cities for crowds and people affected by SCP-ZH-999. To the extent permitted, they are to administer Class A amnestics to them.

If containment is successful, it is recommended to construct a new Site in that location, as well as using the abandoned train station as a cover.

Key Assumptions:

  1. SCP-ZH-999 is containable.
  2. SCP-ZH-999's route is the Trans-Siberian Railway, and this route will not change, be it from other external factors.
  3. Russia and China timely and successfully builds the railway, and the Russian government does not object to moving all Trans-Siberian Railway trains to the new railway.

Recovered Document SCP-ZH-999-Г Incident Log Excerpt

Affected Personnel: General Isaac (Site-ZH-81 Site Vice Director)
Time: ██/1/20██
Location: Carriage #007

Memories can be split between good and bad, but after experiments and surveys, it was found that when humans perform "recollections", the recalled memories are always of pain and resentment. Under the premise that we are not just failing to remember, the reader should question themselves, why even attempt to recollect?

           Except from essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies"

SCP-ZH-999-Г Incident Log Excerpt:

He sat on his seat, quietly looking at the glass of water, as its ripples swayed to follow the train shaking the sleeper wagon. There have been many experiences like this in his life, but he has never recalled them, the comrades7 who followed him to sail, the days on ground filled with bombing of cannons, the booming sounds; He has never recollected even once.

Have to move forward. If you don't find your reason to live, you'll be killed by reality.

"Carriage service."
"Apologies but I did not ask for carriage service."
"Your director asked me to come, said you might need the meal. Here is our train's most famous caviar sandwiches, pickles8 and vodka."
"A nosy child," you unscrew the bottle you took with you, to see not much liquor remaining and downed it all.
"You seem to be drowning in contemplation." He puts the food on the table and asks.
"Yes." You answer the carriage conductor… No, the train conductor's question: "Do you not work?"
"Two past midnight, and each carriage have their own carriage conductors. Basically, this is the time when I'm the most free."
"Two past midnight…" You look at your watch, indeed the hour walked on the position 2: "This time is like a nightmare."

And so you, who is over half a hundred already, began recounting your life story. Your life's first half, filled with the smell of beacon flames, smoke, ashes9 and blood, the dawn and the darkness.

And those news were like the other woes in your life, having given to you at two past midnight.

From young you have aspired to be in the military, remember that? Aspired to protect your homeland, defend your country. The thickest part on you was the epaulette on your shoulder, which represented your ability to lift the weight of the country. You followed your team passing through bushes, passing through shrubs, passing through fields, passing through swamps, passing through gunshots, various trenches and various sea surfaces. The country assigns your team to the most dangerous countries on the ground, Iraq or Iran, or Hussein's10 home. You went through missions again, again and again, each time escaping from life and death situations with the luck you got from praying and your experience.

"Issac of Miracles" as you were nicknamed, the weight on your shoulder growing heavier and heavier. The amount of badges on your chest increasing and increasing. People trusting you grew from the family around, to your compatriots, to the entire division. Everyone admires your battle experiences, believing in you to always lead everyone through to victory.

But that was not to be.

Two past midnight, the sound of bombardments came into your ears, in a flash flames consumed the entire camp. Before scooping out the spy, you thought about your compatriots, your subordinates. When you found your student from the USMA, he was still struggling, struggling with his only remaining upper body.

"Teacher, teacher…" He is in so much pain that he forgot to call you the General.

You quietly looked at him, quietly, compared to the fire around you, your heart in the moment was as calm as stopped water. You look at that handsome face, calling you a teacher, just like when you were just appointed at the USMA, those students jokingly calling you a teacher. And that smile is overlapping on the painful, twisted face in front of you.

And you took out your pistol, sending your student on his departure11.

"It wasn't your fault."

"This wasn't the first student I've killed." I said, staring at my watch with a heavy heart, to see it only reach 5 minutes past two: "I've never had ways to bring miracles to people."

"In the end, did you lot win the battle?"

"We won."

"Perhaps your victory saved even more people."

Looking at the meal in front of him, I ended up washing the vodka down my throat, having the scorching alcohol burn my stomach and intestines, just like that battle, the sea warfare before it, and even more, even more… "I don't know who we saved, those people are of no relevance to me, but those who have died were always my close friends."

"That is the war." The conductor takes out a bottle of alcohol, serving me the drink.

"But that shouldn't have been my battlefield."

"Then where is your battlefield now?"

Aftermath: The train stopped by the Siberian station, totalling 3 hours during which General Isaac got off the train for a cigar break, and was visibly depressed. He stated that people must move forwards and is not to lament on the past, especially to not let the old soldiers suffer bearing the weight their memories, as they need a while to move on from it. He then walked towards a church nearby, to light candles commemorating the people he killed.


  • Meeting Topic: Meeting on managing SCP-ZH-999
  • Participants: O5 Council
  • Date: ██/██/20██

O5-7: Firstly, my sincere thanks to One for agreeing to my request for a meeting. It's been over ten years by now and to see that none of you have been altered makes me very glad. Let us get to the point, project Silver Scales銀鱗 has ran for over ten years, and the second lane of the Siberian Railways has finished construction as well. To start from the conclusion, this project has progressed too slowly. Firstly, we could not convince the Russian government to redirect all trains to the Baikal-Amur Mainline, and additionally the effect of our MTFs just don't seem to be very effective.

O5-12: I saw the report, it said that it's almost reaching a containment failure?

O5-7: Yes, almost. It seems we have no way of effectively stopping the spread of Ψ-waves, and we can't make the Russian government shut down the entire railway. So today, the topic to discuss is whether project Silver Scales銀鱗 is to go on, and what improvements we can make in the case that we continue it. Or maybe a new wave of containment plans?

O5-9: Allow me to propose a bold assumption? Suppose that the item is not to be contained, what would happen to humanity as a whole? I'm not new here, don't give me that look. After all, just looking at the various reporting documents, we do have positive cases.

O5-5: Yes there are, but you can't neglect the majority of them who are drowning in depressing memories. Positive cases are in the rarity, and depressing moments will be more strongly remembered than joyous moments. With too many types of depressing events, and usually acted on by multiple sources simultaneously, this makes it more likely to be deeply imprinted. On the other hand, good events are easily countable and tend to be single distinct events. Our memories are untrustworthy, recollections especially so, the process of recollections in particular will organize the memories as you want it to be. Isn't that dangerous?

O5-8: Five has a good point, I propose immediately restarting Silver Scales銀鱗, the item must be contained.

O5-5: Eight, thank you, I know that there are voices of objection among us, but I hope we will unite, we must avoid LK-Class scenarios.

O5-2: Five, allow me to interrupt. I don't believe forced containment is viable. It seems that everyone has a change to gain recollections. Memories belong to each of us all, rather than having a breach in containment and panic over the clean up work, I think we should lay the foundation for reducing the risk that comes in the future. We should not waste expenses on attempting to contain, but on to protect.

O5-9: Those are my thoughts as well, but I want to hear from Six, as an Operational Observer (??) of the Security Department, what do you think.

O5-9: Six, don't you ignore me.

O5-6: That's not up to me to answer, Nine. I have basically no thoughts on this, and I might even selfishly want to see the world where it breaches, just to see how everyone reacts while being stuck in their emotions. Of course I can't, so I have no opinions, you lot can decide.

O5-11: I suggest deploying both strategies. Under the lack of a better proposal, this is a compromise as the safest way forward.

O5-8: Can you believe it? This coming from Eleven!

O5-1: Okay, calm down, everyone will get half an hour to decide. We will be voting on whether Silver Scales銀鱗 is to continue, or for a new containment plan to be developed. Give yourselves a cigarette, ladies and gentlemen.

Meeting Summary: Yes: 4(+1) No: 4 Abstained: 4

O5-13: I think containment efforts should be extended. As it was demonstrated, most people still can be protected from this effect.

Recovered Document SCP-ZH-999-Ж Incident Log Excerpt

Affected Personnel: Tslyonaya (Зелёная / Commoner12)
Time: ██/5/20██
Location: Carriage #047

The author presented many negative points about recollections as described, but through several hundreds of documented psychology, it was found that memories are an important part to forming a person as one, and the recollection is a method of self-identification.

           Except from essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies"

SCP-ZH-999-Ж Incident Log Excerpt:

I'm watching the scenery fly past through the windows, counting the forests that I've seen. I like buying a seat by the window, as the scenery that flies by in a flash is just like my memories which I can't recall.

"You're the person taking the opposite side?" Someone approaches and asked. He has a firm figure and is muscular, almost like the mafia bosses in Russian movies. So sad. So I just quietly nodded.
"Hello, I'm Sergei."
"Tslyonaya, hello." I shook hands with him, his palm was firm and warm. I cowardly observed him, until he took snacks and dessert from his luggage to share. I don't know why there are always people who think I'm too skinny, or appear too fragile. Either way, it was comforting to encounter this rare kindness and it let me lower my guard, so we started chatting. I think this is the first time that someone talked about his daughter, describing it in such great detail, to the point as if they were events that has just happened.

"She's the most precious person." He said, holding the photo. "Really, the most precious indeed."

"I can feel that." I smiled, looking at the man in front. He was so gentle while sharing these stories, gentle to the point where I feel deeply guilty to have pictured him as a mafia boss as my first impression of him. He helped fill hot water in my cup. With the central light system turning off on us, to rush us to sleep, we were like best friends at first sight, exchanging topics one after another and chatting endlessly. Until when the topic was suddenly about me.

"So what's your most precious thing?"

"What do you mean precious, didn't we…" A few melodies flew through my mind, some faces, some concerts, sometimes running in the snow, sometimes crying together… etc, etc… Why is this… "Shouldn't we not…"

Followed by some sounds of drums, a few rounds of tidy marching, a few confident smiles, some smoke, some sounds of planes landing, some tears…

"Hey, hey, hey, tissues! Here, use some!"

"No, no, I shouldn't." I looked at my palm, mostly soaked in tears, "I shouldn't…" The figure enters my mind, taking a baton onto the stage, accompanying his military orchestras, his choirs, his dance ensembles, accompanied by magnificent sounds, "I- I had important things… He led me to where I wanted to go, to where I should be going." I said, immediately understanding why I'm crying. I once had someone to lead myself forwards, someone who gave me power, someone important. Originally, I did have one.


"But he has left already." I cried, like the night when the accident happened. I remember crying, continuously crying, searching for him in a city without him, with his music replaying in my head on loop. To lose somethings hurts, it hurts, as if someone is holding a knife and scooping out the meat around your heart cut by cut. These memories were so clear that it's as if it just happened yesterday. "… I- and I went to his last concert, I should had brought flowers, I should had waited for him to walk out from the back stage, I should have said thanks to him directly, I should…"

"… Sorry, sorry Valery, sorry for the many things I could not do in time. Sorry-Sorry for missing the last chance to thank you." I tried to hold my mouth and not make sounds that are too loud, but kept crying hysterically. Other passengers are sleeping, I'm accompanied by the starry night sky, memories flooding out of my consciousness, breathing sounds while they are in their dreams, and the loud clashing of the train pressing on the metal rails.

And I felt a warm palm on my shoulder, patting repeatedly, like tides, like the tidal waves of the Black Sea hitting on the shore, bringing the baton into view.

"I see. I'll thank you in Valery's stead; It's been many years, but still someone remembers him." He says while patting my shoulder. "It's fine to let it out like this."

You don't know how long you've cried for, nor do you remember when you fell asleep. When you opened your eyes again, Sergei is preparing to leave the train.

"Thanks for last night." You said.

"It's fine, no need to thank. I'm glad to have met you, be sure to take care on the rest of your journey and don't catch a cold. Don't go anywhere dangerous either. I wish for you to be happy."

"You too, hopefully you'll see your daughter soon. By the way, if I may ask, your full name is?" Tslyonaya raised the courage to ask.

"Oh, I see, I didn't say it." The station's broadcast sounds can be heard, almost suppressing the man's voice. "I'm Sergei Khalilov."

Aftermath: Tslyonaya arrived at the terminal station after three days, and visited the conductor's room alone. She stated to be made aware of the anomalous properties of the train, and inquired if there was a way to keep her power of recalling her memories, not ruling out voluntarily working on the train. The request was gracefully declined. After leaving the train, Tslyonaya returned to a normal life, but extraordinarily remembered everything on the train, even writing articles which turned into a project with the publishing company to publish a book. After six months, she brought flowers to Valery Khalilov's grave.

Recovered Document SCP-ZH-999-Я Incident Log Excerpt

Affected Personnel: Nikolay (MTF-Skybed天床-5 ("Logic Necrosis邏輯壞死") Vice Captain)
Time: ██/8/20██
Location: Carriage #039

Whether recollections are positive or negative remains an open question. As presented in the second and third chapters, positive and negative case studies have been met with both affirmations and refutations. This topic still regularly presents itself in debate competitions. Not even the author is able to give a decisive conclusion.

           Except from essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies"

SCP-ZH-999-Я Incident Log Excerpt:

Nikolay wishes for it all to be just a nightmare. He wishes for all the things he remembered last night to be a mere nightmare. None of these nights have he gotten a good night's sleep; Every night he was awakened from his dream to his teammates who were either on their night guard or in their deep slumber.

He doesn't understand why he keeps remembering these horrifying memories, he doesn't understand why. Despite that his colleagues would also occasionally be affected by their memories and enter a slump, why is he the only person to experience such dread?

On the fourth day, he was once again buzzed awake by another scarlet-colored dream. The dream combined blood, sweat and things that he didn't even know for himself, perhaps… Only perhaps, it was amniotic fluid or something else.

"Vice-captain, are you okay?" The teammate in the back looked at Nikolay in a concerned fashion, "the other members aren't doing so well either, should we retreat?"

"N- no." He holds the cold handrails, while the entire team is distributed between the two sides at the front and back, "Our specialty is in data gathering and detection, we…"

He saw the naked woman screaming, crazily, hysterically, her body shaking intensely, her sizable belly looks as if she is about to give birth at any moment, and her scream, striking fear into the soul, as if it's the sound of a demon from the abyss running loose.

Floating from the depths of his consciousness, he felt a nervous breakdown coming. How he took up a job like this without even blinking, how he obeyed the will of the Foundation to execute containment plans, how he told everyone "you've all made a mistake, this SCP doesn't exist at all, I'm merely ordered to monitor a humanoid figure's vital readings." How he had to deal with the SCP differing from the written description as given, and how he has to make-do with special containment procedures which are not ethical even in the slightest. How he became accustomed to the SCP being practically of not six, but seven. And the sixth death brought with it suffering that still extends into the present.

"We need to gather as much data about this train as possible." He covered his mouth, stopping his urge to vomit, "if possible, find the conductor, we need to have a direct conversation with him."

He remembered a lot of things, every time the frightening memories flooded his mind, he could barely keep himself standing.

Have I became too fragile. He thought. It's only because he browsed recollections which he has never paid attention to once again, even noticing more details than the moment it happened. Those reverberating machines that consume people, SCPs that turn humans into organs, even more and more, buried secrets of the Foundation.

Why didn't he care about these before?

Why haven't he ever doubted what the Foundation actually is?

"Captain…" Fuzzy sounds are heard from the transceiver. "We found it, conductor, he's currently checking tickets at the 57th carriage, we did not enter yet, but the second team have came up with a disguise to get around to the 58th carriage."

"Excellent… Try to make time." You said, carrying deep fears. Even without continuing to recall, the trepidation remains after the trauma and it almost drives his heart out of his esophagus.

All the memories were too vivid, all the torment were too clear.

Pain, you only remember pain, the kind of pain that punctures a thousand wounds and holes into you but still demanding your sanity to remain.

It is the kind of pain that every Foundation Agent needs to shoulder.

To experience the shock encountering a SCP's true nature, to be made aware of the cruel special containment procedures, the fear of a containment breach, the pain of losing colleagues or even your own life. You have to bear it all.

"This is why Agents experience more frequent psychological assessment rounds than Researchers, why Agents are more likely to be administered amnestics than Researchers."

Now you know everything.

With heavy footsteps, I made it in front of the conductor in my sorry figure.

"Dear customer, it seems like you haven't been getting enough rest. Where's your carriage, if I may bring you there?" He made a polite smile, still wearing the same dark leather coat as depicted on that document.

"I'm fine, SCP-ZH-999-A, I'm here to ask for a favor."

"You know I don't like that designation." He answers, suddenly tensed up, "You can call me the conductor, a visitor or a waiter."

"You know about the Foundation?"

"You've been investigating this train for half the century, never mind those who accidentally came on-board, of course I knew."

"Then as you know about the Foundation," I raised my hand to gesture a sign, to let my colleagues around the doors on the two sides to lower their rifles, "Then I'm asking to have you take away this ability from me."

Aftermath: Agent Nikolay appeared very calm upon departing SCP-ZH-999. He stated to not remember the slightest degree of things occurred to him on the train, and often expressed the past is not to be feared and he moves towards tomorrow. Showing extreme loyalty to the Foundation, and after transferring to SCP-231 for the third supervision project, based on his excellent response and detection, and observational skills, is transferred to work on Site-ZH-81.


  • Meeting Topic: On follow-up of SCP-ZH-999's containment breach
  • Participants: O5 Council
  • Date: ██/██/20██

O5-7: Containment breached.

O5-4: Simply and precisely indeed, Seven.

O5-7: We don't even have half of everyone here, shouldn't you be busy as a bee, "Ambassador"?

O5-4: Not right now, it will be my turn to work when they can remember everything, let me enjoy a break for now.

O5-11: Do I have something to do this time?

O5-10: Even I have started to wonder if I should put this in my notes, adding another stroke for the world's end.

O5-1: No need, Ten.

O5-4: Here you are, One. Being late isn't like you, rather expected you not to have came at all.

O5-1: I've managed some family… and Foundation affairs. Also to stop Five from messing with the stocks, that bastard. Six… To use a more emotional phrasing, Six is busy as hell, the agents under him are collapsing under their own memories.

O5-7: I was right in my prediction.

O5-1: Never mind your predictions, Seven, I am issuing an emergency order right now.

O5-10: We're activating the Yellowstone Agreement?

O5-1: No, the target is locked onto all of humanity.

O5-4: All of humanity?

O5-1: Four, you don't have to worry about convincing the governments. I have Six and Three's abstainment papers here, I am requesting for all of us here to agree with what I am about to do next.

O5-1: I will apply G-Class Amnestics to all of humanity.

Meeting Summary: Unanimously, all hands were raised in agreement.

Archive (Book) Number: 191605

Welcome to the library system of Site-ZH-81.
Home to the most abundant documents of anomalies in the entire world

1. The dress code shall be followed when using the reading rooms.
2. No loud chatting, shouting or any action that disturbs other users reading.
3. Except for water, no eating or drinking in the library.
4. All library physical books, materials, essays, magazines in your region may not be borrowed.
5. Booths of tables and chairs have been provided around each bookshelf.
6. You may log into our e-portal to read with digital equipment, or download our App to explore our catalogue.
Library closed on Mondays for scheduled cleaning.

The Archive (Book) numbered 191605 will be searched for you. Searching, please wait

Searching for data, please wait

Searching for data, please wait

Sorry, the data you are searching for has been deleted

Unofficial records on containment breach of 999, constituting as a memoir

  • Written by: Dr. Glass (Foundation's Chief Psychologist)
  • Written at: ██/12/20██
  • Written on: This ridiculous thing and the world post SCP-ZH-999 breaching containment

That had to be a day when I was shaken awake with my own memories. No, to be precise, it was a flashback of my recollections, flooding my head in waves and waves. I remembered many things, many many things, enough to keep me from working for two entire weeks and barely suffocating me to death.

Though really, what was suffocating me would have been all the patients coming to visit within these two weeks. The room which would have everyone gladly avoiding suddenly had flocks of people lining up. Everyone are falling apart, crying their eyes out, nervous like nothing else matters. I could still, in great detail, remember the long queue of faces waiting for me as I went to work on time at eight in the morning.

Disappointingly, I still haven't seen Dr. Gears, but Researcher Iceberg showed up.

While working, I could still distract myself with my job, but it's my turn to suffer when it's the night. I had flashbacks of a lot of things, including those patients in the morning… Oh god, oh god oh! I really don't want to remember who you made love with how many times in a single day, that's just not something I need all the gory details for, Dr. Bright. Also, why collapse to the point of ruining your own site but still not come do a proper checkup, Konny? It's been two months without a visit, is he really that scared of amnestics being administered?

Anyways, this is oddly ridiculous. So weird that I've started doubting myself. Am I one who always could have been wielding recollections? Until some day I realized the truth. But to know the truth, it is even more dumbfounding, as now regardless am I to discuss being able to remember it'd be meaningless, isn't it? After all, we can all remember now.

To remember implies many things, your life will start to slow down adjusting to these recollections. Heh, memories are even more sly than Dr. Clef, everyone can be their own Type Green in their head, as long as they'd like to tamper with them. Isn't that a scary thing?

But to comment on this, I'd say that being able to recall is pretty good. The life we go through is not just of sad and painful memories, but also upbeat and joyous memories. As for how these subjective events are handled is homework for each individual, someone can certainly be down due to a break-up, but could also take their next step and search for new chances; they may be limited by their own selfishness, yet could also discover the good in humanity; they may suffer great pain for their companions, but could also expand their horizons and meet new friends, leaving their hatred for the past; or they may also be chained by the sorrow of losing a significant other, but who knows… Perhaps their persistence was not in vain.

Could we say that recollections make for the infinite possibilities in people? Even the authoritative essay "Differences in Memory and Recollection: On whether Recollections are hindering the progression of human societies" stopped short of giving a defining answer to whether having recollections would negatively affect societal progression.

Everything is so wonderful, isn't it?

Even the train itself is so wonderful. Why didn't I, as a psychologist, go on the ride to see it for myself?

What do you think?




Terminal platform of SCP-ZH-9288-EX.

Archived Containment Procedures: Due to the mobility and its time of appearance, it is not possible to locate or contain SCP-ZH-999. It is also difficult to cover it up from the general public. Currently, the Foundation can only utilize two task forces: MTF-Dubhe天樞-9 ("Logic Chaos邏輯混亂") and MTF-Dubhe天樞-1 ("Logic Catastrophe邏輯崩潰") to patrol along the Trans-Siberian Railway for objects suspected to be of SCP-ZH-999.

There are no Special Containment Procedures currently, as it is unnecessary to contain SCP-ZH-9288-EX. The object is monitored by Site-7 long-term.

Archived Description: SCP-ZH-9288-EX is an unidentified carriage cluster on the Trans-Siberian Railway (locomotive included), its reported amount of carriages varies. Russian Railways has stated that the cabin structure and cabin amounts of such carriers have been within appropriate limits. Its interior configuration was said to be in accordance with Russian railway regulations. The conductor is male, and refers to himself as Dmitry(Дмитрий). SCP-ZH-9288-EX is treated as a regular train that runs on the Trans-Siberian Railway, as a regular sleeper wagon, with four carriages, on-train dining and other services also provided. Its starting point is the Moscow-Yaroslav Station, and its terminal at Vladivostok-Vladivostok Station, totaling 9288 kilometers.

Final train approaches platform

As the train arrived, the sounds of the horn and broadcast were especially memorable. Finally this time I'm not to watch someone get up, tidy their sleeping spot or seat, to watch them unboard the train. Finally, it's my turn. Our turn to have my team and I end our mission.

"Please don't walk on the tracks." The announcements always bring up this advice, but why are the rails specifically mentioned? Even though it is stated, there are always those few who willfully let their life shatter as a fleeting spark, the line that I don't understand, and yet the sensation of comfort which I am simultaneously enjoying, the voice and feeling that could be compared to; likely the times of youth back when going to school, having your mother knock your bedroom's door to get you awake and the sensation in those memories. To have made you anxious but yet comforting.

The mission is over. Agent Ivan, you're in position to have your team return.

"Roger." I spoke to the calling device softly, to not have my voice be loud enough to overwhelm the comforting broadcast.

The temperature is very low, so low to the point that the sky is sunny and not snowing, but even the bright sunlight isn't effectively giving our land the warmth they need. At least we have a beautiful blue sky, a blue sky.

I raised my head to observe the sunlit sky through the window, and opened the window to let the freezing cold air hit my face. I was able to use it to breathe white fog, as if I was smoking a cigar. I told my teammates that the mission is over, and turned off the calling device amidst their quiet cheering. Fortunately this event ended peacefully without any casualties.

I pulled the edge of my hat, tidied my neck and tie and dragged my luggage off the train with a smile that any successful business-person should have. The conductor takes my luggage and helped in putting it on the platform.

"Business?" From the conductor's thin lips, a voice comparable to that of the broadcast was uttered.
"Yes, business." I answered.
"May your business go well."
"Many thanks, and here's to wishing you always riding safely." I lightly picked up my hat and nodded softly. I could see through the corner of my eyes that my teammates are waiting for me.

It's fine, let them wait.

"First time on the big railways?" The conductor asked another question, voice slightly hoarse.

The question that rarely gets a correct answer. After all, what difference is there really, between the first and the second? After all, every train is the final train. No one holds a return ticket in their hands; Time passes by, turning into memories, memories turned into flashbacks, to be stored in our hearts. No matter who you've met on the train, what you've encountered while on the train, what missions you finished on the train, none of it is very important. It's only to be remembered.

But I opened my notebook, turned to a particular page, densely packed with drawn symbols.

I gave a smile and answered the conductor's question.

"This has been my 1453rd time on the railways."

When inquired of whether anything was unusual, they all responded: Nothing out of the ordinary

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