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Item#: ZH-973
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-973 is currently contained in the medium-high risk Safe/Euclid class containment room on the 8th basement floor of Site-ZH-94. In addition, the interior of the containment room also contained non-anomalous experimental books, which the content of those books is irrelevant to the object's anomalous effects.

Unauthorized use of SCP-ZH-973 is prohibited unless with the permission of a personnel with a security clearance level over 3.

Description: SCP-ZH-973 is an anomalous wooden bookshelf.If the user (hereinafter referred to as SCP-ZH-973-1) place a book into the object, the object’s anomalous properties will create physical pain and hallucinations on a person held a hatred emotion on by SCP-ZH-973-1 (hereinafter referred to s SCP-ZH-973-2), although the physical damage does not sync to the described hallucinations. The effect lasts for 168 hours (7 days). If SCP-ZH-973-2 committed suicide due to unable to bear the pain, or died from other acidence, no additional anomalous properties will be triggered after the end of 168 hours. (refer to experimentation log ZH-973-B)

But, on the contrary, if SCP-ZH-973-2 was able to survive for 168 hours, the anomalous properties will backfire to SCP-ZH-973-1, which -1 will experience physical damage corresponding to the previous hallucinations on SCP-ZH-973-2, thus causing SCP-ZH-973-1's own death.(refer to experimentation log ZH-973-A)

Due to Incidence ZH-973-Y, personnel are required to submit a written application to 2 or more staff members with a level 3 or higher clearance before using SCP-ZH-973, and SCP-ZH-973 can only be used for experimental purposes.

The Foundation discovered that the books contained in the subject have exceeded the containing limit of ordinary bookshelves1(for more information, please refer to experimentation log ZH-973-01)

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