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On the fine day of the 1st of January, 2013, a small writing wiki opened in a corner of the world wide web. A decade has passed, and lots of things have changed. The people that have been drawn to our chapter of the SCP Foundation have challenged themselves, competed for glory, and worked as a collective to build something truly great. Such contributions have been the soil for our Growth.

What fun and exhilarating articles will fill Series 2 of SCP-KO? SCP-1000-KO was indeed a monumental milestone, but we believe it is not our highest point. We are still growing. We give our sincerest gratitude to the authors and readers who've accompanied us on our voyage and salutations to those who will enjoy the SCP Foundation together.


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Topic selection: CatSiCatSi, DidicDidic, Dr SaganDr Sagan, NareumNareum
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