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"Uncertain" Contest

HAVE YOU EXPECTED THAT? ARE YOU SURPRISED?Well, it's still…okay, I think.


Final Result

First confirmation of the chosen slots will be made tonight, and those who have already confirmed their slot can move the article by themselves, but the final results are still subject to the final tally.

If you have not yet given a preferred slot selection, please do so as soon as possible. It is also acceptable if you want a random slot.


Posting Period: Feb 16th, 2021, 0:00 CST to Feb 22th, 2021, 23:59 CST (7 days)
Results Decided: Mar 8th, 2021, 23:59 CST (14 days)

Translated Entries


  1. Topic: Uncertain(ty).
    • People, objects, matters, development, as well as all stuff not mentioned here, all things and the universe, et cetera. To some extent, they all have — or do not have — "Uncertainty". Of course, anomalies also do so. Maybe we can never confirm their nature, and we may even never be able to peek into their nature.
    • "Uncertain(ty)" means that you are unable to decide or confirm something. All things in the world are uncertain — this page itself is also included. You don't necessarily need to write your "uncertainty" based on the explanation shown above, it depends on yourself. (Of course, posting an empty page called "Uncertainty" will be deleted directly.)
  2. How to participate: Post your entry to the site with the URL cn2000<yourusername1>. The entries must be posted by the author themselves.
    • Title: SCP-CN-2000:<yourtitle>
    • Adding the rating module by Original Article Template in the initial content is allowed.
    • Usernames of all authors should be added if the entry is co-authored.
  3. Each author can only submit one entry; The authors are allowed to collaborate with others, and all authors are not allowed to post a second co-authored/independent entry.
  4. Interested authors can start writing their entries as soon as the theme is announced. It is not recommended to rush writing entries during the posting period.
  5. A cn2000 tag should be added to the entry to show your work on this page.
  6. Authors are required to post their preferred slots (excluding SCP-CN-2000) in the Discussion Board for statistical purposes.
  7. Any unusual actions to influence voting may lead to disqualification.
    • Actions that will be regarded as "unusual" include (but are not limited to) the following situations:
      1. Spamming other people about your entry via wikidot PM
      2. Downvoting competitors' works within a few seconds or minutes after submission of the entry
      3. Proclaiming your voting to other entries
    • Note: Frequently advertising your entries in other communities/instant communities outside wikidot is very likely to be concerned.
  8. Finished drafts can be submitted as long as they are never posted before.
  9. All entries are still subject to the normal deletion process.
  10. Revision to your entries after posting is allowed, but significant revision is only allowed during the posting period.
  11. The prize is the SCP-CN-2000 slot; If two or more entries have the same rating, then the one with the highest upvote/downvote ratio will be regarded as the winner.
    • All other entries will be put into their preferred slots based on rating.
  12. Please contact contest marshals for further information if you have any detailed questions not listed above.
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