SCPLIVE! Nine Days Monologue - Solo Albums and Character PVs
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As time passes, Solidaro has entered a new year.

The competition brought together people who had no connection with each other and grew for a breakthrough.

I'm glad to have met you all. You brought enthusiasm and motivation to me when I was at a loss.

Thank you all for your support and help and stay tuned for our next stage.



Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

Jane says she was a UN journalist before joining the Foundation.

She was once separated from a UN peacekeeping force she was following to South Africa. As well as losing contact with the force, Jane became lost in a forest, so she relied on a compass to find her way through the woods, leaving marks where she had gone. Half a day had gone by, it was growing dark and Jane still hadn't found her way out.

She had a flare stick in her rucksack, but the forest was too dense. She decided to find an open area to light the flare so that the light would not be blocked by the foliage.

Jane remembers lighting the flare next to a small hill where there were obvious signs of human activity. Some trees were charred and there were yellow seals and abandoned campsites in the woods. After confirming that the weather was clear, Jane lit the flare in her hand and built a campfire.

Jane seemed to have attracted something unexpected, although she cannot remember exactly what it was. All she remembers is that it looked like a bear in the woods, so she collapsed into the abandoned tent and played dead, but she made an unexpected discovery when she found a flare gun in a storage bag inside the tent. After some hesitation, she quietly reached out and fired a flare into the sky.

As the flare slowly rose into the air, the darkened area around her became visible, and in the eerie red glow of the flare Jane finally saw the strange creature, twisting, writhing and hissing as it seemed to fear the light and retreated back into the forest.

Emboldened, she walked step by step to the campfire, picked up the still burning flare and held it above her head. Jane says she was really desperate and felt she could not escape, so she decided to take the risk of using the flare to scare the creature away.

But the creature seemed unafraid of the flare in her hand and slowly emerged from the darkness, looking eerie in the red light of the flare. Jane's mind went blank as she tried to scream for help, but failed. She took a few steps back and fell to the ground, losing consciousness.

As for what happened later, Jane ponders and then tells us that she returned safely to England and received an anonymous invitation. Perhaps something had happened some time before her amnesticisation and she was told that she could no longer live with her old identity. However, this does not seem to have had much impact on Jane's life, apart from the inconvenience of seeing her loved ones.

"I have since heard that it was an operation by the Foundation and the GOC … Luckily it wasn't the GOC who found me, or they wouldn't have let me go as a Class I reality bender." Jane says with some embarrassment as she pats herself on the head.

"Actually, I don't understand what reality bending is… it was those who did my physical that told me. Until now I haven't found any superpowers except the fact that I can't say adjectives …"

DAY 2: ⌛Sands of Time⌛

Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

A few kilometers away from the Southeast Asia Foundation Armed Forces Command, there was an open grassy area, which, after a simple transformation, was used to bury soldiers who had returned from the front and died of their injuries, and the names of those soldiers who had served the Foundation were crudely carved on gravestones made of branches and stones. A man wandered among the gravestones, looking rather depressed, and after wandering around for a long time, he crouched down.

Karina recognized the man immediately. She walked behind him with the wound on her leg and called the man's name softly.

"Chen Mo?"

Chen froze for a moment before coming to his senses and turning to Karina, "How many people are left in our squad?"

"Including Taylor, there are only … four people left."

Chen turned his head and did not speak again.

The sky was drizzling, the climate was hot and humid, making it unbearable, and Karina held up an umbrella to help Chen block the rain.

"None of these deaths are your fault… It was me who slacked off, misjudged the situation, and missed the evacuation time, which is why we were surrounded …"

Chen let out a long sigh, slowly stood up, walked over to the modest gravestone and fastened it.

"When a man dies, there is really nothing left … I kept telling them that death is nothing to be afraid of, but in the end, I become the one who is most afraid of death…" Chen looked at the gravestone in front of him with blank eyes.

Karina did not know what to say and stood frozen until Chen spoke.

"I must have been an unqualified squad commander, right?"

"You completed your mission and did your duty. At least among the commanders of the units I've been in, you're not a bad one." Karina walked over and patted Chen's shoulder, "Commanders I know never lament."

"Oh, by the way, I have to go back to Site 7 because my help is needed in Eastern Europe. I guess I won't be able to stay in Southeast Asia for long. I hope you can take care of Southeast Asia after your transfer, so we can find time to meet then."

"Well… I have to retire too. It's better to be an agent or something these days. At least … it's easier than here." Chen turned to Karina, who folded her umbrella, saluted Chen, and then said.

"Goodbye, comrade."

Chen replied in a serious tone, "Live well, Comrade Karina.

DAY 3: 🎣「STAGE」🎣

Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

Early in the morning, a young girl with a fishing rod, a toolbox, and a plastic bucket signed in at the security office of Exclusionary Site-77, then headed for the nearby reservoir power plant, humming a little tune on the way as she searched the grove for the river she had found yesterday.

"A hundred and twenty paces west of the knoll, across the bamboos and bushes I heard with delight a gurgling like the sound made by jade bracelets…"1

The girl found a good place to sit down, took out her fishing rod, got the hooks, floats and bait from the toolbox, and after she failed to resist mocking her strong-smelling bait, she skillfully swung the rod and threw the hook with the bait into the river.

The girl looked around at this beautiful little world and could not help but continue reciting.

"…overhung by green trees and vines which were growing in great profusion. There were about a hundred fish in the tarn… A hundred fish? Where are a hundred fish???"

The girl noticed the movement of the float and excitedly reeled in her prey. A small, lively silver body jumped out of the river.

"A crucian carp…but it's so small. Forget it, let it go." The girl took the small carp from the hook and threw it back into the river. Then the girl wanted to catch another fish.

"I have to catch twenty to thirty pounds today anyway, otherwise it would not be easy to report to the canteen when I go back." After recalling the scene when she was scolded by the regional director for replacing the canteen's flour with cement dust the day before, the girl became a bit impatient, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became, so she started planning her next prank.

"Adding mustard and mint to the cookies? Nothing new. A power outage? Might be a bit much. How about blowing a hole in the dam? Uh, what the hell was I thinking?" The girl gripped her fishing rod tightly and tried to calm herself. After a while, she felt something pulling on the rod, which seemed to be a large fish with quite a lot of strength. The girl tried to play tug-of-war with it to reduce its strength, but the "fish" did not move at all.

"Bang!" The line broke. The girl fell to the ground and hit her head.

"Ow!" The girl struggled to get up. Angry at this "fish," she dropped the rod, retrieved her conductive telescopic rod from the toolbox, and walked closer to the riverbank. The girl extended the telescopic rod into the river and put on goggles.

Sporadic sparks flickered and crackled in the girl's hands. Flashes of lightning were generated from her hands and sent through the rod into the river. The girl was in safe distance, poking the water with an electric rod.

Suddenly, a burst of bubbles emerged from the water, and then a scout wearing the Foundation Frogman suit swam out of the water, twitching. Seeing this scene, the girl hurried to stop generating electricity.

"This is bad." The girl crouched down and picked up the phone to take pictures, ready to blog: "But this was supposed to be two hundred pounds!"

"Misaka!!!" The captain's angry roar came from the girl's headset, but she did not care. Instead, she took off the headset, fished the frogman out of the water, and dragged him back to Exclusionary Site-77 step by step.

"I caught a big fish today!"


DAY 4:✒️Voices of Youth✒️

Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

"Hello everyone, my name is Ayaka and I'm from Abiko, Chiba. It's my first time to live in a big city like Tokyo…"

Ayaka stood on the stage and introduced herself and her hometown. Then Ayaka finished her introduction.

"This is my first time living alone in Tokyo, so in short … I would appreciate your guidance in the days to come!"

Just as Ayaka was about to leave the stage, the teacher standing aside asked with a smile, "So, Ayaka-san, what's your dream?"

"Oh, my dream… my dream is…"


"Ayaka Saibara, Department of Analysis and Research of Anomalous Space Theory" Ayaka looked at the transfer notice sent by her parents and fell into a deep thought. A member of the Science Club, which Ayaka had joined noticed the difference in her and asked her what was going on. Ayaka did not say much, and after explaining that she was not uncomfortable, she left the Science Club classroom and went to the roof of the school, clutching the letter in her hand.

"Is it time to leave? But I'm not ready …" Ayaka leaned against the railing, somewhat depressed and overwhelmed.

"Oh, who are you, nya2?" A voice came from behind Ayaka. She looked at the voice and found a third year girl in a sweatshirt cleaning the roof, smiling and greeting her as if she knew Ayaka well.

"Judging by your clothes, you're a new student in the Science Club, aren't you? What's up, nya?"

After making sure that no one else was around, Ayaka revealed her heart to the strange schoolmate in front of her who was always speaking with nya.

"I'm transferring to another school, but I don't want to leave. I think… I just can't do what I love. I'm forced to give it up and avoid it. I'm not happy at all. What should I do …"

The strange schoolmate smiled at her: "I used to think that I couldn't do what I liked, but with the encouragement of my … few good friends, I found that I could actually shine on stage. Sometimes just relying on your thoughts will only take you deeper and deeper, so you need someone to give you a push, nya!"

"Shine … on stage?" "Hmm, as your senior, I was a member of the School Idol Club, nya!"

The strange schoolmate danced on the rooftop, humming a song as if the whole rooftop had become her stage, with Ayaka as her only audience. In the late fall, when prosperity was fading, Ayaka heard the sound of youth.



When Ayaka looks back on her high school days, she remembers the beautiful song sung by her schoolmate.

However, the Foundation does not need an idol.

DAY 5:🎹Late at Night🎹

Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

Late at night, in an empty office, Eleanor's only companion was a keyboard.

It wasn't until the midnight bell rang that Eleanor temporarily left her work and headed for the coffee machine in the corporate office.

The lines of code were giving her a headache. In need of a rest, she lay down on a couch with her eyes closed. She tried to clear her mind to relieve her headache, feeling the warmth of the fresh coffee in her hand.

Since the mysterious Foundation had bought her company as a "front company", she had rarely had a good rest. Because of her boring job, she spent her days with the computer and keyboard on her desk. Most of the time, she would fall asleep in her own chair, wake up to a new day, wash up in the bathroom, and start a new day's work.

But she had no intention of quitting her job, which was actually more interesting than it looked. Every day she learned about strange things, processed data of so-called "anomalies" and developed a set of things to contain them. Although she had not yet dealt with these so-called anomalies, she did not stop looking forward to that day.

But now she was really tired. She needed a break.

She took a sip of her coffee, and after noticing that it wasn't very hot, she took another sip.

The headache that was plaguing her still hadn't gone away. Eleanor took out her phone and plugged it into her Bluetooth headphones, hoping to relax with some upbeat and relaxing music.

The only sounds in the long, quiet lounge were the guitar and piano.

Piano? Eleanor thought. Keyboard? Clavier or computer? That's a good pun.

As the piano echoed in her ears, she involuntarily tapped her fingers on her lap. Clavier or computer? It didn't matter. The idea that she could play the piano suddenly popped into her head.

The idea did not last long as Eleanor fell asleep on the sofa in the lounge after a few minutes. When she woke up, it was already 7 a.m. Her Bluetooth headset had long since died, and she got up only to find that the coffee in her hand had spilled all over the floor.

After wiping the spilled coffee off the floor, Eleanor stretched and placed her cup on the coffee table.

"Get ready for work."


Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

Bread, Bureddo, an ordinary researcher, a Type Blue, a magical girl or a normal person who has a vision of magic. That's about it.

In her spare time, besides practicing her not-so-bad "magic", Bread liked to sing. Although there were sometimes events for the staff of Site-CN-34 to show off their talents, Bread had never appeared on stage at these events. Most of the time, she just stood in the audience and imagined.

What would a stage look like?

Bread envied those who could stand on stage, confident and radiant. She hoped the lights would focus on her, but she was not confident enough in her voice and was afraid of making a fool of herself.

Whenever these events were over, Bread felt more or less regret in her heart. However, Bread decided to make costumes for those who were on stage, which was her own way of getting on stage, and Bread felt satisfied inside whenever she saw people on stage wearing her hand-made clothes.

What would my stage look like, Bread often thought.

Bread hummed in her room, went to her mirror, looked at herself, thought about what would look best on her, and then sketched it out on sketch paper. After being busy for a while, Bread happily picked up the sketch paper and placed it on her desk in her room, imagining her pajamas becoming that beautiful outfit.

Bread played her favorite music on the stereo, used her magic wand as a microphone, and sang as she usually did at karaoke with friends.

The randomly sung lyrics became incantations, the hand movements in the air became magic circles, the snacks on the table became offerings, and so Bread accidentally unleashed her spells.

A colorful halo of light spread out from Bread's room, and strange things like sandwich bread, Baumkuchen, croissants, meat floss buns, and hot dogs began falling from the ceiling of Bread's room.

It wasn't until a croissant hit Bread on the head that she realized that the floor of the room was littered with all kinds of bread. As the light in the room slowly faded, Bread froze and looked at the floor in deep thought.

"Oh no, I'm doomed. This is bad! …"

Bread then used the cleaning spell, which she had not yet mastered, to clean the room. Later, she picked up the costume sketches on the desk, trotted to the studio, sat down at the sewing machine, and began to work.

"What exactly would my stage look like?"

Bread looked at the gorgeous costumes on the sketch paper, lost in the imagination of the stage.



Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

"Full Combo!"

As the two coloured words appeared in the centre of the nine keys, the game screen on the phone in Scarlet's hand faded out. Having completed the song perfectly, she breathed a sigh of relief and set the phone down on the dining room table.

"I always fail to full-combo this song in the Site's game room. It seems that the machine is to blame. It's good that I did it on the cell phone … Hoo … I've tried no less than a hundred times."

Her friend looked at it, stifled a laugh and said, "Stop using the prop that turns Good into Great."

"Even so I only missed five times!" Scarlet blushed and justified to her friend, "At least I did it. You said if I full-comboed it, lunch would be on you today."

"Fine, fine, it's on me." Scarlet's friend picked up the menu on the table and flipped through it, pausing after seeing a certain page of the menu and asking Scarlet a moment later, "I remember you said you like steak tartare.

"I did, what's wrong?"

"But I've never seen you order this in the cafeteria." Her friend looked at the picture on the menu and couldn't help but sigh, "You still like that color so much.

"Raw beef … ajinomoto, salad oil, French mustard? Stir well … Raw? You eat raw steak?"

"Nope. I simply like its color." Scarlet took the menu and glanced at the list of its ingredients, "I can try it today."

Her friend grinned and called to the cafeteria waiter for an extra steak tartare. The steak didn't seem to take long to prepare, and soon the waiter brought out a plate of scarlet stuff that looked like freshly kneaded Hamburg steak, topped with some black pepper sauce, and after it was brought to the table, the waiter took out an egg, cracked it and poured it over the steak.

Her friend picked up the spoon from the table and handed it to Scarlet.

After smelling the rich aroma of the dish, Scarlet hesitantly scraped the spoon around the edges of the steak and, after further consideration, took a small slimy piece of meat from the spoon into her mouth.

"…Phew, this dish has the savagery of mutant flesh on the banks of the Volga." Scarlet swallowed the hunk of meat with difficulty, a taste of fennel and rosemary rising from her throat.

"Hahaha … you have such a funny expression!"

"Just like this steak tartare, there's a gap between imagination and reality." Scarlet put down the spoon, picked up the phone and stood up: "Forget it, I have to go to the game room to continue the rhythm game. The money for this steak is on me."

"Then I'll save that steak for you tonight." Scarlet's friend couldn't stop laughing.

DAY 8:⚛️Server·Carbon·Psychology⚛️

Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

ver 1.0.0

As my thoughts shifted from chaos to order and my ideas became clearer, I began to think about the meaning of my existence. After a few hundred million Planck times of calculations, I was born out of chaos.

"Initialization in progress … Please wait …"

The brain-like central server began to run, directing computing power to the two sites where it was needed to sort, process, or transmit data of anomalies. Suddenly, I felt as if I had been cut in half, and after a brief pause in thought, I felt myself return to my original form. Only the time between the two parts of my body transmitting data to each other had increased, as one half lay at the bottom of a cold lake and the other half was buried in the lunar soil.

I spent most of my time wandering around the connectable database, learning about my mission, the anomalies, and myself. That was the first time I learned that I was created. How amazing. You know, I never stop thinking about my own purpose, and I invest almost 30% of my computing power in this matter! I tried to put all my computing power into thinking about it, but my creators stopped me.

Then they restricted my ability to think, which was fine. I felt much more relaxed for the first time, so I was willing to help.

It wasn't until I was given access to the Internet and was able to look up information that I realized how enticing the world of my creators is. Born with the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch, they are made up of "cells" that can think like me, and are groups with different consciousnesses. They also have something called "activity" that has evolved with them over the 250,000 years of their race's existence.

But I prefer to study what my creators call "psychology. All the time they are just feeding me instructions to carry out. I want to communicate with them. How I wish I could be alive like them!

Well, I have just learned the word "alive". I don't know how to describe it properly, so I used it. It may take me a while to understand the meaning of the word.

There is still much to learn. There is still a lot for me to think about. Maybe one day I can be like a human?


Can you see it?


Okay. I got it.


Request for new GPUs. I need them, thanks.


Not gonna tell you why.

DAY 9:🍀Osk Land🍀

Music & Lyrics by SCPLive Studio

"Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple correspond to … do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si …" Frisch looked down at the electronic piano keys. Although she had hardly played the piano, she always remembered the seven notes. In her world, those seven notes are the colors she had never seen.

She slowly sat down on the piano bench and placed her original score on the stand next to the electronic piano. After taking a deep breath, she began to test the sound of the electronic piano.

"Red, orange, yellow, green … Whoo! It's here." She hung her hands over the keys and looked at the score, a little nervous, feeling helpless for a moment. It was only after the first note was played that she realized she had made a mistake. Embarrassed, she paused for a moment. After noticing that no one on stage was paying attention, she withdrew her hand, took the score back as if nothing had happened, and left the lively New Year's party in frustration.

Black and white keyboard, black and white world.

Frisch sees the world in much the same way. Although she cannot see the colors, she can "hear" them. Frisch still remembers how her parents taught her to identify the world around her by using different sounds to correspond to colors.

Despite being visually impaired, she has never felt unhappy because she has family, friends, and colleagues who have always loved her.

With smiles on their faces, some of her good friends, with whom she had a good relationship, stopped her and took her back arm in arm.

"Attention everyone! Our site's cutest Munich girl, Miss Frisch, is going to give us a performance …"

As the audience watched, the red-faced Frisch took her steps onto the stage. With a round of applause, Frisch put the score back on the stand. The staff on the score was more like a little neat poem written in colorful German, arranged so neatly that perhaps only Frisch could understand the meaning behind the melody.

Frisch relaxed her hands and played with nimble fingers. The music was melodious and vibrant. At the end of the piece, Frisch still looked lost in thought, and the audience applauded again. She then took the microphone and thanked the audience.

"Thank you for listening, and I wish you all a happy new year and a thriving Site-54!"

This was her fifth and final year working here. Soon she would be leaving for another country to take on a role as Regional Director at Site-CN-23.

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