Second Humanist Gentlemen Donation

Graciously donated by the Humanist Gentlemen.

Of Interest : clothing (?), restoration of Normality, human fertility, repopulation

Referent : Director Daouda Soumaoro

Asset Summary :


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Manna Charitable Foundation,

Despite a number of hiccups in our previous cooperation efforts, we were keen to repeat the association. We took a closer look at your latest missions to determine what factors, if any, might be affecting our donations. And it turns out that we've stumbled across a problem of a completely different nature, one that neither you nor we had thought of until now.

Following a disaster of a particular nature in which you generously intervened and brought help and assistance to the victims, Normality was disrupted, despite your efforts and those of other organizations. Between changes in Reality, climatic disturbances and sudden changes in customs, it is sometimes the very nature of Man that is altered.

These modifications, unfortunately erratic and undesirable, subordinate the individual to this new particularity. This is extremely unfortunate, as I'm sure you'll agree: the Better Man should never be a victim of the particular, but rather evolve through it. Even if exceptions do exist, such a process must be undertaken in a controlled, established environment, so that the results participate in this natural adaptation. This context is sadly absent from disaster scenes.

These shortcomings, which you hasten to rectify with the timely use of the abnormal assets at your disposal, are unfortunately only the most visible. Many of them persist despite your efforts, and continue to belittle the victims. The example that has moved us the most, and seems to us the most pressing, is that of the rarecent character of the populations that have been adversely affected. Rendered sterile by uncontrollable peculiarities, entire societies and sections of humanity's culture disappear into silence, unable to ensure offspring to pass on their values and knowledge. An irrecoverable loss caused, once again, by our terrible misunderstanding of the particular.

Various solutions emerged from these reflections, until we came up with the one we felt made the most sense. In this particular situation, the particular is a terrible hindrance to Man, so we decided to turn what at first appears to be a disadvantage into a definite advantage for the Better Man. The artifacts we have sent you are capable of reversing the particularity responsible for this sterility: the depredatory effect then becomes restorative, in this specific case however. The victim is now normally infertile, rather than abnormally infertile, and the particularity in question enables him or her to become fertile again. The individual has adapted to the particular in order to take advantage of it.

We're donating twenty of these devices, available in the enclosed parcel. This number, which you may find relatively small, seems to us to be ideal: our calculations indicate that it is amply sufficient, based on the size of the populations affected. What's more, the risk of loss or theft is reduced.

It's relatively easy to use: all you have to do is wear it continuously for a week, like a belt. We've designed it to be simple and strong enough to deal with a wide range of situations, including those where ill-intentioned people might try to replicate it - a futile task, given the device's principle: it works only on sterility of particular origin.

We wish you much courage in your task, which is still, alas, indispensable for mankind today.

Best regards,

A Gentleman

The Humanist Gentleman are a little-known organization with a rich history, working for the good of humanity. Several philanthropic actions have been attributed to them, mainly in Western Europe. Their statements suggest that they are followers of transhumanism, although this information remains to be verified.

Maintenance and Operation : The items are to be distributed to the victims, after approval by the doctors, with instructions to wear them at all times for one week. Once this period has elapsed, the items must be collected.

Safety Concerns: Safe for all, field-tested.

Additional Note : Following a number of queries and suspicious requests, we would like to remind you that the asset only works on infertility of abnormal origin, i.e. when an anomaly has, by whatever means, altered the biology of the human reproductive organs. If these conditions are not met, the asset has no effect. So there's no point in asking to use it on infertility not caused by abnormalities. - Dir. Soumaoro

Safety Restrictions : Despite their appearance, they can easily be described as lumbar belts, useful for correcting back problems caused by injury (herniated discs or sciatica) or stress.

Additional Note: Following attempts at bribery by unknown individuals, distribution of the asset has been temporarily suspended. Two copies, "borrowed" for almost two weeks, have been found in a sorry state: dismantled, slashed, torn and so on. An internal investigation is underway. - Dir. Soumaoro

Additional Note : The culprits were identified and reprimanded. The asset can be distributed again, thanks to the support of a member who preferred to remain anonymous.. - Dir. Soumaoro

My dear Daouda,

This dark business surrounding these abnormal Assets that are supposed to restore fertility; consider it settled. You will never hear of it again.

I received a hell of a lot of CFA francs, as well as a letter inviting me to discreetly leave a copy of this asset in a specific place in order to receive a duplicate. I saw it as an opportunity to put an end to this affair, which was poisoning the atmosphere at the center and making you lose your hair.

So I went there. A kid came to make the exchange, unaware of the contents of the parcels he was handing over. I offered him the money I'd been advanced, in exchange for a little information about his employer. He accepted, and guided me to a large building whose name I won't mention. Given the tickets, I knew exactly who to ask for. So I feigned a little importance in order to see him in person, although a few intriguing details in my message must have worked in my favor.

When I met him, I told him I knew everything. He didn't even try to lie or defend himself. I calmly explained the situation, but above all a precise point he seemed to ignore, understandable given the secrecy surrounding our operations. The asset only works on infertility of abnormal origin. He must have only grasped half the information. Everything seemed clearer after that. He thanked me and apologized.

I decided to forgive him too, and didn't take advantage of it. He did tell me he'd think about making a donation. He's not a bad guy, he was just distressed after the results of his medical tests and the leaks to the press. I hope for his sake he's found another solution.

- An old friend

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