French Branch Secure Facilities Locations

Authors of French SCP articles are invited to log mentioned facilities below along with on-site items. Mentioned personnel and locations are optional. The naming system is the same as that of the main branch. However, the FR list exists in order to distinguish main branch containment sites from French containment sites, to avoid certain problems due to main branch revisions.


facility-texture.pngא Site-Aleph (Armed Dimensional Site-Aleph)

Site Director: Bruce Garrett

Site-Aleph was once a city located north of [REDACTED] which was destroyed on ██/██/████ following a dimensional incident induced by SCP-███-FR. Site-Aleph is currently in constant renovation and mobilises the Manufacturing Department (present on-site) as well as the E&TS, requiring around ███ Level-0 clearance employees; approximately two thirds of the facility are functional, although renovation is slowed down by certain SCPs contained in the area.
Due to the Site's hugeness, and the large number of on-site structures, it has enough available room to host all Foundation members present on-site, as well as numerous adapted services, and a number of SCP storage, containment and research areas/sectors, which necessitate an extremely high number of researchers.
The external affairs department is very active on-site, and have installed their headquarters in a renovated former prison serving as a place of residence for Class-D personnel.
Additionally, Site-Aleph is a meeting point for the ISD as well as the Intelligence Agency, and hosts around ███ members of the Security Department.
Here is a selection of SCPs contained on-site: SCP-020-FR, SCP-019-FR, SCP-035-FR, SCP-006-FR, SCP-098-FR, SCP-074-FR, SCP-075-FR and SCP-080-FR. Used to contain SCP-140-FR.

facility-texture.pngה Site-He (Multiple Temporary Containment Sites-He)

Sites known as He are sites hosting one single SCP item which cannot or should not be moved. Examples include SCP-002-FR and SCP-010-FR.

facility-texture.pngל Site-Lamedh (Secure Climate Research Site-Lamedh)

Site Director: Jonathan Pierce

Site-Lamedh was designed as a regular concrete bunker capable of standing harsh weather conditions as well as assaults from enemies. Contains SCP-053-FR.

facility-texture.png Site-Kybian (Storage Site-Kybian)

Site Director: Kathryn Mayers

Storage Site-Kybian is a set of former subterranean warehouses, rehabilitated and now used for mass storage of small-size artifacts which do not require particular containment procedures, or little maintenance. It contains infrastructures needed to host administrative personnel, four security teams and two research teams. Contains, among others, SCP-134-FR and SCP-002-FR.

facility-texture.pngי Site-Yod (Armed Containment Site-Yod)

Site Director: Alexa Earl

Site-Yod, located in the former city of [REDACTED], is specialised in permanent containment of Euclid and Keter-class entities presenting a predatory behavior. It is one of the most sensitive Foundation Sites and presents an extremely high death rate, despite optimal design and drastic security measures. For these reasons it has been elected as a permanent base for Mobile Task Force Delta-4 ("Safari Time") and as a training center for Tactical Response teams.

Currently contains SCP-023-FR, SCP-025-FR, SCP-049-FR and SCP-062-FR.

facility-texture.pngז Site-Zayin (Armed Site-Zayin)

Site Director: Geoffrey Doyles

Armed Site-Zayin is a former military base rehabilitated for the purpose of containing SCPs in the shape of armament or suitable for military purposes.
Located ███ km away from Site-█████, it is considered by many as an extension of the latter. Despite currently containing few SCPs, Site-Zayin also serves as a training location for members of the Security Department as well as the Internal Security Department.
Currently contains SCP-125-FR.

facility-texture.pngב Site-Beth (Humanoid Containment Site-Beth)

Site Director: Théodore Harris

Equipped Site-Beth is a complex intended for containment of humanoid SCPs currently located in the Middle East.
Site-Beth contains numerous Euclid and Safe-class humanoid entities as well as dwellings for Foundation personnel. It also serves as a large-scale medical center which can host injured agents for their whole convalescence.
Currently contains SCP-084-FR, SCP-104-FR and SCP-180-FR as well as SCP-178-FR-3.

facility-texture.pngע Site-Ayin (Orbital Spatial Containment Site-Ayin)

Site Director: Garry Rugaini (present on-site only 3 months a year)

Site-Ayin is a space station orbiting the earth at 3°E. It allows containment of entities requiring a vacuum. It is currently under construction and only contains SCP-086-FR (entity for which it was designed). Personnel members may visit Site-Ayin with O5 approval only, transfer is operated using regular capsules.

facility-texture.pngת Site-Tav (Storage Shrine-Tav)

Site Director: Juste Ivesern

Site-Tav is a Site specialized in the containment of objects related in any way to the Order of Light. The Site is a former base of the Order which contained several artifacts, including SCP-056-FR. During containment of the latter, the Foundation took possession of Site-Tav.

facility-texture.pngג Site-Ghimel (Containment and Storage Site-Ghimel)

Site Director: Ismaël Saïdi

Site-Ghimel was designed as a regular concrete bunker capable of standing harsh weather conditions, high temperatures as well as potential assaults from enemies. It consists in 14 entirely subterranean levels and does not include any external facility. Located in the middle of the Sahara desert, this Site was designed to contain anomalies linked with temperatures and/or humidity variations more efficiently. In order to meet this purpose, the entirety of the Site was equipped with an important system of ventilation and temperature regulation, as well as an emergency sand burying system. Currently contains SCP-166-FR.


facility-texture.png Area-Shell (Research and Dimensional Containment Area-Shell)

Site Director: Alison Per

Area-Shell is fully dedicated to monitoring and maintenance of SCP-123-FR, as part of Project Wormhole. Current head is ██████, who represents O5-2 and O5-3, and hosts Doctors Vleken and Ezcyo's research teams, its own security team, and MTFs Phi-23 and Tau-17. Located underground, it allows optimal dissimulation of the aforementioned activities, and it is located far enough from any large center of population so that human casualties are minimized in case of destruction.

facility-texture.pngצ Area-Tsade (Armed Containment Area-Tsade)

Site Director: [REDACTED]

Area-Tsade is a subterranean complex specialized in the containment of SCPs with moderate space-time abilities.

Following the appearance of SCP-███-FR, Site-Tsade was militarised and greatly modified, in order to allow optimal containment, thereby becoming Armed Containment Area-Tsade.

Area-Tsade was destroyed following activation of its nuclear head. A reconnaissance and anomalous item recovery mission is currently being discussed.

facility-texture.pngק Area-Qof

Site Director: [REDACTED]

First designed for containment of a limited number of low-threat SCPs, Area-Qof was rethinked and turned into a medical center in order to allow optimal containment of SCP-091-FR.

facility-texture.pngם Area-Mem

Site Director: [REDACTED]

Area-Mem is a large maritime platform located in the Atlantic Ocean serving as a hangar for French Branch naval vehicles. A few objects are also kept deep underwater on-site.

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