International Index of Foundation Facilities
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The Foundation maintains and operates a large number of Secure Facilities worldwide, from small outposts with only a handful of staff to major Sites with thousands of personnel. Facilities operated by specific regional branches of the Foundation are listed in the pages linked below.

Map of Branches and Facilities

This Map is a collaborative work, open to additions and corrections by any site member.

Secure Facilities of the English-Speaking Foundation

The Parent Foundation maintains many different Sites and Areas around the World, each designated with its own number.

Secure Facilities of the Chinese Foundation

The Chinese Foundation maintains a number of its own Sites throughout China, assigned the designation CN plus a number.

Secure Facilities of the Korean Foundation

The Korean Foundation maintains a number of its own Sites on the Korean Peninsula, designated with a number followed by the letter "K".

Secure Facilities of the French Foundation

The French Foundation maintains a number of its own Sites and Areas across the French-Speaking world, designated with Hebrew Letters to distinguish them from the numbered sites of the Parent Foundation.

Secure Facilities of the Polish Foundation

The Polish Foundation maintains a number of Sites and Areas in Poland, assigned the designation PL plus a number.

Secure Facilities of the Latin American Regional Council

The Latin American Regional Council maintains a number of "Facilities" (Instalaciones) throughout South America, Central America and Spain, most notably Facility-57.

Secure Facilities of the Germanophone Foundation

The Germanophone Foundation maintains 25 Sites numbered from DE1 to DE25. Most of these are in Germany, but the Branch also has Sites in Austria and Switzerland. Within Switzerland, the Germanophone Branch works closely with the French and Italian branches, which also maintain Sites there.

Secure Facilities of the Italian Foundation

The Italian Foundation maintains a number of Sites, Areas and loci (anomalous areas that cannot be entirely concealed) in Italy and Switzerland. Its Sites are named after figures from Roman mythology.

Secure Facilities of the Lusophone Foundation

The Lusophone Foundation maintains a number of Sites and Areas in Brazil, Portugal, Africa and South-East Asia, assigned the designation PT plus a number.

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